Top 10 Practices to Get Higher CTA Conversions (2022)

Top 10 Practices to Get Higher CTA Conversions (2022) - MediaOne Marketing

If you’re looking for a technique that can massively increase the (CTA) conversion rate of your organic traffic into paying customers, look no further.

The trick is simple. You just have to apply these top 10 practices to your content.

If you want to learn more, here’s where you can find a complete guide to increasing your Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

1. Create compelling content that speaks to your reader in a personal way.

In the era of digital marketing, a top tip to get higher CTRs is to create compelling content that speaks to your readers in a personal way.

Take a look at TikTok. Despite its recent struggles, just the mere presence of the platform itself is enough reason for you to consider including it in your strategy.

What is TikTok? It is a global social media platform where users can create and share short-form videos.

These videos can range from comedic sketches to heartfelt testimonials. And what ends up attracting users to the platform? Content that speaks to their personal interests.

For example, if you are an e-commerce seller who wants to increase sales on their site, you can create content that interacts with the buyer’s personal interests.

Perhaps you can even interview the buyer to find out what they want and need. Or maybe you can find a video showing how others are solving the same problems the buyer is facing.

In any case, the point is to create content that is interesting and fun to watch, but also speaks to the interests of your target audience.

2. Use keywords in your headlines, descriptions, and content.

Catchy Headlines Examples - write catchy headlines blog post titles to get more traffic | Blog titles, Funny dating memes, Blog

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Make sure to include the keywords you chose for your campaign in your headlines, descriptions, and content.

This will help your articles show up when relevant readers are searching for content on your targeted keywords.

When someone searches for “web hosting” for example, they will see your article if it is tagged with this term.

To find these terms, you can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner. Simply enter your website address and choose Search Engine to find the keywords suggested for your site.

3. Measure the success of your campaign with analytics.

You can use free tools like Google Analytics to track the success of your campaign. What is Google Analytics? It is a free tool which can be accessed from your dashboard.

Once you enter your web address, you will see a tab labeled “Google Analytics”.

The beauty of this tool is its ability to track all your website traffic, including organic, direct, and paid sources. And what can you find there?

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Keyword insights, traffic sources, and more. You can even use this data to find out what is working and what needs to be changed to improve your results.

4. Use proper grammar and spelling.

Using correct English will automatically make you appear more intelligent to the reader.

Good grammar and spelling can also make your content more accessible to non-native English speakers who may want to understand what you are saying. This is why proper grammar is so important.

And what about capitalization?

You want to be consistent with your capitalization, but you should not take it too far. For instance, you can start every paragraph with a capital letter and make the whole piece appear more formal; however, you should not capitalize every word.

5. Create a sense of urgency.

Do you want to stimulate action in your readers? Create a sense of urgency.

What is the urgency? It is the sensation that you are pushing your readers to take action now, or else they may lose out. You can use many methods to create urgency, but the most effective ones usually involve a limited-time offer or a call to action tied to a specific event.

For example, suppose you are selling a product that will only be available for the next two weeks. You can contact the customer to remind them of the impending deadline, or you can create urgency through the use of limited-time offers.

6. Add images and video to your content.

Add as many images and videos as you can to your content. Videos and images can greatly enhance the sense of urgency you are trying to create.

Why video? It allows you to add a face to the message and engage with your audience through eye contact. You can also include videos in your content to appear more authoritative.

A study from HubSpot shows that videos increase the conversion rate by 23% and reduce the bounce rate (percentage of people who leave the site after viewing only one page) by 12%.

So adding a video to your content can help your users stay on your site for longer and increase the chances of making a purchase.

7. Incorporate social proof for CTA.

To provide your readers with the social proof they need, incorporate references to other websites or platforms which are already popular in your niche.

For example, let’s say you publish an article on digital marketing and you noticed that 97% of the articles published on the topic mention social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram in the text. If your goal is to increase your website’s web traffic, incorporating social proof can help.

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Why? If your readers see that most people are using a certain platform to find information, they are more likely to consider doing the same.

8. Post regularly.

To appear most authoritative, your blog post ought to be a regularly scheduled piece. Having said that, you should not overdo it and publish posts too frequently.

This makes it seem like you are trying to push content rather than establish yourself as a reliable source of information in your niche. When you publish frequently, you may lose your audience to other, more established blogs in your niche.

When you publish regularly, your posts will appear more often in search engine results. This means more people will find your content when they are looking for information on your targeted keywords, and hopefully, this will translate to more conversions.

9. Customize your website.

WordPress Builder - Top 10 Practices to Get Higher CTA Conversions (2022)
WordPress Builder

Your website represents your brand, so it is important to establish a strong identity that will make your site appear more professional.

With that in mind, you should consider using a content management system (CMS). A CMS will allow you to create and edit content easily, without needing to hire someone to help you.

What is an HTML template?

It is a simple piece of code which allows you to quickly establish a professional looking website.

Templates come with a pre-designed look and can be edited with a basic knowledge of HTML.

And what is HTML? It is the language that web browsers like Google, Safari, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) interpret and display content on your site.

Through HTML, you can add images, text, and even videos to establish a strong identity for your website.

10. Get the right domain name.

Domain Name Shop For CTA Conversions
Credits: Fasthosts

Your chosen domain name should be easy to understand, memorable, and representative of your brand. To find the perfect domain name, you can check out this useful website.

Now, you should not expect that simply following these steps will result in overnight success. Your conversion rates will not increase immediately as you make small tweaks to your site.

You may see some results, but you will need to continue to experiment with different methods until you figure out which ones produce the best results in your niche. That is the only way you can improve and grow as a content marketer.

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