On-Page SEO Services: Make Sure Your Singapore SEO Agency Provides These

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Search engines are very particular with the manner they rank websites for Yoast optimization. It is not known to many especially business owners that, packing your website with keywords is not the key to high ranking on search engines by SEO Agency.

However, organizing your site’s individual pages in a way that each page has a sufficient pulling power help in giving your entire website enhanced visibility on SERPs.

Therefore, this article will enlighten you on the factors you should prioritize on when contracting services of an SEO agency to do to an on-page optimization for your website.

The Process of On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the best practices you employ on each of your web pages. The practice is aimed at improving how fast search engines avail your websites and its pages to users so that they can utilize it for the purpose they intended to use it.

It is possible to enhance how your site appears on search engine result pages (SERPs). However, without recognizing the components to optimize on your website’s pages, all this will be fruitless.

CMS like WordPress is equipped to enable you to measure the performance of your site on SEO.

Log into WordPress portal and navigate to the Privacy tab. On the Privacy tab ensure you enable ‘Allow search engines to index site’ icon on the Site Visibility tab.

To countercheck, under the settings, access the Google Webmaster tools. Select the website you would like to measure its performance. The Webmaster Tools field for that website will appear. Tap on Health to display Crawl stats. On this tab, you can view the frequency crawls access on your site.

However, there are technical features on a page that can be optimized further to secure the enhanced effectiveness of your pages. The features include:


The website you are designing is meant for human use. Therefore, you should arrange the layout of your site in a way that flows and is legible.

Stuffing your site with keywords is not recommended anymore. Over-using a particular keyword can affect the readability of your content.

Ensure your content is not too long and not too short. Long content tends to bore users while short material tends to lose the gist of the content.

A disorganized page is one of the main reasons for experiencing high bounce rates on a site. Therefore, it is essential to organize your page in a way that encourages your clients to stay on your page longer.


Images are vital for enhanced user experience. They are critical for optimizing your pages on search engines by embedding your keywords on images. Attaching a keyword to your image help web crawlers access your content fast to display to the user.

Adding images to your pages also improves users’ experience by making your material easy to remember.

Page Title

A page title is the lists of names that appear on your SERP for your users to choose which website best solve their problem.

The page title should contain the keyword accompanied with the link to your website.

The characters used for the page title should not exceed 60 words otherwise Google will truncate portions of your page title and jeopardise your SEO endeavours.

Therefore, make your title brief and enticing to your users.

Meta Description

They are displayed below the title page on the SERP.

An excellent meta description help in optimisation of your page on SEO and offers your clients an overview of what to expect in your content.

A sound meta description enhances the traffic of your site. Hence, ensure a keyword is present in your meta description, not more than once and the descriptions do not exceed the maximum of 156 characters.

H1 Tag

Conventional CMS like WordPress automatically updates your title page with h1 tags.

Embed your keyword, not more than twice on your h1 tag to give your site’s layout a distinct name and enhance navigation within your website.

Rel Canonical

Rel canonical is best described as a unique marker on your site that prevents people from copying your work.

It recognises the real owners of sites and credits them for their work.

Ensure your work is not pirated by setting up Rel Canonical to help search engines acknowledge you as the legitimate owner of specific content on the internet.

WordPress Fans:

WordPress has an inbuilt Rel Canonical to help tag content as your own. Thus, it is not necessary to contract the service of an SEO expert to customise your work. Because it is simple to do and will save you money you would use to hire a consultant.


Having your keyword on your URL slug is crucial. It optimises your websites and helps improve its ranking on SERPs.

WordPress simplifies inserting of keywords on your URL by automatically setting up your h1 title to be your slug.

The slug is easy to alter. Tap on the slug icon and edit your slug to any form you want it to appear.

It is important to note that standard characters like numbers, letters and hyphens replace spaces on your URL.

Keep the characters of your URL to a maximum of 76 characters. Any number surpassing 76 characters will be trimmed to a sizeable number by the search engine provider.

After launching your blog and you realise it is not working as expected, you can re-edit your URL to retarget your market of choice.


Internal linking and Linking your site to reputable sources help direct users to your site for the material they are searching for. It also helps portray your website as a reliable source for relevant information.

Excessive use of external and internal links can portray you as overbearing and trying too hard to be visible on SERPs. It is prudent to seek the services of a consultant to help you avoid overlinking.

Ensure you add the keyword your webpage is enhanced for on the hyperlink to direct your users to their destination on the website.


On-page SEO help enhance the design of your website to help SEO providers rank our page as high as possible on search engine result pages. However, a sound on page SEO strategy ensures your page is optimised for fast navigation by your users. Therefore, distinguish your website by contracting services of qualified on-page SEO experts to lead your on-page SEO campaign.

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November 23, 2018

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