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Organizations all over the globe perfectly understand the importance and positive impact of online marketing on their business and especially online marketing via search engines has become widely popular because of its effectiveness. Before we move to the part where we compare the characteristics and benefits of PPC and SEO, let’s start from the basics.

What is the main difference between PPC and SEO?

PPC refers to Pay Per Click which is also known as paid advertisement and traffic generated through it called paid traffic. On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is free advertisement and traffic generated through this method is called organic traffic. Both of these techniques fall under SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and both of them yield the same result – web traffic.

  • PPC refers to buying ads on first page of the search results and the cost is determined by the number of clicks, that’s why it is called Pay Per Click.
  • SEO refers to optimizing your website according to the search engine guidelines so it comes on top of the results and get your more web traffic.

When PPC is a suitable option?

PPC is a better option as compared to SEO when you need instant results and you want to get more traffic on your website without any delay. Of course this strategy costs significantly more than SEO and that’s why PPC is not considered a feasible option for small businesses.

Although SEO can also help you target specific demographic or get access to your target audience but in this sense PPC has no match. PPC can help you narrow down your target audience to reduce your advertising costs and get better results.

As mentioned above, PPC can get your instant result, that’s why it is a suitable option for time sensitive offers like deals and promotions.

When SEO is a suitable option?

The biggest advantage SEO has over PPC as well as over other marketing strategies is its cost efficiency. Interestingly, if you have time on your hand, you can do it yourself by reducing the advertising budget to zero. This single attribute and advantage of SEO has made it the most popular marketing technique in the world that millions of businesses use regularly to increase their web traffic and ultimately revenue.

Although SEO cannot get your instant results but it can get you consistently long term results. You cannot possibly get your website on top of the search results overnight or even in weeks but this process is slow and needs patience. You move up the ladder slowly and once you are on top, you can enjoy the benefits for a long time period.

SEO can increase the value of your website. Many businesses do SEO to get their website on top before selling it to other businesses. The higher its position in search result, the more value it has.

Bottom Line

Although PPC and SEO both have their pros and cons but SEO is mainly more popular because of its cost efficiency and long term benefits. As one of the most connected cities on the planet, Singapore is the ideal platform for SEO as its population uses the web far more than print to get information and buy things.

June 26, 2016

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