9 Practical Steps for Planing Out Your New Website in Singapore

9 Practical Steps for Planing Out Your New Website

Are you planning to create a new website in Singapore? There are a number of things that you need to do to ensure that your new website delivers the expected results. As the old adage goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Creating a new website in Singapore without a clear plan is equivalent to constructing a house without any blueprint. Things end up in the wrong place and ruin the overall appearance and performance of the site.

Luckily, Singapore has some of the most skilled website designers and developers in the world. They can help you plan your site ahead of time and give you clear directions to prevent backtracking and unnecessary expenses.

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Here are nine practical steps for planning out your new website in Singapore.

Set Goals and Purpose

What is the main reason you are creating a new website in Singapore? Is it to increase the visibility of your business online or boost sales? Identifying the website’s purpose and the target audience will help you to make the right decisions from the onset. While there, define your goals and assign a timeline or deadline to each of them. How many people do you expect to visit your website per month? How many do you expect to sign up for your newsletter? What is your sales and revenue projection?

The goals need to be measurable, specific, attainable, and time-sensitive. Advanced tools such as Google Analytics will help you to monitor the performance of your site over time.

Create a Budget

Regardless of whether you are a fledgling new business, medium-sized or established business in Singapore, you need to create a budget for all expenses that come with owning and managing a business website in the country. Some of the expenses that you need to include in the budget are:

  • Web design costs
  • Programming costs
  • Web hosting package

Consult professional web developers in Singapore and research the market by shopping around. Compare and contrast the cost of services offered by different service providers to get the best deal and value for money. The price should be directly equivalent to the quality of services to be rendered. Cheap services could later cost you thousands of dollars that would have been spent on other important aspect of your business such as product redesigning and digital marketing.

Be on the safe side by hiring a team of website developers in Singapore based on references, examples of past projects, experience, and insightfulness.

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Assign Roles

As business owner in Singapore who is determined to reap big from the ballooning and lucrative online market, you need to make sure that every loophole that could result in challenges down the road is filled. One guaranteed way of doing that is by assigning specific roles to each member of your team. Inform them what is expected of them and stay abreast of milestones/deadlines as well as new developments.

Some of the people that you need when creating a new website in Singapore include:

  • Company stakeholders
  • Website developer
  • Content editor and writer
  • CSS/HTML professional
  • Website and graphic designer

Come up with a Content Strategy

What type of content do you need to achieve your goals and ensure the website is ranked highly on search engines? Simply put, content refers to anything and everything that gives website visitors information about your brand, product, and services. It can include, but is not limited to the following:

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  • Blog posts
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Slideshows
  • Links to social media pages/feeds

The content strategy will help you to plan how to present content to your visitors. For example, you can decide to publish five blog posts per month and offer a free report to subscribers after every three months. Since content is one of the corner pillars of your website, consider hiring the best content writers in the market to do it for you. Invest in professional pictures and videos to grasp the attention of potential customers and motivate them to make purchases.

Properly Structure the Website

Take the time to decide which pages you will be using to convey the intended message to the target audience and the features that will be on each of them. Most of the business websites in Singapore have a Contract and About page, but it is not necessary you include them on your site. Every page on your site should serve a particular purpose. Unnecessary pages will confuse the visitors and make navigation difficult.

Create a Mock-Up/Wireframe

A mock-up or wireframe is an outline of your new Singapore website. It is created using Fireworks and Photoshop and you do not have to include too many details in the mock-up. Use placeholder text to fill the pages and do not spend too much time with the details. The goal is to make sure that everyone in your team has an idea of your site by looking at the mock-up.

Alternatively, if you do not have a design program or know how to use one, you can map out everything on paper then send it to your preferred website designer in Singapore to use as a blueprint when designing the site.

Start Designing the Website

 In the current competitive Singapore digital marketing industry, you cannot afford to have a poorly designed website. Google also factors in the design when ranking websites. Ideally, a good website design has both aesthetics and usability. Here are the basic usability concepts that you should keep in mind.

  • Ensure that the site navigation is easy to find and understand. Numerous studies show that a majority of users expect the site navigation should be vertical and centre aligned at the top of the page.
  • Make use of easy-to-read font and use colour contrast to make the essential pop
  • Ensure the design is responsive to seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes
  • Keep it lightweight so that it loads fast
  • Company tag line and logo should be easily visible on the page
  • Colours and styles should be consistent throughout the site
  • Content should be concise and clear
  • Design the site with the future in mind. Right now, it may only have a few blog articles and pages, but will it still be functional when your business scales up and needs more pages and blog posts?

Carry Out Tests

Ones the new website is complete, carry out multiple tests to identify bugs and details that might have been omitted by the Singapore website designer. Confirm that the site is displayed properly in all browsers and mobile web browsers such as Safari and Opera Mini. Ask colleagues to view it on their mobile devices.

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Consistent appearance no matter the screen size will be instrumental in the growth of your business. Confirm that all links are working and images are properly optimised. More importantly, all input fields in forms should be working well.

Maintain your Singapore Business Website

A business website in Singapore is an ongoing entity that will continue to represent your brand to millions of Singaporeans. Based on this fact, you need to continuously monitor and maintain the site to be sure that every feature is working as expected. There are analytics software that you can use to know how your site performing with the public.

Have a daily, monthly and yearly maintenance plan and budget for each maintenance task. Delegate the tasks to members of your team who have the required skills and expertise.

Closing Remarks

Expertly planning out your new website in Singapore will ensure that you get value for money from the project. Make sure each of these nine practical steps is taken to avoid challenges down the road. Get in touch with us for professional website design services in Singapore.



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