PPC Services Singapore: Questions I Should Ask Before Hiring

PPC services in Singapore

Securing PPC services in Singapore is an effective way of reaching out to your target audience. Irrespective of your budget, you can always find a PPC network that suits you. Arguably, the most significant benefit that you can get from PPC campaigns is the quick results.

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You will start receiving clicks as soon as your PPC campaign goes live. It’s also easy to monitor the success of your PPC campaigns since every click is measurable. Similarly, you can start and stop a PPC campaign at your discretion.

Even as you think about embarking on a PPC campaign, there are lots of considerations that you must keep in mind. To ascertain that the PPC company you hire is a good fit, there are specific questions that you should ask. 

6 Questions To Ask When Looking For PPC services in Singapore 


How do you Manage PPC Accounts?

To find a company that offers the most proficient PPC services in Singapore, you should inquire about their management of PPC accounts. This will help you find out how those PPC companies that are under consideration will approach your needs.

SEM is the essence of what PPC companies ought to do for you. Finding out about a company’s process with PPC accounts helps you determine whether it understands your business and its needs.

A credible PPC company will be ready to explain the process of creating new accounts, how it lays out its PPC strategies and the involvement of its clients in the entire process. The whole campaign needs to be guided by an in-depth understanding of your brand’s marketing objectives.

How and Who Will Manage My Campaign?

How your PPC campaign is handled will go a long way in determining its success. A reliable provider of PPC services in Singapore will ensure that your account gets allocated to a team of PPC experts who will oversee it.

Most PPC companies in Singapore handle dozens of clients at the same time. This means that each PPC manager might be handling tens of accounts at the same time. Therefore, there is a possibility of some accounts receiving minimal attention.

Before hiring a PPC company, find out about the processes put in place to manage clients’ accounts. Similarly, establish who will handle your account once you sign up, and how much time will be dedicated to your account.

Also, the company that you hire should be willing to provide you with the contact information of the certified PPC expert who will manage your campaign. The person should always be available to address any questions that you might have regarding your campaign.

What’s the Size of Your Advertiser Network?

It’s prudent to hire networks that have a high number of advertisers since this will give your PPC campaign more visibility. In PPC marketing, the rule of the thumb is that the number of live campaigns on a network is proportionate to the network’s number of advertisers.

A broader inventory means that a PPC platform has more options as it attempts to match ads to websites based on their content. This is referred to as contextual targeting. A good contextual targeting strategy boosts user engagement, thus resulting in higher CTR rates.

A platform that has a broader pool of is likely to represent more geographical areas. When you partner with such a PPC platform, you have the assurance that your inventory will sell.

In this regard, you also need to establish whether the PPC networks under consideration sell their inventory to the highest bidder. If this is the case, it means more people will see your ads, something that guarantees a return on investment.

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How Will You Remarket My Content?

Any company that purports to offer PPC services in Singapore should be familiar with remarketing and its benefits. In line with this, you should find out how your content will be remarketed. Likewise, establish whether your website has the capability of handling tracking requirements. This will go a long way in ensuring that your remarketing and viral marketing works. 

Just like other campaigns, remarketing has a number of various metrics that you should keep track of always. These include cost-per-click, CTR, effective cost per acquisition, and ROI. Before choosing a PPC services provider, ask about the key performance indicators that they use to track the success of their clients’ PPC campaigns.

PPC services in Singapore

What is Your Speciality?

When it comes to PPC marketing in Singapore, there’s no such thing as a jack of all trades. You should be wary of PPC companies that claim to specialise in all aspects of search engine marketing. Such “full service” companies are often so stretched in an attempt to cover the different areas that they purport to specialise in.

To ensure that your  Singapore PPC campaign gets the attention that it deserves, you should choose a PPC company that has a proven track record for working with businesses in your niche. Companies that specialise in serving a particular industry have a better understanding of clients’ marketing needs. Therefore, they can tailor-make their PPC campaigns to fulfil those needs.

How Do Providers of PPC Services in Singapore Handle Reporting?

The work of a PPC marketer is to create, launch, and run campaigns. Nonetheless, these campaigns may not address your needs if results are ineffectively tracked. Failure to correctly monitor results means that decision-making won’t be based on facts. Consequently, it will be hard to improve the campaign.

To determine how a PPC company handles reporting, you should first find out about the types of reports that they use, and frequent those reports will be sent to you. Similarly, find out what metrics will be measured by the PPC companies, and whether you will be allowed to access the dashboard.


Hiring a company that offers PPC services in Singapore can be a hectic decision. By asking all the right questions, you will be able to weed out companies that are not qualified. It’s always advisable to work with a PPC agency that is an excellent fit for your business and its marketing objectives. Get in touch with us to get a robust PPC campaign for your business. Our team will monitor it continuously to be sure that you are getting value for money from it and redesign your website to ensure it stands out from the crowrd and converts. 


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