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How Quality Score Affects Google Ad Rank

Quality Score is the key to great results with Google Adwords. This is because the search results are shown according to Ad Rank. This makes sense for Google. They are a high-quality search engine website with a great reputation. Google certainly would not want irrelevant ads to show up in their search engine. Ad Rank is determined in part by your Quality Score. Therefore, a low Quality Score translates to a low Ad Rank, and a low chance of having your ads seen by searchers.

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There are three different formulas used for Ad Rank depending on the type of ad, and all three use Quality Score. The first is for Google Search Network. Ad Rank is determined by multiplying Quality Score by CPC Bid. The second type of ad placement is the Google Display Network. The Ad Rank equals the Quality Score multiplied by Display Network Bid. The third type of ad is keyword targeted ads. This rank are determined by the Quality Score multiplied by the Bid. However, with these ads if the Quality Score is too low, it might not even make it to the auction to compete for a searcher’s business.

Clearly, Quality Scores are extremely important for a business’ success on Google Ads. This can be good news for advertisers with a low budget. If their Quality Score is high and their Bid is low, they will be able to compete with an advertiser with a high Bid but a low Quality Score.


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