How to Promote Your Blog on Snapchat: Tips for Singapore Digital Marketers

promotion using snapchat for singapore businesses

Majority of people spend hours writing, researching and editing blog posts. More hours are even spent in looking for the right images to publish alongside the blogs. Blogging is done out of love and deep interest. However, you want to display your blogs for appreciation from other people. It is crucial for every blogger to identify the perfect tactics for him and his audience. This is in line with promoting the blog and getting closer to your audience. This article will go through the tips on how to promote a blog on Snapchat for Singapore digital marketers.


Snapchat is one of the upcoming social platforms in digital online marketing. With more than one hundred and seventy-three million daily users, Snapchat is a super powerful tool for Singapore digital marketers. Most Snapchat users are aged between 18-24. Singapore companies that deals with products and services targeting the youth have a vast Snapshot audience to focus their digital campaigns on. Moreover, the app is frequently opened for approximately twenty times daily and spending a total of more than thirty minutes on it. You now see the power of Snapchat.


There are a few ways in which Singapore digital marketers can utilise in promoting a blog on Snap chat. These include;


  1. Promoting Your Posts


Snapchat is a social visual platform for sharing videos, images and photos. Incorporating a video or related image to your blog post goes a long way in promoting your post. You need to begin your blog with a related video or image. You can create a short video that features the introduction of a blog post to attract traffic from online users. A paperclip tool is used for including a link to the real blog regardless of the promotion route you use. Online users will easily access the blog post by swiping up to find it in the Snapshot browser. Doing this many times will get your blog post content to new online users. Over time, it is advisable that you use the type of videos and contents on which people swipe up and access your blog more frequently to target a higher level of lead conversion.


  1. Sharing Photos of You in Life and At Work


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A closer and direct connection with your audience are vital in online marketing. Social media is an ideal platform as it allows that direct connection between consumers and creators. Your audience will be more than excited to see some of your photos behind the scenes. Share a few of your photos taken when you are working while some while living your life. More significantly, post some of your photos that are in one way or another related to your blog. Examples include posting photos of your plants or you while working on your plants if you have a gardening blog. These photos create a closer connection between you and the audience as they know and understand the real you.


  1. Creation of Original Snap Content


As an online marketer, you want more people to get into your blog, but you still want to keep them following you on Snapchat. Providing exclusive content information of video demos pertaining blog topics you post on your blogs or photos that have not been shared in any other platform helps to maintain audience following on Snap chat. You can make new content from the old blog post as long as it’s helpful to your followers. You also need to create new and valuable content regularly for a continued connection with your audience.


  1. Use of Snap to Promote Your Email List


The best way to maintain audience connectivity and encourage them to visit your Snapchat blogs regularly is the creation of an email list. You should use Snapchat to try and promote your email list. You will then use the email lists to keep your blog upfront to Snapchat followers who signed into your email list. In this way, more people get to access your blog and stay connected to you.


  1. Connection with Others


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Snapchat is a social media network hence you have to be social for you to be paid off. The approach of using it except as a promotional platform cannot work. You have to spend actual time interacting with your followers and other internet users. Comment on photos and videos of other people on the platform. You can also look into the blogs of people discussing similar aspects to yours. Creation of personal connection with other people on Snapchat is of great significance in promoting your blogs.


In conclusion, Snapchat is a social media platform for sharing and connecting with people around the world. More so, it is an ideal place to promote your blog as you continue to interact and grow as a community. You will get new followers and readers who can serve as potential customers for your Singapore business.

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