What Percentage Of People Bother To Click On Online Ads?

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Enterprises use online ads to get website traffic. Also known as digital advertising, this marketing strategy helps organizations to define their markets. It is a way of promoting product information quickly and without the limits on geographical boundaries.

Online advertising includes online classified ads, contextual ads, social networking ads, banner ads, affiliate links, search engine results pages, spyware and pop-ups, among others. Online ads often drive purchases only:

  • When messages are exposed to audiences (cost per thousand)
  • When ads are clicked (cost per click) and
  • When a purchase has been made (cost per action)

Currently, interactive advertising has brought about new challenges to online advertisers, making it difficult to have their ads clicked.

What are the Advantages of Online Advertising

Online advertising helps firms to showcase their ads to potential customers. It also aids in filtering out those visitors who are not interested in their services or products. With online ads, you can monitor your ads to know who clicked them. They allow you to reach vast audiences through multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.

You Can Target Your Ads

Ad targeting gives you the power to make your ads available to people with particular interests. These are people who show interest in your services and products. You can direct the relevant ads to such people.

The online ad strategies which can help you target your marketing campaigns include:

Keyword Use

Using phrases or words relevant to your services or products can help you show your ads when internet visitors search from related websites or shop for the items online.

Ad Location

You can show your ads on websites which are part of search engines like Google results pages and other display networks.

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Language, Location and Age

You can choose your target your customer’s language, their geographic location and their age with relevant ads.

The Frequency, Days and Times

You can also showcase your ads as much often as you want on certain days or hours of the week. Only you can determine how and when.

Multiple Devices

You have the freedom to configure your ads to appear seamlessly on all types of devices, and you can fine-tune your selected devices and when the ads will be displayed.

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Ease of Monitoring and Improving Ad Campaigns

Ads help you to monitor and manage your campaigns. Search engines like Google offer advertisers the tools to monitor and manage campaigns seamlessly. If you have multiple accounts for ads, the tool provided by Google (My Client Center) allows you to view all your accounts and manage them from one location.

Google also offers an offline account manager – Google Ads Editor – which you can download on your desktop and make any changes to your account while offline. With this tool, you can download the account information, edit your campaigns and later upload the changes to Google Ads. You can also perform these changes on your multiple accounts.

Ads Help You to Measure Your Success

When people click on your ads, analytics tool will record that and generate a report. For example, if they added value to your business by downloading your app, calling to order or purchasing your product after clicking your ad, you could also track their activity and measure your ad success.

By tracking your online ads with the most clicks and those with less, you can identify your areas of improvement in your campaign efforts and eventually increase your return on investment.

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Through your statistics, you can also get additional information such as your advertising costs, your customers’ shopping behaviour, and how much time they spend researching your products before making a purchasing decision.

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Ads Can Help You Control Your Costs

Did you know that you can track your ads and control how much you spend on them? There is no minimum amount you can spend on your ads, and you can choose the much you want to spend on each ad every day or month. You only pay for ads when people click on them.

The Role of Multimedia Ads

The popularity of rich media (audio, video and animations) has grown according to a report from gemiusAdmonitor. Advertisers are leaning towards multimedia advertising, using video or audio ads for effective for online campaigns.

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Rich media ads help to increase the number of ad clicks, and their click-through rate is high when used on banners.

What Percentage of People Click on Ads

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Clicking on an ad depends on the type of device you are using and the demographics. Both desktop and mobile device searches offer different ad experiences to their users.

People do click on ads but at varying percentages. The current statistics show that less than 10% of internet visitors click on paid ads. About 94% of the search traffic is observed on organic search results compared to the paid ads.

Why do People Click on Ads?

The need for ease, relevancy and trust makes people click on ads. They want to feel safe or secure and free from loss. Therefore when you make your click tasks and options simple, they get motivated to stay on your website and accomplish their objective. Banner ads, for example, when done well, will look clickable, establish relevancy, and build trust in the web visitors.

Which Ads Get the Most Clicks?

Organic searches are perceived to get more clicks than the paid searches. Keyword searches that have high commercial intent have more worth compared to informational keyword searches.

Research found out that keywords with commercial intent and paid search advertising can receive more clicks than organic search listings if done correctly. Organic searches are only perceived to surpass the paid searches because the users have no purchase intent.


People can click online ads if they are designed correctly. Advertisers can use the paid ad strategies to supplement organic plans through content and SEO marketing in order to establish an online powerhouse.

Paid ads may not achieve the same amount of traffic that organic results generate, but they are most effective in branding, lead generation, targeting, remarketing, and for new keyword testing strategies.

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