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Quick Snippet on Google’s Project Owl

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Fake news is not only a problem to Google but also the other main search engines such as Bing. In a bid to curb this vice, Google has come up with a three-pronged program dubbed Project Owl. Once fully implemented, this project will significantly help to improve the quality of content that is displayed in SERPs. Disturbing answers and offensive search suggestions will be a thing of the past and the results generated will be based on the searcher’s intent.

To make this project a success, Google is planning to launch a new feedback form and formal policies that will clearly explain why certain search suggestions may be wiped off the system. The company also intends to introduce a feedback form for featured snippets answers. Singapore online marketers also need to make sure that they provide only authoritative content on their websites to avoid getting penalized.

One of the factors that triggered Google to launch this project is the increasing number of people who search for urban myths, rumors, derogatory topics, slurs and other related forms of content. The search queries that searchers use often results in the search engine providing offensive and possibly dangerous suggestions.

In the past, Google has successfully managed to deal with search spam, piracy, and poor quality content. However, dealing with problematic searches will require more skills and efforts since the material does not fall in any particular area where Google has taken action.

Even though this project may not solve the problem 100%, it will greatly help to enhance the quality of content that is displayed on SERPs as well as the featured snippet answers. Singapore digital marketing companies can leverage Project Owl by making sure that they publish authority content that offers real value to the target audience. Work with Singapore SEO experts to comply with all the current regulations and upcoming algorithm updates will also significantly help to boost site ranking and popularity online.


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