Top 7 Online Platforms for Learning UI/UX Design

provide the best user experience in Singapore.

Are you wondering how your website can provide the best user experience in Singapore? In its purest form, UX can be defined as people’s feelings when interfacing with a website or product. UX design entails enhancing the experience of users whenever they interact with products or websites. UX design in Singapore is of great significance since it aims at fulfilling users’ needs.

UX design is particularly important to start-ups and small business. It can help them achieve whatever success they intend to realize within a given period of time. Meaningful user experiences will allow you to define the flow of users on your website easily. This way, you can understand the differences that exist between the two versions of your site.

With UX design, you can also run a test on different versions of your webpage to determine which one offers users a better experience. If you are a beginner UX designer in Singapore, you must understand what exactly UX design is and how it works. Similarly, you need to know how you can hone your skills so that you move to an advanced level of UX designing.

Here are the seven best platforms for learning about UX design. The information they offer will help you to start providing the best user experience in Singapore.

1. CareerFoundry

If you are looking for an online platform that enables you to learn about UI/UX standards, CareerFoundry should be your go-to platform. This platform mainly focuses on providing you the requisite skills that employers are looking for in UX designers rather than providing information that you may not need.

With this platform, you can learn about UX design in as little as six months. Courses offered on CareerFoundry take between 6-10 months. The classes are self-paced and therefore, your completion period will be dependent on how fast you learn about UX design. 

provide the best user experience in Singapore.

2. MockPlus Tutorial

MockPlus is gaining popularity among UX designers owing to its ability to improve their experience in prototyping. This platform has become the go-to source of information for UX designers who are looking to enhance their expertise. It is similarly ideally who are planning to design new products. 

If you are looking to learn more about user experience, there’s no better place to do so than MockPlus. The platform has dozens of articles and videos that are related to the user design standards that you need to know. Going through these videos and articles, you will certainly learn everything that pertains to UX/UI design. 

3. Udemy

Arguably, this is one of the largest online platforms for anyone seeking to learn more about website user experience.  Udemy is not only a learning platform but also a teaching platform. Here, you will learn and master new UI techniques and skills, something that will make you a better designer.

To master your UI skills when using Udemy as your preferred learning platform, it is advisable that you choose user experience design sources that you are suitable for you. You will find dozens of tutors on Udemy teaching about UX design.

Your choice of tutor should be influenced by how you think the lessons will contribute to your skills set. The most incredible thing about Udemy is the fact that after a few lessons under the tutelage of a tutor, self-education is possible. You can also supplement what you learn on Udemy with UX lessons offered on other learning platforms. Udemy is a paid platform.

4. Interaction Design Foundation (IDF)

IDF is a top-rated and reliable platform to learn everything pertaining to user experience design. Here, UX design lessons get offered by experts who have industry-trusted certifications in the field.  This platform provides both beginner and advanced UX design courses.

The courses offered on the platform cover the entire sphere of UX design. What makes IDF different from other platforms is the fact that you will be given an opportunity to practice and improve your UX design skills. To subscribe to the lessons offered by IDF, you will need to pay a specified amount of money.

This will depend on the level of UX design course that you are taking. Advanced-level learners generally pay more than entry-level learners. Even so, choosing IDF as your UX design learning platform will help you provide the best user experience in Singapore.

5. Treehouse

Those who wish to learn more about web development or web design should choose Treehouse as their learning platform. Not only does the site offer comprehensive courses but you also get  UX design experience from world-renown experts. The skills learnt and experiences acquired will help you to provide the best user experience on your website. 

Whether you want to learn about web design or coding, you will get relevant courses and study material on Treehouse. The platform’s user experience design course provides you with an in-depth understanding of web user experience. 

Understanding everything that pertains to user experience will help you benefit optimally from the growing demand for web designers with this skill in Singapore. Treehouse UX design courses will help you to not only understand all aspects of UX design but also stay apprised with new trends in the industry. Similarly, it will help you understand the expectations of users and how you can design your website to meet these expectations.

6. UX Design Edge

Just like this platform’s name suggests, this is the best place to gain a competitive edge as far as UX design is concerned. UX Design Edge helps you learn ways if creating a great user experience. You get to learn this through practical efficient, cost-effective, and insightful UX design training and consultation.

provide the best user experience in Singapore.

The team that you will interact with on this platform have years of experience in UX design and therefore, can point you towards the right direction especially if you are starting out. Learning via UX Design Edge will help you sharpen your team’s skills as well as make your products modern, efficient, simple, and intuitive.

7. Coursera

Founded in 2012, this online learning platform seeks to not only build interactive websites but also improve the experience of users. Coursera’s founders, Andrew Ng, and Daphne Koller are part of the mentorship team, and therefore, you have the assurance that you will be learning from the best in the industry.

An outstanding feature about this platform is the little time it takes for learners to graduate to the next stage of their UX design careers. It takes as little as three months for you to learn every aspect of UX design that you decide to focus on. Similarly, you can learn from anywhere and at your preferred time. This makes the platform suitable for designers who intend to enhance their UX design skills but are time-barred.

Judging from recent developments, it will be mandatory for web designers in Singapore to have UX design certifications. In coming years, you may need to show your UX certification before you get entrusted with a web design project.

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