How to Optimize a Landing Page for PPC Campaigns in Singapore

optimise landing page for PPC

If you are using a pay-per-click (PPC) online campaign, there is a high chance that the traffic gets directed on a landing page. However, you cannot just create a landing page and await the best results. Reasonably, you must ensure that you optimize the landing page to your ads to get maximum traffic for your Google and Facebook Ads. Failure to do so, your landing page will never realize its full potential. In this article, we will discuss various elements to consider to ensure your optimization process is perfect in Singapore.

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  1. Content

Among other Google ranking aspects, content is one of the most important. In recent years, Google has shifted from material focused on a keyword to content that is relevant and well written.

Research demonstrated that only about half of the queries searched contain Keywords on their titles. The number is declining year after year, and this evidently shows that Google analyzes the relevance of the content and not the addition of keywords.

Relevant content is comprehensive. Google puts an excellent value on logical relevance, implying that a detailed examination of an area of focus in a manner that is easily understandable will always outdo the unreadable content that is full of keywords.

How Do You Optimize Content?

Content affects other essential ranking features, like click-through rate and bounce rate. Therefore, you must ensure that the content on your website is relevant and compelling to the users. Connecting to a pay-per-click ad is a wish to get more information about the ad. Because of this, it is good to develop a landing page that is custom-made with solutions to the problems shown by the ad. A good landing page contains content that is comprehensive, up to date, and relevant to a specific niche. Also, the material should not include grammar and spelling mistakes. Your content should also call for action to compel the audience to try out your products, increasing conversions in turn.

  1. Backlinks

Another ranking factor for Google ads is backlinks, but in recent years, Google has developed ways to sieve out substandard links from reliable ones. Many links still show a quality score, but only if they are from distinct and reliable domains.

The basis for building a secure link is ensuring that you come up with content that the audience requires, and then advertise the content tirelessly. Google considers your content more relevant when other companies read and relate to your content. When the content on your website gets many backlinks, the diversity, number of backlinks, and the influence of the link increases. The primary purpose of social signals is to increase the number of backlinks.

How Do You Optimize Backlinks?

There are various methods to increase the quality of your backlinks, but all of them add up to the marketing of the content. You should create high-quality content to ensure maximum traffic to your landing page. Also, you should promote your content to increase the number of users visiting your website. A PPC campaign requires quality link building skills. To improve the content in your landing page, you should look for other relevant information from other people’s websites and enhance the data to create an article with more details, then share the article.

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Also, it is essential to monitor the profile of your link. There is various auditing software in Singapore that you can use to keep an eye on the number of backlinks to your content and the superiority of the links. Auditing software can also help you get quality associates for backlinks, and eliminate poor quality backlinks.

  1. Mobile Version of Websites

In 2016, Google shifted toward a mobile-first audience experience. It means that the quality score by google for a perfect landing page primarily depends on the mobile version of websites rather than the desktop version. Optimizing websites to offer mobile users a friendly experience is a crucial factor in determining Google ranking of your site. Mobile-friendly resolutions exist for the most visible Google Ads.

These days, it is essential to ensure that your content is compatible with all mobile platforms and the matching content to your site for desktops. However, most of the websites being developed today meet the conditions set by Google for a mobile-friendly landing page. Therefore, you need to upgrade your page even further.

It is important to note that releasing an incomplete website reduces the quality score of your site, especially the mobile version. Therefore, if you are in the process of creating a mobile edition of your landing page, it is good to wait until it is ready.

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The other factor to consider is your website’s speed of loading. To offer a good user experience, websites for mobile platforms should be at least a second faster than sites on desktop platforms.

How to Optimize

To ensure that your website is perfect, you should utilize Google Search Console to verify and add the mobile edition of the website. Also, you should ensure that similar coordinated profit margin occurs in both versions of your site. You should also monitor the speed of your website, and if low, there exist auditing tools that can help you find and resolve errors and other essentials causing your site to slow down.

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  1. Other Practical Aspects

Other various issues can influence the quality score of your website. These issues include:

Website encryption – research shows that there is a convincing connection between ranking on Google’s first page and HTTPS encryption. There is a rapid increase in the number of HTTPS websites in top websites. Sites that do not utilize HTTPS encryption are considered unsecured by Google Chrome.

Testimonials – a good landing page includes lists of testimonials, frequently asked questions (FAQs), accolades, and awards. These aspects increase the certainty of the users with the content on your website which most likely increases conversions.

Optimizing keywords – Selecting the correct keyword can assure a thriving digital campaign, and guarantee you the more views, clicks, and conversions.

Capture mechanisms – tools for contact like WhatsApp script, telephone numbers, live chats, and emails increase the confidence of the users to your services. Customer confidence can optimize the traffic on the landing page and also the number of conversions.


The SEO industry in Singapore is ever advancing. We have observed Google steadily changing their website ranking strategies to ensure quality content, excellent links, and mobile-friendly websites. While other factors influence the quality score of your site, prioritizing to improve the aspects discussed above will enable you to beat your competitors and be ranked among the top websites in Singapore.


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