How To Optimise Your Social Media Marketing Campaign In Singapore

optimising social media strategy singapore

Majority of digital business marketers are conversant with search engine optimisation. The strategy involves using search engine rankings to promote your marketing campaigns and has prospered over the years. However, social media is increasingly growing as a top platform to reach target audiences. Social media optimisation is one of the best strategies business use to get maximum online reach. This article goes through how to optimise your social media marketing campaign in Singapore.

What Is the Meaning of Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimisation is the use of social media as the standard platform to build online presence of your business company. Various businesses only create online profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be available for their fans without making any efforts to make it effective. Social optimisation involves putting more energy to create, build, and maximise your strategy in social media to achieve increased connection with your target audience. Social media optimisation enables you to get leads, engage with your audience, have more online visibility and promote your brand.

Importance of SMO

Both search engine marketing and social media marketing are becoming closer each day. Several years ago, the two strategies were seen as completely different marketing techniques. However, as we progress forwards, people realise how closely they are related. What does that this mean. Even if achieving high engagement in social media will not directly improve your search engine rankings on Google, your business will have a higher level of success by using both social media marketing and search engine optimisation. According to recent research, approximately fifty percent of business companies that have not been successful with search engine optimisation does not use social media marketing either. Regardless, of that, social media marketing has a lot of benefits to your business. Some of the major benefits include;

#1. Improved Brand Recognition

Social media marketing gives you a wide platform to expose your brand and get known by a vast population. Social media gives you a greater opportunity to use valuable content and get higher visibility for your business brand. Your target audience gets to easily see you on social media which makes them potential new customers while existing customers get to know you more by engaging with your multiple contents on social media platforms.

#2. Increased Conversion Rates

A higher conversion rate is one of the great impact of social media on your business. One of the best explanations of the ability to convert online users to customers is companies humanise themselves and interact with users. Online users feel that they are transacting with other people not with a company which brings the high conversion rates. More so, studies reveal that more online followers tend to have more credibility and trust towards companies on social media. This is one of the factors that boost conversion rates.

#3. Promotes Brand Loyalty

According to statistics, customers are more loyal to company brands that interact on social media platforms and channels. You should utilise the opportunity offered by social media in improving your business engagement with target audience. You can use the various marketing strategies available to influence them into becoming loyal to your brand. Customers following a brand on social media are more loyal to the brand.

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#4. Reduced Marketing Cost

Social media marketing requires little significant investment regarding time and money which results in effective results. Research conducted revealed that more than eighty-four percent of marketers put less than six hours of effort per week which is enough to generate huge traffic. This means that appending one hour a day in developing and improving your social media marketing strategies is enough to get increased results. More so, social media platforms have relatively cheap paid advertising. You may increase your advertising budget over time when you have already experienced the impact.

#5. Higher Customer Insights

Social media marketing improves your customer insights by engaging and interacting with them. You will get to know more about their behaviour, what they are interested in, and the needs they want you to address. One of the best grounds for knowing your customer insights is the comments section. Go through the comments and analyse what people think about the different aspects of your business. These customer insights are of great help to help you plan on the effective marketing strategies and improving on the tactics for maximum revenue generation.

#6. Higher Inbound Traffic

Lack of social media marketing means that your traffic is only generated by existing customers who already know about your business or people using keywords that you rank for when searching in the various search engines. Creating a social media profile gives you an added opportunity to generate more traffic. More so, as you build more content on social media platforms, the more you attract new customers and the more you get increased inbound traffic. It also means that you will get more leads and conversions.

Online marketing success requires incorporation of both search engine optimisation and social media optimisation. Though they are not entirely similar, social media marketers have a lot to learn from search engine optimisation. Below are the various ways you can optimise your social media marketing campaign in Singapore.

  1. Optimization Strategy

One of the significant barriers for many Singapore business in social media marketing is lacking a social media strategy. This might be because of the relatively new status of social media. More so, social media is continuously changing. According to research, about twenty-eight percent of business brands relate their lack of getting into social media marketing to lack of strategy. Social media optimisation requires you to have a clearly defined plan, objectives, and goals. The following steps give an outline of a perfect strategy set up.

  • Develop engaging content.
  • Make sure your social media goals help to solve problems.
  • Engage in valuable networks.
  • Use social media to identify new business opportunities.
  • Have maximum customer engagement.
  • Improve, market and track your social media marketing efforts.
  • Hold out the efforts in your whole organisation.

After you have put down your strategy, monitor and make improvements in areas that aren’t doing great. Your social media optimisation strategy should aim at increasing your online presence and getting measurable results.

  1. Optimising Your Profiles

Website optimisation is essential for search engine optimisation. The page contents enable search engines to know what your website is all about. This means that search engines will know the site to recommend to people looking for information according to the relevant content found on your website. Similarly, social media optimisation is critical. Here, you will optimise your social profiles instead of your site. Social media profiles act as a foundation for social media optimisation. It may seem simple to create a business profile, but this is the result of many shortcomings in social media digital marketing.

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Creating A Company Profile

  • Username. The username should be the name of your company. Customers will quickly find your profiles on social media by using your brand name as your username. This makes it a significant factor in developing your social profile.
  • Profile photo. You should use your company logo as your business profile photo. However, for personalities, consultants or freelancers, your headshot can act as an appropriate profile photo
  • Bio. You need to state what your company deals with or does appropriately. For you to build more website traffic, you should include a trackable link to your site within your bio.

The most appropriate thing for you to do is to fill out your profile to make your social business page more appealing. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook give you more room to write about your company.

  1. Optimise Your Posting Schedule

Your social media posting time is of the same value as the post itself. This is because the posting time influences the number of online users who will see your post. There is no point for you to upload a post to promote your business if it isn’t seen by anybody.

Social Media Posting Frequency

Your posting frequency is a significant part of timing your posts on social media. Even if you want your posts seen by the majority of the people, you don’t want to stuff your followers with endless posts on their timelines. According to constant contact research statistics, the optimal posting frequency for Twitter is more than five times a day. For Facebook is about three to ten times per week, two to five times per week on LinkedIn, five to ten times per day on Pinterest and three to ten times per week for Google+. A social media editorial calendar will help your business stay organised.

Best Social Media Posting Time

The appropriate time to post is dependent on the social media site you are using and your target audience. There are some social media tools such as sprout social that makes it easy for you know the best posting time for best engagement on your social media platform. According to global twitter engagement, statistics reveal that there is a gradual rise in the level of engagement from early morning to late nights.

  1. Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research involves spotting specific words, phrases, and topics that your target audience is looking for to develop relevant content for them. One of the abilities of SEO is performing keyword research. Keyword research has the same relevance in social media optimisation. You need to understand the keywords, topics, and hashtags that your target audience uses when searching for content or sharing what interests them. You want to improve your visibility when people are looking for social media content that is relevant to your brand.

  1. Tracking and Improving with Social Media Analytics

There is a variety of social media analytics that you can use to track your efforts of social media optimisation. Google analytics is one of the tools that you can use through UTM codes. You can be able to monitor your website traffic that comes from social media to a particular campaign or channel through shortened URL’s and UTM codes. You should use the data generated reports from social media analytics tools to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. Some of these social media marketing tools include social listening and insights, performance reporting suite and advanced analytics & listening. They will help to give you insights on the applause, conversation rate, amplification and economic value regarding return on investment.

  1. Content Optimisation

Content is super powerful regarding social media optimisation. People in social media are more interested in consuming quality, relevant and valuable content. You must share quality content for you to be successful in social media marketing. Social media includes curated and original content. Curated content is the one that is vastly shared around the internet. You should share the curated content that is relevant and valuable to your audience to higher optimisation. For the best results, you need to incorporate both contents to optimise your marketing strategy.

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Testing Headlines

You should not use the same headlines for your social media posts. Ensure that you use different headlines in your Facebook and Twitter posts as some will be more effective than others. More so, your social media audience does not want to see the same headline from your posts several times. Using different headlines makes your content fresh on the user’s newsfeed.

Use of Images

Research conducted showed that images provide the best technique for social media content optimisation. Ensure that you upload high quality and well-sized photos on your social media platforms. Another optimisation strategy that you can use is featuring a unique image in all your blog posts. This will serve as your brand image in social media and will be contained in all your shared images.

Length of The Post

It is important to note that the length of your post matters a lot. For example, Twitter provides a maximum of two hundred and eighty characters per tweet. You don’t have to use all these characters. You should know the perfect status update length for your audience to promote more engagement.


Hashtags have become essential in boosting social media optimisation. Hashtags have been incorporated in top social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hashtags are entertaining and help to promote social media post categorisation. This makes it easy for audiences to search trending topics. By having a social media post with a hashtag, it becomes easy for people to find your content and extends your reach to people who are not your followers. Hashtag strategies include creating your hashtags, monitoring what your industry hashtag influencers are using or searching and relating trending hashtags to your industry.


Social media optimisation improves your marketing strategies with time. It will give you better insights into your approach of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others where a huge Singapore audience is found. Use the above-stated ways to optimise your social media marketing campaign in Singapore effectively.

About the Author

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Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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