How To Minimise Online Shopping Checkout Cart Abandonment

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The ultimate goal of your site is to have paying customers. However, statistics indicate that more than half the visitors, who begin a checkout process on your site, fail to complete their purchase. This is no doubt a disappointing fact as it derails your business growth. As a business owner, you should try to identify the elements that contribute to cart abandonment, such as:

  • Technical bugs on the site
  • Casual window shoppers
  • User experience limitations
  • Pitfalls of the check-out process

Research shows that in most cases, cart abandonment is caused by a poorly designed checkout process.

The key to reducing cart abandonment is to first identify the pitfalls for the problem. Professional digital marketers in Singapore can also eliminate some common pitfalls that lead to cart abandonment such as:

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Trust Issues

If your customers do not have enough trust in your brand, they will not purchase from you. Customers want to be associated with a well-established and solid brand. You can effectively create trust by building a solid social proof as well as including testimonials on your site.

Additional Costs

Customers who begin the checking out process usually have a strong intention to purchase. In most cases, customers will have a price point that they are willing to reach. As such, they will only begin a checkout process if the pricing is within their budget. To avoid blindsiding your customers with additional costs such as shipping, indicate the total amount upfront. Customers who will proceed with the purchase will likely complete, as they will be no surprise-hidden charges.


As a businessperson, you want to show your customers that you value their time. You can demonstrate this by ensuring that your checkout process takes up as little time as possible. Try to eliminate elements that contribute to a long checkout process such as

  • Slow site
  • Poor design
  • Technical glitches
  • Poor interface
  • Complex navigation process

Many customers note that a websites speed determines their purchase decision. Therefore, you want to ensure that your site is as fast and efficient as possible.

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Lack of Motivation

You want your site to inspire customers to take quick action by making a purchase. You can do this by letting them know that an item will be available for a limited time only. You can also offer attractive rates for the first few customers. Finally, use phrases and language that depict urgency such as ‘Now’, ‘Immediately’, ‘Instantly’ and ‘Today’.

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Sufficient Information

Your site should have all the necessary information that the customer will need to make an informed decision. If a customer is uncertain on a particular issue, they are likely to abandon the purchase.

A Data-Driven Approach to Reduce Cart Abandonment

To reduce incidences of cart abandonment, you must identify the main reason that prevents your customers from completing the purchase process. Google Analytics is an effective tool that can help you track your visitors’ actions on your site. A Singapore SEO Agency can also use Google analytics or any other efficient tool to monitors the visitors’ actions.

The first step is to create a conversion goal that will track action on your web page. You should then set up a template with a new goal that will track the purchasing process of a customer online. The goal set up should show the entire process from selection, payment to the actual checking out.

You can then set up a destination page where customers can be directed to making a successful page. The destination page could be a thank you page, which will show you a clear number of the successful purchases made. You should also have a list of the steps taken by a customer to complete a purchase together with corresponding URLs. This will help you monitor the exact movement and action of your online visitors.

Ultimate Solution to Recovering Abandoned Carts

According to statistics, only 3 out of ten online shoppers actually complete the checkout process. As a businessperson, some of your customers’ actions are out of your control; however, you can find creative ways to persuade customers to complete a purchase. Marketers including Singapore digital marketers can look for creative and persuasive ways to reach out to their potential customers.

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If you have a high number of abandoned carts, you can opt to send an email to the customers as a friendly reminder of their incomplete purchase process. You can include attractive incentives and offers that will capture the customers’ attention.

Cart abandonment issues can drastically derail the growth of your business. Therefore, you should strive to monitor your prospects’ actions online and ensure they go through with the purchase. In most cases, customers maybe come distracted while in the process of making a purchase; therefore do not be afraid to send them a friendly nudge.

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