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Digital Marketing: Factors that Affect Your Bounce Rates

Singapore business owners can improve their bounce rates by improving their user experience.

If you want to know if your visitors are engaged, then you should pay close attention to your bounce rate. This is the metric that shows how quickly people are leaving your page upon their initial visit to only one page. Though a low bounce rate is not always proof of a winning (digital marketing) DM strategy, it’s important to think about what you can do it improve it. Let’s talk about what elements can affect your bounce rates. But first, let’s discuss user intent.

User intent is everything



When optimising a website, you must first understand why people click on your link. In many cases, this reason may be pretty trivial. The individual may simply want to view a certain image. They may be interested to learn what happens next. Perhaps they simply want to know if the link is click bait. Whatever the reason, it’s ultimately very important to your business. When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to provide value.

So ask yourself who you’re trying to attract. Create a buyer persona for them and figure out what this person is trying to achieve when they visit your site.  Not only will this help to improve your bounce rate, but it will also help you with your overall online marketing campaign.


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It’s more than ‘on-site’ factors


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Yes, every website needs a great design, a compelling call to action and a clear and descriptive menu structure. However, these factors are just a few things that can contribute to your audience being engaged. What is just as important as your on-site factors is your off-site marketing. There’s a very good chance that users are visiting because of one of your campaigns.

This is why it’s important that your marketing campaign and website are aligned. They are both crucial components in attracting your desired audience and reaching your goals. So make sure that you review each. In some cases, you could find that your advertisements are misleading.

User experience



One of the most challenging things for a Singapore business owner to do is to view their user experience objectively. Most are not fully aware of how much work their layout may need. And this is because you have looked at your website for too long. It’s hard to see the things that need to be changed. Sometimes business owners simply run out of ideas. So a fresh perspective can really be useful.  This may mean working with a professional web designer. Here are just a few things you need to look out for:




A few years ago, it was perfectly acceptable for your website to be designed for mainly desktop users. Sure, it was a good idea for your website to be mobile-friendly, but it was something that simply put you ahead of your competition. Now that changes are being made on the mobile front, mobile-friendliness is no longer an option. It is instead a necessity.


Not only that but since Google has changed over to mobile-first indexing, it’s the only way that your site can be taken seriously on Google’s search engine. Users are primarily using their phones to search the web. So if your users are struggling to navigate through your website on their mobile devices, then this definitely contribute to their bounce rate.

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Another element that could have an effect on your bounce rate is your content. Your content may be extremely valuable and unique, but if people are having a hard time reading it, then they are bound to leave your site. The good news is, this often requires just a few simple changes.


For instance, you may need to increase the size of your text. And in the case of the mobile version of your site, you may need to increase the line spacing to make the text more digestible. In some scenarios, it may be a matter of the color of your text. Perhaps you’re using gray and it’s too light to read comfortably. Remember, just because a text may look nice in theory does not mean that your users will be able to read it easily. Sometimes it’s a good idea to go with the most practical option.





According to Google, there are some pages that naturally have high bounce rate. And this is chiefly due to the user intent. If you would like to help offset this, you should encourage engagement on these pages. For example, if a certain blog post is likely to have a higher bounce rate then others, you need to use content marketing in order to encourage them to visit other web pages.

This means that you should make sure to include clear calls to action to content that is relevant, internal links, as well as a menu structure that is clear and consistent. In this way, people may leave the blog page, but they will leave and go to the page that you recommend–one with a lower bounce rate.  And this helps to improve your conversion rates.

Intrusive ads

Most visitors will agree that one of the most frustrating parts of a user experience is visiting a website only to be greeted with a bunch of advertisements and pop-ups. And that’s because it breaks the flow of their experience. And in most cases, visitors will leave immediately to avoid further frustration.

That’s why it’s important to get rid of these type of pop-ups–specifically those that take over the entire page on mobile devices. Many Singapore business owners have a hard time getting rid of these pop-ups because they are what often causes some of their visitors to convert. However, if you must have pop-ups on your site, it’s a good idea to make it so that users can return to their user experiences as soon as possible.



Ever since mobile usage has increased, speed has become an even bigger player in digital marketing. Users can be pretty impatient and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. That’s why many expect instant access when it comes to how quickly a website loads. In fact, the optimal load time is under 3 seconds. If it takes longer than this, people tend to leave your page.


So make sure that your website is at its optimal load time. There are several things that could affect the speed. Shared hosting that is low cost can be a source. It may just be a matter of images that are too large, so make sure the resolution isn’t too high.




In the past, you could beat out your competitors just by simply having a website. However, this is no longer the case. Not only should you have a website for your business, but the website should also feature an excellent design. Brands are now spending more of their budget to secure the best designs. So if your site is outdated are is poorly designed, then it can easily cause your visitors to bounce. If you’re struggling to create a design that gets good reviews, then consider working with a professional.




As you can see, a few changes can make a world of difference. However, though we have just discussed several individuals elements things that can affect your bounce rate, it’s important to remember that it’s about the overall experience. All of these elements work together to provide one package.



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