Online Marketing Solutions For Singapore SMEs

Online Marketing Solutions For Singapore SMEs

Investing in online marketing solutions contributes significantly to the success of a business. Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs and SMEs ignore it, as it is not their specialty.

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The truth is, online marketing is a lot more complicated than it was a few years ago. Search engines such as Google are continually updating their ranking algorithms. Social networking sites are evolving into essential marketing platforms. Also, PPC advertising platforms are introducing new features at an incredible rate.

Although it seems confusing, you can hack online marketing if you have the right tools, accompanied by proper setup and transparent organization.

That said, here are the key online marketing solutions that can steer your SME to the next level.

Content Marketing

If you want to take your SME to a higher level, ensure that you provide valuable content to your clients. Quality content will also get you more new customers, as well as help your business to gain trust and authority in your area of specialization.

The main techniques of content marketing used in Singapore include blog posts, videos, brochures, and newsletters, and so on. Such tools enable you to create a strong relationship with your clientele and reach a bigger audience, which results in increased sales.

This strategy is only useful if it is aligned with the objectives of your business. Therefore, you take time to learn about the nitty-gritty of this tactic before implementing it as part of your online marketing strategy. Luckily, online marketing courses are abundant in Singapore. 

Social Media Marketing

The majority of Singaporean SMEs (and big companies) have limited their social media campaigns to the three ‘big’ social networks – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As of now, several new social media networks have entered the scene, and they are equally as effective as the three mentioned above when it comes to marketing. Indeed, some of them are even better at marketing specific products and services.

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These include platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, which are gaining traction among millennial Singaporeans and have a rich set of features that make them viable digital marketing solutions. Instagram is particularly useful for those who want to leverage influencer marketing as part of their e-marketing solutions. The government of Singapore has in the past paid local Instagram influencers to promote its budget, further showing the effectiveness of this social media app.  Tumblr and Pinterest are best-suited for businesses whose digital marketing strategy is heavily centred on compelling visuals, images, and infographics. 

The reach to target audiences declined massively following the changes made on Facebook’s News Feed last year.  Businesses have had to pay for visibility. This trend is expected to persist this year, meaning that marketers have to come up with relevant content that can be promoted prudently. 

Another social media trend that SMEs in Singapore have to keep an eye on is video marketing. Many businesses worldwide now consider video as an integral element of their internet marketing solutions. The recent launch of Instagram TV (IGTV) and Facebook Watch, coupled up with YouTube’s enormous popularity, are important pointers that more brands are taking advantage of video marketing on social media.

Similar to other online marketing solutions, social media marketing undergoes constant evolution. What doesn’t change, however, is the need to create individualized messages for specific audiences, and using great content to promote engagement.

Mobile Optimization

More businesses are now optimizing their online platforms.  This is understandable, as the majority of Singaporeans use their mobile devices to access the internet. The two main forms of mobile optimization are creating a responsive website and developing a mobile app, and both are hugely effective.

Another advantage of optimizing your digital platforms for mobile is its positive impact on your search engine ranking.  Google has in the past declared that mobile-friendly sites would be relevant for organic search results. Besides, the popular search engine also launched Mobile Usability – a new feature in the Webmaster Tools that is now one of the top factors affecting search engine ranking.

The number of businesses incorporating mobile optimization into their marketing solutions will only increase. This includes building responsive sites, creating unique content targeting mobile users, and perhaps the game-changer, investing in mobile ads. To surmise, the mobile market has an enormous potential that any business would find hard to overlook.

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Search Engine Optimization

Whenever someone talks about online marketing solutions, most people think of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a proven method of getting traffic to your website. While more traffic doesn’t guarantee increased sales, it is certainly a good starting point.

SEO appears intricate, but its basics are simple, even for a beginner running an SME in Singapore.

The first aspect of implementing SEO is keyword research. You have to know what your target audience is searching before you can optimize your content for that search. This is where research comes into play, as it helps you identify popular search queries and topics.

After keyword optimization, you move on to on-page optimization. On-page SEO encompasses optimizing your webpage content and HTML elements.

The next step is to optimize your off-page attributes for SEO. Off-page SEO is an excellent way of improving your search engine ranking through strategies that are implemented on other websites (not yours). In Singapore, off-page is mainly conducted through link building and sharing to social media. You can add some spice to your off-page SEO by building citations.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The primary objective of implementing marketing solutions is to get more conversions for your business.  The basis of employing tactics to boost conversion rate is what’s known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). SEO gets traffic to your site, while CRO converts them into clients.

CRO primarily involves two aspects; user interface and experience (UI/UX), and copywriting. The design elements make it easier for the user to navigate your site, while the copywriting conveys the marketing message to your site’s visitors. If both are well-crafted and compelling, you should be confident of a substantial increase in your conversion rates.

To get started with SEO, take a look at your web design from a visitor’s perspective. If your site looks like one from the early 2000s, you will struggle to generate any conversions. Your website should have a modern outlook, user reviews and opinions, contact information, and social proof.

The focus shifts to headline optimization once the design includes all of the elements mentioned above. A great way of creating a headline is following the pattern used by your close competitors.

You might implement a great SEO strategy, and all other CRO tactics, but it all comes down to one important aspect – your call-to-action statement. Your CTA tells a visitor to perform a particular action, and why they should take it. It should be short and precise, and most importantly, use strong language.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing establishes a direct communication channel between your business and its clients, making it a standout digital marketing strategy. Starting is probably the hardest stage of email marketing, as you have to figure out how to acquire email addresses without spamming. 

The easiest way to get the email addresses of your potential customers is by using lead magnets. This involves offering a valuable item in exchange for an email address. For instance, you can provide visitors with a free subscription to an online newsletter in return for their email addresses.

Once you have the required addresses, your next objective should be nurturing the lead into a sale, as well as building brand awareness and authority. The best way of achieving this goal is by segmenting your email lists,  allowing you to send targeted and personalized messages to each client. 

The last aspect of email marketing is automation. This not only saves your time, but also allows you to send different messages based on the recipients’ activities – opened emails, clicked links, and websites visited, and so on.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Every business strives to offer the best possible experience for its customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to all strategies, activities, and technologies that companies use to manage the interactions and engagements of both their potential and existing customers. In return, businesses benefit from keeping close touch with clients, streamlined processes, and increased profitability.

In most cases, Singapore businesses use specialized software to implement CRM. This software quickly collects data from customers regarding their preferences, feedback, and other engagements with the company. This information helps the business owner to develop products and services that are likelier to appeal to the customer. Another method of implementing CRM is creating a customer service team that promptly responds to the queries. 


While this list is not comprehensive, it certainly touches on the most effective online marketing solutions for Singapore-based SMEs. If you execute these strategies correctly, your business will improve substantially.

It is worth noting that online marketing is continuously evolving. You can’t tell if a strategy that is currently effective will have the same impact in the future. The best way to stay in the game is by familiarising yourself with the latest trends in the digital marketing world.

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