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Four in every five people in the world use a mobile phone. Hardly a minute or two passes without a person looking at his phone. Advertisement companies have found ways to channel ads directly to individuals using mobile phones. This has made mobile advertisement a lucrative niche in the digital marketing industry.

SEO companies have recently being issuing reports have indicated that mobile search engines will drive approximately 33 billion clicks-to-call to businesses this year. This means that mobile search engines exceed the mobile landing pages by 19% this year.

Call Extensions

It is these staggering reports may have triggered Google’s decision to introduce automated call extensions in mobile ads. According to emails sent out to advertisers, the update will go live on February 6, 2017.

The new call extensions will be accessible at both the ad group and campaign level. However, the information about the calls will not be made available in the extension report but in the primary extension report. Singapore digital marketers will have access to the mobile phone numbers from potential clients on one page.

Google team has also confirmed that digital marketers who have already installed call extensions in their campaigns will not need to add the new call extensions. The team has also stated that advertisers who currently have their own DNIs in their landing pages but are yet to start using these extensions, the system will automatically identify such scenarios. That is, it will come up with unique call extensions whenever a DNI is detected.

Online advertisers who do not who do not want to subscribe to the call diversion phone number can deactivate this option before the extensions are launched on the set date, February 6th. All one needs to do to unsubscribe by selecting the “Do not use specific automated extension for this account” option at the end of the extension report. If you opt out, you will also need to get rid of all automated call extensions that were automatically generated by Google. These extensions are listed in the call extension section.

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Search Ads

This type of mobile advertisement works in a similar way to search ads on desktop computer. It involves display of advertisements in search results about a topic requested by the user. For instance, if you search about coffee, Google can display the results and go a step further to use your location information and suggest a nearby coffee shop.

Application Ads

Mobile phones use a lot of different apps from different developers. Almost everything you do on your Smartphone requires its own unique app. Advertisement companies often solicit with developers to incorporate ads in these applications so that you get exposed to them while using the app.

Video Ads

Video advertisements generally entail any form of display advertisement with incorporated videos. The meaning of video advertisement has changed with the advent of video streaming sites. It has come to mean the advertisements in clips that appear shortly before a video stream or amidst the streaming. Google estimates that two-thirds of videos viewed on YouTube are opened on Smartphones.

Social Media Ads

The success of social networks has been linked to the invention of a Smartphone. Social media advertising involves utilizing profile data of social networks users and using it to deliver ads right into their palms. One advantage of this group of advertisements is that it is more specific.

Display Ads

It involves advertisements on websites in various formats such as text, flash, and audio. Although they target everyone accessing the website regardless of device, mobile users get exposed to such ads when they visit a website containing such ads. The primary aim of display ads is to propagate brand messages and general advertisements to the site visitors.

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