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How Does RankBrain Work and How Does It Affect SEO In Singapore?

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RankBrain is an algorithm that enables Google to produce more accurate results depending on the query. It uses artificial intelligence to optimise your search to deliver contextually relevant results. Here we are going to look at how Google RankBrain works, and how it affects your ranking in search engines in Singapore.


What is Google RankBrain?

It is a machine learning system that helps Google search through its vast databases on websites to improve its algorithm. It got launched in 2015 but came to be fully acknowledged in 2016. Besides quality and interlinking of contextually relevant content for the searchers, Google RankBrain is also a determining factor to your ranking in SEO. When a new query gets entered, for example; an unfamiliar question that Google has not handled before, Google tries to guess its meaning. It tries to search for the most appropriate results that relate to your search.

Before the invention of RankBrain, Google had to sort for the results manually. We, therefore, have the AI machines to thank for the advent of an easier way out. Even though Google does most of its learning offline, it feeds the data to test on its relevance to the users. Also, Google RankBrain keeps upgrading for more refined results.


How Does Google RankBrain Work?

For many, the concept behind Google RankBrain functionality is not well understood. Google RankBrain uses word vectors to perfect its algorithms. Example, simple questions such as what WordPress is gives a straightforward result to resolve the problem.

However, it gets harder when you enter more complex questions. For this, Google must refine the search and relate it to what it knows. It does this by matching contextually related keywords to achieve a more precise answer.

RankBrain interlinks similar queries and determines which result answers the question best. For this, it uses the clicks, bounce rates and the time users spend on the site to determine the more accurate result. When the data it presents is contextually relevant to the user, the user spends enough time on the site. Thus, Google RankBrain uses the SERP that stands out depending on the user’s indulgence.

Even though Google’s functionality is new to many, we try to share what techniques it uses for Singapore’s public awareness.


How Does Google RankBrain Impact Your SEO?

As Google algorithms continue to evolve, our take on SEO in Singapore will also change. For example, long-tail keywords help optimise your content in search engines. It makes your content to stand out despite the competition. Also, they generate more leads to your site in case of target voice searches.

However, with Google RankBrain, the use of long-tail keyword may go extinct. But this does not translate to you deleting the long-tail keywords in your content. What you must understand is that with the evolution of Google RankBrain, it uses the artificial intelligence to determine the contextually relevant texts without the use of keywords.

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For example, your content may be about the best weight loss programs for fast results. However, a searcher enters weight loss trends, or fast weight loss, or how to slim quickly. Google RankBrain should tell the connection between the queries and your content.

Hence, the uses of the exact keywords should not hinder your ranking in search engines. Thus, shorter keywords stand a chance now since Google is believed to have enough data sets to compare. Hence, easier linking of contents. By this, you may find that your content ranks for a different keyword away from what you targeted. Thus, constant checking to ensure that your content ranks for the right keywords is also crucial. Also, you should keep your content to date to befit from the latest SEO updates. Your content will have an improved rank for this.


In conclusion

Google RankBrain comes to use when you present the search engines with a complex question. Questions rat entails a long-tail keyword need the aid of the RankBrain to get resolved. Therefore, for you to get content that relates to your search, you must present the search engines with enough content for it to determine what results are relevant.

Thus, you should know that besides using links and creating relevant content, Google RankBrain is the key aspect for the acquiring appropriate search algorithms.



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