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Best Press Releases Examples You Can Use in Singapore

Best Press Releases Examples You Can Use in Singapore

Part of the job of being a marketer is writing effective press releases for marketing in Singapore. They are vital in communicating the latest news about your brand. Other than the time involved in writing the press release, they are an affordable avenue of communication to your online and offline audiences. Another overlooked advantage is that when news media and publishers post your press release, it often comes with very high authority backlinks (albeit mainly no-follow) which can provide powerful link juice to your websites.

Talking of writing the press release, it is both an art and a science.  Journalists respond only to the best pitches since they are always busy. Fortunately, all it takes is the practice but before you get it right, you can use a digital marketing firm in Singapore to write the first one for you. In this article, you will learn:

  • How to identify the best hook for your news story (newsworthy angles)
  • How to write and format press releases
  • What you should ensure your press release gets read

By the time you are done reading this article, you will learn how to attract the right amount of recognition for your brand in Singapore.

What is a Press Release and Why You Need It for Media Marketing in Singapore?

This is a one or two-page document for sharing breaking news with the public. Journalists are the intended readers, but general audiences too can read them. They use the reverse pyramid format to emulate a news article format, with the most important news being displayed first..

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can use a press release to achieve a variety of goals tied to media marketing in Singapore. Most brands in Singapore use press releases for the following purposes:

  • To get media coverage especially when you release a new product, service, or feature
  • Crisis management especially when things go wrong, you need to tell the story first
  • Build your brand’s reputation for example during a re-launching campaign
  • To build backlinks from trusted media sites
  • It is cost-effective to market your organisation

When to Send a Press Release

Any time is as good as any to send a press release for media marketing in Singapore as long as you have something newsworthy to share and this includes:

  • Product launches
  • Breaking news announcements
  • Partnerships
  • Events
  • Crisis management
  • Awards
  • Sharing research

However, the bottom line is that you must have information that will be worth your audience’s time. This will dramatically increase the odds of your press release improving your offline and online social marketing goals.

What Content Should You Include In A Press Release?

To write a proper press release for media marketing in Singapore, you need to stick to the right format. Here is what you should include in your press release:

  • Headline – ensure to make it clear why your story is important and interesting to read
  • Press contact – how the media can get in touch with you
  • City, State, Location – what is your location and where is your news happening?
  • Body copy – order the information by level of importance
  • Boilerplate – what is your brand all about?

How to Format a Press Release

Press releases for media marketing in Singapore have a defined format, and it is important that you maintain a consistent format. This is to ensure that the journalists know where to look for information, and it will be a boost for your online branding in Singapore. However, what should the formatted press release look like?

Five Examples of Amazing Press Releases

A press release will be instrumental for the growth of your brand and it can boost your digital media marketing in Singapore. Here are five examples you should draw inspiration from with reasons why they were successful:

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Apple iMac Pro Product Launch Press Release

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This press release was a success for the following reasons:

  • They went into depth in describing their latest product, iMac Pro
  • They included images that highlight the new design of their new product
  • They highlighted different features of their product

The Thrill of the Hunt Event Press Release

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This press release succeeded because:

  • It outlined all the details of the event in the introduction
  • They had posted the website throughout, and it was easy to find
  • Heather Piper’s quote matches the overall tone of the press release

CNN Press Releases

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This press release effectively conveyed the intended message to the audience because:

  • The headline explains what’s happening
  • It explained when the event would begin and end
  • It was short and concise

New Hire Press Release from EverBlue Training

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The EverBlue Training press release was successful for the following reasons:

  • They had the name and title of the new hire in the headline
  • The new hire had a quote
  • It explains the new duties and responsibilities of the new hire

The Hormel Institute Research Press Release

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This press release was to present their research findings, and it was successful for the following reasons:

  • It included the research team that conducted and discovered the breakthrough
  • It explains how the research started
  • It explained what the disease the research would cure

Singapore Press Release Writing Best Practices and Tips

Now that you have press release examples for your media marketing in Singapore, we have compiled tips that will help you create a mind-blowing press release. After writing and pitching your press release, you should take to social media to promote your press release to the public.

Think like A Journalist

You should make it easy for journalists to find the most important information as a boost for your media marketing in Singapore. You should keep it short and simple, without overdoing it. On top of this, you should follow the AP style, which is used by all journalists. If you have not done it before, you can hire a digital marketing firm in Singapore to do it for you.

Extend Value to the Audience

When pitching the press release, ensure to provide value to the readers. You can do this by ensuring that:

  • Their viewership aligns with your target audience
  • Their area of coverage aligns with your service or product

Follow the Inverted Pyramid Format

Unlike online social marketing in Singapore where you build up the suspense, the inverted pyramid is all about putting the most important information first. The inverted pyramid has three parts to it:

  • The most important information comes first which includes answering questions such as what, when, why, and where it is happening, as well as who is in charge
  • Secondary details that include quotes the writers can use and other details in descending order of importance
  • Additional information such as the boilerplate copy, a list of times and dates of an event, the contact person in case the journalists have additional questions

Writing a Press Release in 7 Steps

Here is an outline of the tips you should use when writing your press release for media marketing in Singapore:

  • Find your angle
  • Write a headline
  • Write your lead
  • Write 2-5 body paragraphs with supporting details
  • Include quotes
  • Include contact information
  • Include the boilerplate copy

Finally, timing is of dire importance when doing media marketing in Singapore. Media editors assign stories early on in the week, which means that you should send in your press release by Tuesday latest. You should pitch your story to a few selected editors as well as blast it out on several wire services to ensure that different outlets pick it up.

Contact us for professional services in digital media marketing in Singapore. Our team will go the whole nine yards to ensure that you have a compelling press release that will boost your online branding in Singapore.


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