Plausible Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

Plausible Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

Are you wondering reasons why visitors leave your website before converting or just visit one page? Research shows that most website visitors tends to stick around for not more than 15 seconds. If your site doesn’t capture their attention within that time frame, then you’ve lost them.

The percentage of visitors who navigate away after viewing one page is called Bounce Rate. When asked the bounce rate, Jon Lister from Elite SEM encouraged people to focus on how long visitors spend on their content (dwell time). Quality content helps people stay for longer on your site. If they go deeper, it shows Google that they have found the information they are looking for.

How to Interpret Bounce Rate

 A high bounce rate is usually a sign that something is wrong. It’s an indication of a poorly constructed site. A slightly high bounce rate, however, is not entirely a bad thing. According to Yoast,

bounce rate has three interpretations:

  • The quality of your page is low, so there’s nothing for the visitor to engage with
  • The audience doesn’t match the purpose of the page
  • Visitors have found the information they were looking for.

A lower bounce rate, on the other hand, means things are running smoothly.

How to Know Your Bounce Rate

Your google analytics dashboard will show your bounce rate. You can either check the individual or site-wide bounce rates. The individual bounce rate is more detailed since it shows you how each page is performing. This is helpful in determining whether your visitors are getting what they want out of your site.

Different industries have different bounce rates. For instance, a simple landing page with one call-to-action such as ‘add-to-cart’ will have a higher bounce rate compared to a health site where users visit to look for information.

Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

The best practice is to always aim to keep your bounce rate low. Remember, as I’d mentioned earlier a high bounce rate is usually a sign that something is wrong or not working.

This post aims to help you keep your bounce rate low and make visitors stay on your site longer. You have to figure out why visitors leave your website. That’s exactly what we want to talk to you about and also give you reasons why you should hire a professional web design company in Singapore.

5 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

  1. They Don’t Get What They Expect

When you want to go to popular sites such as or, you may occasionally mistype the name of the website. This will lead you to a different site from the one you wanted: e.g. or

Owners of such websites intentionally create these misspelled domain names to anticipate popular misspellings of high traffic websites. Open the links above and you’ll see that those sites are totally different from what a user was expecting. They do this to siphon a small percentage of web traffic from the actual sites.

Their bounce rate is usually very high. Users stay on these sites for less than 30 seconds or less, simply because that’s not what they were looking for.

To make your user stay you have to put an effort into making the user experience pleasant and then some more. There’s more to keeping a visitor to your website in Singapore other than not being misleading.

One way is by addressing design.

Poor web design drives visitors away. A site that has too many options will significantly lower your sales and increase your bounce rate. When given many options, users find it hard to make a decision. The ideal site is simple, such that by just scanning it, users will easily figure out how to navigate the site. The layout matters too, people expect your site to look a certain way. It should be consistent all through to create familiarity.

The worst thing that could happen is your site loading slowly. It will drive up your bounce rate. Your visitor will leave before they even see your content or offer.

A good site has neat colouring, clean navigation and is easy to browse. It also has real, engaging content that connects with the user. Your content should be spiced up with good visuals too.

However, always let your site be what it is and advertise it as such. Stay authentic, create good content, improve on the design and gradually your efforts will begin paying off.

  1.   Your Site Isn’t Usable

Your site should always be accessible and available to the users. People need to be able to use your website not just experience it. A good example of a site that is always available and accessible is Facebook. It can be accessed on any device and has never gone down. Facebook is always up.

Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website

You also don’t want to overload the people who visit your site with too much information. Users should be able to focus on one thing at a time. A user will leave if they don’t immediately find what they want, or a hint that leads to what they want. It could be an item they intend to buy, a post description etc. It all depends on your audience’s needs. Make sure the user is not distracted by going straight to the point depending on what your goal is.

Use pictures that users can relate to. If for instance, you are selling kitchen appliances, use a picture of the appliance in a beautiful kitchen. It’s a simple nudge that helps users feel more at home on your site.

In short, your site should be intuitive and easy to use.

Last but not least, establish credibility by creating an about us page or putting customer reviews on your homepage. You need to answer this question: Can you really fulfil your offer? Is your product worth it?

  1. They Don’t Know What to Do on Your Site

“A confused mind never buys” -John Childers

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Don’t make the mistake of giving users too much information. Too much information leads to bad navigation which creates a frustrating experience for your users.

Think through your website design in Singapore as if you were a customer visiting for the first time. This will help you anticipate anything that might bother potential customers when they land on your website.

Our goal is to make users stay on your Singapore business site – or any other site – longer. To do this, the user has to definitely go through more than one page on your website. You can achieve this by internal linking, these are links that link one page in your website to another. They push viewers to check out your additional content.

Next is the call to action (CTA). This is the value proposition that removes the doubt from your users and convinces them to either buy something, try out your service or subscribe. It should be well designed and show a well-researched proposition that appeals to your audience. A good example is Amazon’s ‘Buy now with 1-click’ . It helps the user buy what they want directly without having to go through a lot of steps.

Remember, a confused mind never buys. Always keep it simple and guide users through your site.

  1. They Don’t Trust Your Site

Anyone can create a website, even criminals. So, trust is definitely critical online. Your users want proof that your website is legitimate and trustworthy. You should prove to them that it is.

Are you communicating this fact to your audience and helping them know you better?

If not, then you don’t have significant brand recognition.

Social media links play a major role here. When links to your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts are posted on your website. They demonstrate that your website has nothing to hide. Because a public website that is active on social media is trustworthy.

Providing your contacts in case the user needs help, shows that the person behind the website is willing to help the user. In e-commerce, customer reviews are an excellent way to build trust fast.

Your website should also be built around a personality. Consider a brand like Beats by Dre, their brand focuses on creating stories around successful athletes and young, trendy, rugged types.

Finally, you should also avoid ads, and if that’s your source of revenues, minimize them. Obtrusive use of sound should be avoided at all costs. No one wants to be in a silent room, only to visit your site and have a video starting blasting at full volume. The best Singapore e commerce development team are aware of this and will make all ads are user-friendly.

  1.   Your Site Fails to Inspire

Your first impression matters most. No one comes to your site to please you.  They are there to find relevant information or a relevant product. If you don’t get that right in the first 15 seconds, they’ll leave.

It all starts with the audience. You’ve got everything right so far. But you need to know whom you’re speaking to/selling to and what they need. It’s called psychographics. They are elements that tell you why your customer is buying and not just how old they are. They include personality, lifestyle, behaviour, values, and attitudes.

If you know whom you’re selling to, you then address them with a unique voice. Your brand will be more compelling if you find and stick to your unique voice.

Now you’ve understood what affects the bounce rate. You can use any of these tools to make improvements: Heat maps to show the most popular places on your website, scroll maps to show you how far down people are scrolling on your page before they bounce or AB testing, where you publish two versions of the same web page to see which one has a lower bounce rate than the other.

Remember 15 seconds is all you have. If you keep it real, intuitive, simple, appealing and secure you’ll see results and improve on your bounce rate. We can help you capture the attention of the target audience immediately they land on your website and ensure the take the desired action. Check out our website design services in Singapore. 

Once you have transformed a visitor to your site into a client, it is time to move an extra step to ensure they come back to your website again and again – and turn them to advocates of your brand. Brand advocates are the most loyal customers of your services and goods, and more fundamentally, praise your brand to others.

Here are some five simple ways to ensure your visitors keep coming back for more.

  1. Customise Your Website

Offering your visitors with a personalised and unique website plays a significant role in ensuring you keep your visitors and turn them into advocates of your brand.

Here is how:

    • Create landing pages that can be customised

Various methods of creating customised landing pages exist to increase audience engagement in Singapore. If you are thinking of running a marketing campaign, develop a landing page that is specifically aimed at enhancing the campaign and increase its traffic.

    • Offer content that the audience may love

Offering your visitors with helpful and relevant content is the best way of keeping visitors returning to your site. For example, if your business specialises in selling clothing brands, you can engage the users using content about the latest trends in clothing styles.

    • Include a featured section

Display your content or products in a distinct part. You can include a large banner on your sidebar list or homepage. Whether you are featuring content or content, make your review applicable. You can use your highlighted section to showcase the items that require more visibility, user behaviours, and seasonal events.

    • Offer your new and revisiting customers with relevant information

Relevant information is what primarily increases the loyalty of your customers. So, you should ensure that you conduct market research and understand the specific needs of your audience. Once you do that, expect your current customers to play a significant role in promoting your brand while remaining as your clients.

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  1. Provide New and Popular Content

A simple means of turning your visitors into brand advocates is offering them a reason for revisiting your website and keep coming back.

Providing users with unique content regularly and highlighting your best works will encourage repeat engagement.

    • Emphasise your new content

Whether your brands are listed in chronological order, highlighted on a homepage banner, or placed in a dedicated section, ensure that your visitors can distinguish that they are observing a new brand. Also, keep your content fresh. It will offer your visitors a reason for coming back.

    • Emphasise on your popular content

There is a reason why some of your content is popular, so keep turning it around as far as it remains relevant to your visitors. Observe the topics that show a consistently decent level of traffic and conversions in google analytics and do a remarketing of the posts to your new visitors. Having a section including all the popular content makes the audience feel like your content has many users. So, if they like your content, they feel like part of your business.

    • Emphasise on content that has been shared most

If your piece of material gets several shares, more users feel like continuing to share it as well. If the content has generated such a significant number of likes, most probably, their friends too will like the content.

  1. Develop an Outstanding User Experience, UX

The time users spend on your website and whether they will come back are primarily determined by the usability and design of your site.

An attractive and clean design that is easy to navigate plays a significant role in transforming your first-time visitors into brand advocates.

    • Ensure your website has a great and clear design

Ensure you use a simple website design that focuses on the essentials. Use attractive colours, videos, images, and readable fonts.

    • Ensure that your website is optimised for both mobile and desktop platforms

A site that looks good is not enough – it also needs to be simple to navigate. The first rule to ensuring a great user experience is ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly. Your website should have robust search capabilities, clear calls to action, and intuitive menus to offer a good user experience.

  1. Connect Visitors Through Emails

If you need to connect one-on-one with your audience and keep them engaged, email is a great tool. Sending emails to the users reminds them about your brand,

and thus they will keep revisiting your website to check out what’s fresh and new.

    • Create email lists from your site

Research conducted in 2014 showed that email advertising is almost 40 times more helpful at getting loyal customers that Twitter and Facebook combined. You should include call-to actions requesting every visitor to subscribe to your newsletters on the website.

    • Send newsletters regularly

Use your newsletter emails to inform your visitors of seasonal events, new content, and special offers. You should use a consistent schedule to send the newsletters, so your subscribers will know when they will be expecting them. Most subscribers will unsubscribe if you send too many emails. Therefore, ensure the content in the email deserves the frequency. Offer your subscribers deals that will make them feel like they are getting rewards for subscribing.

  1. Offer Rewards to Your Loyal Clients and Brand Advocates

Rewards act as an inspiration to your customers. There are various ways in which you can reward your loyal users,

and they include:

    • Offering personal reactions

If you have some customers who have proved their loyalty in your brand, you can intensify their love for your brand even further by acknowledging them personally.

    • Recognise them publicly through your website or social media

If someone takes part in promoting your brand, spread it out! Include testimonials on your site. Let the loyal customers and brand advocates know that you recognise and appreciate their efforts.

    • Introduce a referral programme

Referrals are a reliable means of increasing audience to your content. Individuals usually trust recommendations from those close to them like family and friends. If you introduce a referral programme, your audience is much likely to praise your business.

    • Instigating a loyalty programme

By introducing loyalty programs, you often offer your loyal customers with benefits like unique gifts, free shipping, and discounts. This will motivate them to keep on coming to your site for more deals.


If your offer high-quality brands, you will probably have advocates for your brand. Offering them value, rewarding them, and engaging with them is what will influence them to keep coming back to your website. You can use this checklist to get information on how you can grow your brand online through ensuring you retain most of your visitors. Alternatively, engage with a professional consultant on the design of your website.

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