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Pay-per-click (PPC) ensures you get an instant exposure that leads to traffic and higher sales. This programme provides all the platforms anytime and anywhere. Pay per click marketing is the perfect business choice and ensures your business has the maximum reach out without overspending. In Singapore, most of the forefront visited sites have advertising platforms that they take advantage. These platforms get them on the front line ahead of their potential competitors everywhere they go online. The pay per click platform packages are all inclusive and gives you the maximum exposure. In simple terms, pay per click makes sure you are found on the forefront before others through search engines organic results. This article provides you with the complete guide on pay per click (PPC) advertising in Singapore.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising essentially means buying clicks from online marketing advertising platforms, i.e., Google to a website and converting it into leads or sales. Google is the earliest and most established PPC advertising platform. Google started by creating Ads (formerly Adwords), a PPC advertising program that was different from the traditional programs that you had to pay regardless of the actions taken. This lead to many advertisers shifting to Google as they prefer the online platform they would only pay where there are clicks. Today, PPC advertising incorporates both Google and Facebook. These two platforms use the similar system where the advertisers are charged when users click into their website.


Over the years, PPC Singapore has significantly gained popularity. Be it small or large businesses; there is more than one reason to get into PPC advertising. Some of the benefits of PPC advertising include helping to increase your business exposure, growing the customer base and promoting faster profit generation. More so, PPC will give you the flexibility to choose the right audience that you are targeting and at the right time. This is by choosing where and when the business website ads will appear. The PPC results are measurable and give you full assurance of online marketing.


Are you thinking of doing pay per click advertising in Singapore? You will need to know everything that entails to it before you take the final step. Google Ads is the most popular marketing platform in Singapore. The best way to get your business into PPC advertising is set up your PPC account with Google Ads. This will help you in creating powerful ads with featuring optimised popular targeted keywords on Google Ads. There are so many choices in Singapore when it comes to PPC advertisement. Facebook launched its ads advertising platform in Singapore in the year 2012. This is to the additional online programs such as Google, YouTube, linked in and Instagram that are viable in driving sales. This has led to a higher decline of newspaper and other offline leadership in the past five years. Businesses in Singapore have no option of not engaging in online marketing.


PPC and SEO are two confusing terms for most business owners wishing to engage in online advertising. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an online methodology that puts your business website on the first Google organic search results. With SEO, you don’t have to pay google always and is hence sustainable. However, SEO is full of uncertainties and takes about three to six months. Additionally, Google has the best engineers and programmers that keep changing their algorithms to prevent the rank manipulation. On the other hand, PPC uses a leads prediction generation process. Google must ensure you make money for you to continue advertising.  hence some advertisers would hence prefer PPC to SEO in Singapore.


SEM (search engine marketing) adds website traffic by buying ads on search engines. The site’s website is purchased with a relevant keyword. In Singapore, the primary and widely used search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You cannot, therefore, miss them if you want traffic on your business website. Google takes a ninety percent market share in Singapore with the ten percent remaining share divided between Yahoo and Bing. Many digital marketing experts would recommend you put the Google Ads advertising tool as the top choice.


PPC agencies in Singapore offers efficient, convenient and cost-saving ways to popularise your business. The business can reach the right audience at a cheap and affordable cost. The agencies give you an ultimate guide on the various PPC online marketing opportunities. Additionally, most of the agencies are google partners giving you the best choices in time-saving and maximisation of your return on investment. Some of the top agencies in Singapore include MediaOne, media Labs innovation agency, Purpleclick, Media plus digital agency and PCL technology agency.


The Facebook social platform has relatively grown with about 3.5 million active users in Singapore and 1.2 billion people globally. This has made it a perfect platform for a business looking to reach a mass audience. Your company can target customers effectively through Facebook. There is no minimum amount of cash required to get into Facebook marketing. However, a little budget will get exhausted in a few clicks giving no significant impact on your business. The average cost per click in Singapore is about $0.11. Advertisers that meets the users’ needs are always rewarded with cheaper Facebook advertising cost. This protects the users Facebook experience from spam FB Ads.


How much does business marketing advertisement cost in Singapore? To appear on Google, you have to pay Google. Google Ads uses a sophisticated demand and supply system and bidding system. The cost is also determined by the bidding of your competitors. The price of pay per click (PPC) in Singapore is higher than countries such as Malaysia but lower than in counties such as the USA. This is due to the willingness of businesses to pay more. Each time your business advertisement is clicked, it sends a guest to your site. You will pay the search engine tool a low cost. If your online business campaign is running smoothly and is much outlined, the price will be much higher as the advertising worth is higher than what you are paying for it.


The most common advertisement format comes in the form of a title, a 3 lines of your product or service description and an URL link to your website page. You can bid some keyword permutations to decide where your advertisements will be found. You will hence pay if someone clicks the keywords you have chosen. Additionally, your business will feature in specific pages depending on your set budget. More so, the higher your budget, the closer your advertisements will be to page 1. In Singapore, many businesses are striving to get their advertisement to the top page. This is according to research revealing that about eighty percent of internet users do not go beyond page 1 in the search engine.


In Singapore, there is a variety of pay per click management companies. Some of the top companies regarding campaign analysis, keyword selection, cost minimisation, and automation are listed below. These include digital marketing agency, Searchjinni LLP, Bruce clay, iSearch media Pte Ltd, VJG interactive I crossing, Foretec Pte Ltd, MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd, iProsites and iProspect. Visiting one of these companies in Singapore will provide you with the best PPC management services.


It is crucial to wait until you get a landing page that will work jointly with your ads before you start your PPC campaign. Here is why Pay Per Click is so significant: when users click on a PPC ad, the reason behind it is that they were interested in your ad and they need to learn more. However, if the link directs them to a generic website containing unrelated content in your website, then that interest is likely to result in a quick exit. This is registered as a “bounce” and can adversely affect the price and positioning of your next ad.

Clicking on a PPC ad to discover extra information demands that the landing page provides that information adequately. For this reason, it is advisable to have custom-made landing pages with information related to the ad. For example, if you had a PPC ad offering bonuses after signup at your website, the ad landing page should include more information on the promotion, a button to redeem the bonus or anything else that is specifically related to the content on the ad.


The other aspect you need to do with your landing page is ensuring that their performance is optimised. If the audience clicks your ad and there are technical problems on the landing page like slow loading and navigation problems, they are likely to bounce. Optimise the performance of your site now to ensure the users who will come later are likely to check on your products or services.


Bidding Strategy for a PPC ad

There are various strategies for bidding to select from, and choosing the perfect one depends on some factors. These factors include your goals, your experience with PPC, and your budget. Choosing between automated and manual bidding is one of the factors to consider. If you don’t have experience with PPC, it is good to start with automatic bidding, mainly if your budget is low. Manual bidding enables you to set the restriction on the cost of each click. The disadvantage of using manual bidding is that you cannot optimise your offer.


Automatic bidding on the other side can help you reduce the amount of time needed to manage your online campaigns. However, it is a little more expensive than manual bidding. Several strategies of automatic bidding are available in the market, and you can discover more about various PPC strategies from the internet. There are several strategies in Singapore that you can choose from depending on whether you need PPC to increase your traffic, visibility, or conversions.



In a PPC campaign, the budget is an essential factor to consider. The best part of this method of campaigning is that you can operate on a small budget, and you can keep close regulation over the amount you incur. Indeed, if you have never used PPC, don’t have much money, and just need to do a test, you can still enjoy PPC with as low as $25. You can use this simple formula to calculate your budget.

The equation’s profit side has the amount of profit you get in each conversion. To establish the amount that will pay for the PPC ads, you must decide how much you can afford to spend while making the campaign meaningful. You can look for past information or use the standard of the industry which is 2.7%. Then you calculate the product of maximum cost per click by the number of clicks you need, by the total days to have your budget.


Conduct Research on Your Keywords and Select Them Sensibly

In a PPC campaign, the keyword is one of the most significant aspects since it is the crux of the whole process. There would be no means of deciding where to display your ads without keywords. Choosing the right keyword can guarantee a successful online campaign, and assure you the most views, more conversions, and more clicks.


Below are a few tips for choosing your keyword:

  • Check what your competitors are using
  • Think of what you would write on the searching bar if you were the audience
  • Search for keywords from Google tools like SEMrush and Moz.
  • Don’t use vague keywords, be specific.
  • Use local keywords if doable.


When you choose the best keywords, expect to get the best results. Moreover, you will get quality output and at lower costs per click since most users are not likely to bounce. The other critical factor you have to consider is the selection of negative keywords. Negative keywords filter the keywords that you don’t want to be included in your landing page. Perhaps you want to advertise a soft drink, but you don’t want to advertise coca cola, then you will use coca cola as the negative keyword to disregard all searches with that product brand.



PPC in Singapore has significantly increased, creating a challenge for the few businesses not into this digital advertising. PPC is not difficult, but it needs some know-how of the procedure of the process, and research and planning if you want to achieve the most excellent ROI from your money. The most crucial aspects to consider are selecting a landing page, choosing a budget, and then deciding the strategy for bidding. Then it is followed by the most essential task of choosing the right keyword. After creating your ad, ensure you track and measure the traffic to ensure that your PPC is effective in producing the leads and traffic you intended.


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