Planning To Develop Your Singapore Website? Clear Your Misconceptions Before You Start

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There’s the unfortunate stigma floating about, and which is attaching itself to the concept of outsourcing vital business operations to external contractors and agencies, particularly in regards to web design, web development and online marketing.

The truth is web development isn’t as easy as it’s preached. Neither is it half of the things people associate it with. In our experience, we’ve heard all sorts of theories about develop website that is nothing close to the truth.

To protect you from the misconceptions, we prepared a list of some of the most widespread myths self-proclaimed web developers and preacher of the net ferry around without sparing a second to learn more about them and whether or NOT they hold any significant amount of truth.

Read on to find out about them:

Myth 1: You Build a Great Website on Your Own

With the explosion of content management systems (CMS) and web development platforms such as Wix, it’s now possible even for those who can’t lay down a single line of code to create their own websites. All it takes to pull one from scratch and get it all set up are a few YouTube tutorials and you’re good to go.

But come to think of it, the effort you apply won’t be the same as that applied by the professional developer you hire to do it for you. For someone on the lookout for a more professional website with a stronger conversion impact on the visitors it attracts, then there’s NO way you’d want to haphazardly develop your own website.

Professionals have the required skillset and can literally pull anything up from scratch instead of relying on canned themes and plugins. If you can visualize a great site, then you can be sure they have the capacity to get it up.

So while you’re likely to spend way less by creating your own website, you’re at risk of ending up with a site that misses the unique factor and it’s at the same time NOT optimized enough for a better ranking and conversion, both of which translate to a lower revenue stream.

Here’s a number of possible reasons hiring a professional developer can be the best thing you can ever do to your business:

  • Web development requires a better grasp of the industry standards and regulations. So unless you’ve been in the industry long enough to wrap your head around them as they roll, there’s a good chance you’re NOT in a favorable position to fully implement them on the site you’re developing.
  • Professionals don’t just rush to the developing bit. They have to first profile the nature of your business, the industry at large and the kind of audience you’ll be targeting through the site. Meaning, there’ll be a greater amount of planning involved before they can finally get to the actual web development work.
  • A professional agency offers a lot more than web development. In most cases, they’ll also be the right people to consult for integrated marketing solutions.

You certainly don’t want to end up with a great site that attracts no one by the end of the day. That’s likely to be the case considering canned themes and web programs often produce regurgitated codes that are far likely to hurt your ranking in the SERPs.

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To be on the safe side, start by doing some thorough research on the best web development agency you’re likely to find. Come up with a set of the right questions to ask, and which should help you make the right choice.

This is particularly the case with hiring a web development agency in Singapore. If you’re lucky, then the little research you do should lead you to a web development agency such as MediaOne, which on top of designing a great site for your business, happens to also offer on-going maintenance support to clients.

Myth 2: The Site Doesn’t Necessarily Need to Optimised for Mobile

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There’s a small section of misinformed individuals that will be quick to debunk the fact that mobile optimization is one of the most crucial ranking elements today.

Well, do yourself a favor by NOT believing in anything they say.

Everything aside – from a cursory glance, you might have noticed that a huge section of the population surf the net using their mobile devices, as opposed to laptops and desktops. Now imagine the amount of traffic you’ll be losing when your site loads just fine on the desktop but gets all jumbled up upon loading it up on a mobile device.

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Here are the possible reasons you’d want to optimize your site for mobile:

  • Mobile devices attract a different kind of customers, most of which will be after quick information and should they encounter something that strikes their fancy, they’ll also be quick on making an impulse decision to buy.
  • A responsive website can be translated to mean good user experience. You want your visitor to load up your site on the fly, without being forced to head home or to their office to try it out on their desktops or laptop. Then find a way to make it responsive enough to load on virtually any device out there.
  • Unresponsive sites register a higher bounce rate which is likely to have an adverse effect on your search engine ranking.

Myth 3: Writing is the Easiest Part of Managing Your Site

A great majority of site owners treat content creation as an afterthought. That’s because they don’t see great value in investing much of their time and effort in drafting great content for their site when they can just whip up one in a matter of minutes.

But the truth is, content creation is one of the most taxing parts of managing your website, considering you don’t just need content, but a constant supply of well-researched and really interesting and useful content for your online visitors.

Here’s why you should start investing in great content:

  • The content you post offers a great opportunity to interact with your online visitors. That way, you get to develop a better understanding of the people you attract so you can calibrate your marketing strategies for better conversion results in the future.
  • Writing great content takes time. You have to research on the content you write, find out more about what your target audience prefers, and figure out the right way to communicate to them.
  • Great content should have value, a convincing call to action and most importantly it should be well optimized for search engines. Speaking of which, you can’t simply pull this off with only a few minutes of your time.
  • Poor quality content fraught with fluff and redundancy could hurt your bottom line.

Myth 4: Barraging Your Site with More Features is What Attracts More Visitors

While your site needs all the necessary features to function properly, there comes the risk of slowing it down or creating unnecessary confusion when the features are over the roof.

Other factors held constant, you’re better off with the simplest of the site you can find than a feature-laden one for a number of reasons:

  • Unnecessary features are a security risk. You’re likely to end up with loose codes that could make your site vulnerable to attacks.
  • Redundant features will eventually do your business more harm than good.
  • Simplicity is always advocated for in web development. You want your visitors to have an easy time finding your products, then it’s important that you clear the limited space you have on your site for a clear view of the products you’re offering.

Myth 5: A great Website Can Generate Traffic on Its Own

Lots of business owners in Singapore labor under the misconception that a great website can on its own generate good traffic. Nothing can be further from the truth, considering there’re lots of other factors that together determine how much of a traffic magnet your site can actually be.

Here’s a list of them:

And so forth.

It’s a Wrap

The most important aspect of building a great website is strategic thinking and planning, not to mention an in depth knowledge of how the industry operates and the required standards and practises. None of the myths we’ve listed holds water at this point in time. They might have had some stroke of truth a few years back, but there’s a whole lot that has changed over the years to render them impractical.

For more elaboration on anything mentioned, you can reach out to MediaOne today for a free SEO and web development consultation.

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