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how to conduct remarketing and retargeting singapore

Singapore digital marketing industry is booming thanks to the advancement in technology and increased internet access and widespread use of smart mobile devices. More than 80% of Singaporeans have access to fast internet and rely on it as the primary source of information. Social media platforms have also gained traction in the country; Facebook offers the highest social value for B2C at 96% while LinkedIn provides 93% social value for B2B.

Re-targeting and re-marketing strategies are crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaigns in Singapore. Before we look at the various ways of remarketing and retargeting clients in Singapore, let us define the two terminologies briefly.

What is Re-targeting?

Simply put, re-targeting is a re-engagement tactic used by professional Singapore marketers to get more clients. It involves using display ads, online ads, and campaigns to target customers that have already interacted with the brand’s website in one way or another.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is very similar to re-targeting, but it is often associated with re-engaging potential customers through email marketing. The marketers decide which customers to send the email based on the actions that they take on the website. For instance, a Singapore fitness store can decide to send a remarketing email to a prospect that abandoned the shopping cart or selected a particular item and added it to their wishlist.

Here are some facts on why email marketing is so effective in remarketing.

  • 95% of adults who use the internet have an active email address
  • 91% of consumers check their email inbox on a daily basis
  • 66% of consumers decide to purchase a product online as a result of receiving an email about it from the company or affiliate marketer
  • Singapore brands get up to 4,3000% ROI from email marketing alone
  • The average return on email marketing investing is estimated to be around $44.25
  • There are approximately 3.2 billion email accounts in the world

The main difference between remarketing and re-targeting is the tactic deployed by the marketer. Remarketing entails the use of email marketing while re-targeting primarily uses online advertisements and targeted campaigns. However, there are instances where either tactic can be used to achieve the same objective.

For example, you can retarget potential clients who visited the website but left without making a purchase using an online ad then, later on, decide to send an email to engage and convince them to revisit the website and complete the purchase.

Here are 5 re-targeting and remarketing tips that you can apply in your Singapore business to get more clients.

Group your Audience and Create Specific Ads for Each Segment

The personalized ads that are in line with the services or products that the potential client has already shown interest in will determine if your remarketing campaign will deliver the expected results. The first thing that you need to do is segment or group the audience based on their interest and stage in the purchasing funnel.

Clients who visited your company’s website pricing page are more ready to purchase than those who just visited the homepage. Here are four types of audience that you should keep in mind when segmenting your target customers.

  • Someone who visits the homepage only: Retargeting ads for this group of customers should explain your business and indicate its unique selling points. The advertisements are relatively general but the objective should be to create awareness and directed them to the respecting landing page.
  • Prospect who visits the product/service pages: This potential customer is already considering placing an order. Therefore, the ads message should be directly related to the product or service that they looked at. Such an ad will spur excitement, and you can also go an extra mile and give them a special offer to lure them to revisit the website.
  • Someone who frequents your blog: This group of website visitors is still not sure whether the company can meet their needs. The targeting ads should have a robust CTA. You can incorporate a freebie such as one-one-demo or free trial. The primary goal should be to provide all the information they need to know about the product to place an order.
  • Prospects that have downloaded your content: These prospects can be re-engaged by providing more resources and case studies. Strive to convince them that the products will benefit them or meet their needs amicably.

Create a Conversion Pixel to Stop Advertising

Avoid continuing to retarget clients who have already purchased the product. The conversion pixel will help you achieve two things: tweak the advertisements/banners displayed to these clients or stop displaying altogether.

For instance, you can invite a website visitor who has already downloaded your ebook to attend a webinar that further discusses the topic. As for the existing clients, show them complimentary products that are on offer.

In a nutshell, it will not only save your money but also avoid annoying customers by bombarding them with unnecessary or irrelevant ads.

Frequency of your Ads

To succeed in getting high CTR, make sure that you display the ads at the right time and the correct number of times. Is there a magical number? Unfortunately, no, you will need to do several A/B tests, but most customers who are in the same stage in the buying cycle behave similarly.

Here are three commandments that you need to obey when thinking about your ads frequency.

  • You will get optimal performance and results if you display your ads twenty times or so per month.
  • The number of ads that you distribute one should be based on the services/products that you are selling, the clients who purchase the products, and how long prospects will interact with your ads. If you are selling baby products for consumers and software for companies, you will want to adjust the ads frequency accordingly. Experiment to know the right frequency for the products you are marketing.
  • Overexposure will affect the performance of your Singapore online campaign negatively due to banner blindness. It can also compromise the reputation and image of your company.

Your Ads Should be Unique

In the previous article “How to Avoid Ad Blindness” we talked about the importance of trying out unusual ad formats and placing the ads in the unconventional spaces on your website. The current online community comes across hundreds of ads per day. Stand out from the crowd and record the highest possible CTR by making sure that your ads are unique.

Note that just because a potential client has not taken the action highlighted in the retargeting ad does not necessarily mean that they are not going to. Maybe the benefit or offer that you highlighted in the ad was not in line with their expectations.

In most cases, if a client does not respond to the ad after ten days or so, chances are they won’t purchase on the 25th or 30th day either.

The wise thing to do when trying to convince such potential customers is changing your ads. Consider tweaking the message on the ad to make it different from the previous ads.

Here are some superb tips that you can use to keep your online ads fresh and appealing to the target audience.

Revise the offer: The offer should be convincing for the potential client to click it. The audience will not bother to click on it if the offer is not relevant or meaningful to them. Below are a few examples to guide you:

  • Free Trial: The first repair is on us
  • Discount: 15% off when you order more than one cleaning reagent – this week only!
  • Freebies: Free surprise gift when you buy any of the listed cleaning packages

Some online marketers try to use discounts and coupons to lure visitors who exited the website. Sure, they can work, but it can be risky as some clients deliberately abandon their shopping carts to qualify for discounts the next time they visit the online store.

Change the Benefit: Benefit is something that the client thinks is valuable and will meet their needs amicably. For example, a cleaning company can use the following phrases in its ads to target potential clients who visited the website but exited without placing a request.

  • Flexible times: Our personnel will clean while you’re at work
  • Making your life more comfortable: Our team will do all the cleaning tasks so that you have enough time to relax after a long day
  • Free up your schedule: Spend more time with family and doing what you love (not cleaning)

As you revise and revamp your ads, keep in mind that customers do not always follow a pre-defined buying pattern. Just because they recently signing up for your monthly newsletter or visited the products page does not always mean that they are ready to buy. Providing them with more information about the products will help them make the ultimate decision.

Create a Personalised Landing Page

Invest in a dedicated landing page that is properly designed then start sending your ad traffic to it. Anyone who clicks on the ads should be redirected to this landing page and not your website homepage. The landing page should have one call-to-action to help the client take the desired action. Otherwise, too many CTA will only succeed in misleading and confusing the visitor. The idea is to make sure that the visitor does not get distracted when they get to the landing page.


The above tips will come in handy in your re-targeting and remarketing campaigns. Make sure that the emails you send out for remarketing purposes also have quality ads that the recipients can click on to visit the landing page or any other page of your website that you want them to view. Monitor the results that you get and carry out A/B tests frequently to know if the ads are working.

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