The Pros and Cons of Using Google AdWords to Grow Your Business

good and not so good things of google adwords

What is Google AdWords?

This is the number one question that business owners ask the first time they come across the term. Google AdWords is a paid advertising program by Google that post ad at the top of search results. They are very effective in driving traffic and boosting conversion rates.

The AdWord ad appears when a searcher uses your target keyword or keyword phrase to search for information on Google. Companies bid for keywords that are related to their niches through an auction. Google then determines which keywords are most relevant to a search query and the winning ads are shown at the top of search results.

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To help you know if Google AdWords Ads are ideal for your business, let us look at the pros and cons that are associated with this kind of ads.

Pros of Google AdWords Ads

Results can be instant

Adwords ads have the ability to offer instant result if well executed. The right ads can drive traffic to your site quickly as compared to some SEO strategies that take months to deliver the same results.

Coming up with an AdWords Campaign is Less Time Consuming

The building blocks of an AdWords campaign are ad groups, ads, and keywords. It is quite easy to gather all this information thanks to advanced tools such as Google Keyword planner. With a good ad copy in place, there is no limit on the results that you can achieve.

Offer an Excellent Exposure on SERPs

Even though searchers may not click on your ads, you will still get exposure for free since the cost is calculated based on the number of clicks accrued overtime.

Ads Have Increased in Size

In 2016, the size of text ads was increased thereby giving Singapore digital marketers an opportunity to get more value for every dollar they spend on PPC. With the increase in size, you can make your ads as engaging and interesting as possible as well as leverage other options such as structured snippet extensions.

AdWord Ads can be used to Test New Ideas

You can use AdWords ads to know which keywords are driving traffic to your site, which landing pages are converting and much more. All this information will inform your SEO strategies.

It is Possible to Measure Results

Once the PPC campaign goes live, you will gather a huge amount of information in a short span of time. You can quickly analyze this data to know if you are heading in the right direction.

Budget can be small or big

It is possible to run a PPC campaign while on a budget, it does not have to be expensive. When creating the campaign, you can specify the amount of money that you intend to spend as well as the cost per click for your preferred keywords. As mentioned earlier, you only pay for clicks not views.

Full Control over Your Ads

If you can turn your AdWords Ads off and on at will and Google will not charge you for terminating the campaign.

Cons of Google AdWord Ads

Pay for Every Click to Your Site

Google will bill you for every click on your ad regardless of whether the searcher purchases your product/service or not. This means that you may get hundreds of clicks from searchers who are not interested in buying your product/service.

High Cost per Click for Competitive Industries

Probably one of the main reasons why you have decided to create a PPC campaign is because your competitors already have one in place. Note that competition will be fierce especially if you target the same or similar keywords. If your keyword bid falls below the set threshold, it will be relegated to page 2-3 of search results.

Ads Will Not Display if you don’t have a Budget

As mentioned earlier, you will charged based on clicks and that’s why it is important to have a budget. AdWords have a relatively short shelf life as compared to other ads and so when you exhaust the set budget, they will be turned off. On the contrary, SEO has a longer shelf life as it is a long-term investment on your brand.

There are Limitations

The headline should not exceed 30 characters while the description should not surpass 80 characters. You can also only add one customizable display URL to the ad. Therefore, you have to make the headline as catchy as possible to get maximum returns.

Keyword Targeting is Complicated

You have to make sure that you have sufficient negative keywords to prevent your ads being displayed to the wrong audience.

Invest Time into the Learning process

Mistakes when creating an AdWords campaign can be costly. Invest ample time to the learning process as well as campaign creation phase to ensure that it’s done properly. You also need to continuously monitor the campaign to know it’s offering the expected results.

Landing Pages Have to be perfect

To convert clicks into sales, you need to make sure that your landing pages are top-notch. They need to resonate with the ads, and so you cannot sideline SEO. Doing so will pump up your quality score and reduce the amount of money you spend on the clicks.

Customer Life Cycle

If your product requires the customer to think, save, and do background research about it before making a purchase, you might not see significant ROI from the campaign.

Final Verdict

Google AdWords can help your business grow by providing the much-needed exposure on search results and connecting you with potential customers. Make sure that you take time to perfect the campaign and test it regularly to know if the keywords and landing pages are working as expected.

Author Bio

Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

October 17, 2017

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