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Do You Own & Operate Any Of These Businesses?

  • web design
  • web development
  • web hosting
  • software developer
  • software integration
  • applications developer
  • mobile apps developer
  • content writing
  • press release
  • public relations
  • grant consultant
  • marketing consultancy
  • sales consultancy
  • training consultancy
  • course provider
  • event organiser
  • licensing expert
  • certifications provider
  • business broker
  • franchise manager
  • printing company
  • packaging company
  • gift wholesaler
  • media and publishing company
  • accounting and corporate services provider

or you basically market to and interact with SMEs and MNCs on a daily basis – WE WANT TO PARTNER WITH YOU!

Its Really Simple & Fuss Free!

If any clients, partners, associates or friends are interested in Digital Marketing especially SEO and SEM (Google Ads etc) – you get 30% of the gross income (less 3rd party costs). No selling required!

We call this our 30%-In-30-Days Policy (aka “Let MediaOne Pay Your Rent”). If we get a $20,000 you get $6,000. Sweet ain’t it?! Hundreds of thousands of dollars are paid to Partners just like you. Will it hurt to increase your top line or have extra income sources? Nah we didn’t think so.

White Labelling Available

What is White Labelling? You may be providing Web Design services but do not provide SEO services. Even if you do Рits a tall order (because SEO is an extremely complicated process involving a large amount of resources) and you are still likely liable to deal with angry phone calls due to poor rankings.

You may wish to White Label our services (i.e. you can offer your client our Award-Winning Services) or you want us to take your pain by dealing with your clients directly (we are high transparent and have a high degree of accountability so that you will always know what we are discussing with your client at all times so that your reputation is preserved).

Its WIN-WIN. You get peace of mind. You get a HAPPY client. You get MORE BUSINESS from the happy client who refers you. You get paid 30%. This is probably one of the most lucrative affiliate programmes in Singapore bar none.

Or you may be a new grad or in between jobs – we can train you to be an SEO / SEM superstar so that you can have a steady income.

Integration Into Your Company’s Offerings Available

You may wish to integrate our ISO-Certified SEO / SEM Services into your Company. We can train your staff, provide you with marketing materials and support you from start to, well,… forever! We can also provide you with a bigger cut and more benefits to ensure that our Services fit well with your financial and operational objectives. We think LONG TERM! If you don’t make money we don’t make money so we work hard to make sure it works for you.

Affiliates Welcomed!

If you are working for a company and some time to spare, if you are in between opportunities, if you are a student who wants do to something far more lucrative and exciting than tuition, if you are a freelancer or independent contractor, or you are a Grab or Uber driver, if you own or work at a retail shop, if you have a blog that other marketers or business owners frequent – you WILL already have come across many people looking for digital marketing. All you need to do is to ask “Hey do you need Digital Marketing? I know a kick ass Award Winning agency called MediaOne.” You give us a call. You get paid 30% (reminder: if client hands us a $20,000 cheque you get a cool $6,000 no questions asked in 30 days). Thats it!

For a friendly, no-obligations discussion – contact our CEO: Tom Koh at 6789 9852 or tom@mm.com.sg today.

Carpe Diem! (for those who don’t speak Latin which is 99.99% of the population its “Seize The Day!”) Because the next call you make may well change your fortune for the ‘much much better’!.


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