Quality Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks

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Backlinks, the more the merrier? SEO doesn’t work this way!
Many people feel that the SEO Singapore established an agency that offers the most backlinks are often the most powerful. To be honest, search engine optimization doesn’t work that way. Google are constantly changing their algorithm and websites with overloaded backlinks, especially those that are found on suspicious urls are often penalized. Quality Backlinks is basically acted as a “recommendation” from other websites, with relevant content. If too many websites are “recommending” you, Google would find you suspicious and put you up on their jail, on their next panda update.

Quality Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks
Many seo companies around the world offer seo packages such as “booster” or “blast” where you get thousands to ten of thousands backlinks in a month. Sounds powerful isn’t it? These backlinks are often links from social bookmarking, forum profiles, spam/duplicate articles, links exchange, blog comments & etcs… There are basically no end to these type of backlinks, and they are VERY BAD for your website. Google algorithm & panda update often penalize websites who are using these methods. You may get a spike in ranking, but your ranking stand a very high chance to disappear from Google search after the next panda update.

Quality backlinks means NATURAL link building & links MUST BE FOUND ON RELEVANT CONTENT. Folks that are still getting bad backlinks from their existing SEO companies should beware.

So what are the terms use for good and bad seo?
Basically there’s two common term used in the world of SEO, namely “White Hat SEO” & “Black Hat SEO”.

White Hat SEO basically builds link naturally and legally. It may take slightly longer time as compared to black hat seo to rank your website, but your ranking will stays on and improve permanently as time passes. White Hat SEO basically means that you are obeying the law of Google & judgement will not be against you when their next panda updates comes.

Black Hat SEO basically builds spammy links quickly using the methods such as social bookmarking, forum profiles, spam/duplicate articles, links exchange program, blog comments & etcs. These links are bad and are even worse if they comes in huge amount. You may get a temporary spike in ranking, but when the next panda updates comes, likely chance that your website will disappear from the surface of Google search engine.



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April 30, 2015

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