Online Ad Formats You Know As A Singapore Digital Marketer

Singapore businesses have a variety of options when it comes to their PPC marketing.

While online ads are a regular part of the web, it can still be a little confusing to remember the scope of each. We have compiled a list of Online Ad Formats . We also explain the purpose of each.

Google Search Ads

Google search ads are those that show up on the SERPs. They’re pay-per-click ads, also referred to as PPC. This means that each time someone clicks on the ad, the advertisers pay a certain amount. Google’s PPC ads are managed by it’s AdWords platform, which gives Singapore businesses the ability to bid on certain keywords, craft their ad copy, set specific budgets, and much more. You must have a Google Adwords Account to product Google Search Ads.

AdWords Ads

Another type of ad that you can create with your Google’s Adwords Account is an Adwords Ad. In fact, this type of ad works just like Google search ads.

As discussed earlier, the cost of PPC ads, or pay-per-click, is determined by the number of clicks the ad receives. Both Bing Ads and AdWords use this model.

Bing Ads

Just as is the case with Google Ads, Bing ads work on a pay-per-click basis. Singapore marketers are able to manage their ads through Bing’s ad service, which was formerly called Microsoft adCenter. All you need is a Bing Ads Account to get started.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are offered in several forms. Each has its own pros and cons. For instance, marketplace ads show up in the side columns of the site with a headline, text, and an image. Promoted Posts allow Singapore advertisers to pay a flat rate fee in order to promote their post. Promoted posts are capable of reaching more people. Sponsored Stories appear in a user’s newsfeed and shows the user’s interaction with the marketer’s page or product to the person’s network. Facebook Exchange, also known as FBX, help Singapore business owners with remarketing. They consider the user’s web surfing history, making it easier for advertisers to show ads to the most relevant audiences.

Twitter Ads

If you want to extend your reach, promote a certain hashtag, or gain more followers on Twitter, then you can use Twitter ads.  of ads are usually found on news-based sites, blogs, as well as specialised communities. There are many websites who broker their ad space with platforms like Google’s Display Network, or businesses can purchase their ad space as they would an ad in the newspaper.

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are contextual banner ads that are apart of Google Display Network. This  Network includes a variety of different Google properties such as Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, and many more–all of which agree to display ads on their site. Google Display ads may be images, text, and video based. This type of ad requires the use of Google AdWords.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are those that take the user’s account and past web history into consideration. When users visit a certain site, retarThese paid, promoted tweets give you the ability to reach more users’ home feeds and give you access to a ton of targeting options. You may also promote your account, which means that you will often show up in the platform’s Who to Follow feature.

Tumblr Ads

Tumblr ads are offered in several different formats. For example, Radar and Spotlight ensure that you are featured in Tumblr’s unique accounts and content section. This platform also offers sponsored web post ads. These particular ads appear in the users’ dashboard feed. You need to become a sponsor in order to post ads on Tumblr.

Banner Ads

If you’re interested in serving image based advertisements, then try banner ads. They appear at the bottom, side, or top of websites. And in terms of size, function, and design, there are a lot of options to choose from. Campaign cookies are attached to them and these cookies records the types of pages and products the user browses. Even after the user leaves the site, they are shown ads that promote the products that they had browsed–meaning that they are heavily targeted. Retargeting ads usually outperform the average banner ads because they tend to get higher conversions and click-through rates.

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Flash Ads

If you’re interested in serving an ad that is interactive and gets users attention, then you could always use a flash ad. These are banner ads that make use of Flash design. However, it’s worth noting that these ads have declined in popularity over the years.

Reddit Ads

Reddit ads feature a headline title, URL, and a photo. Singapore business owners can set their own budgets and bid on these ads. They can also decide how long they would like to run the ad. The benefit of running Reddit ads is that they offer great targeting options and they feature low cost-per-impressions.

Another element that distinguishes them from the others is the fact that users can comment on your ad. They can also upvote or downvote it. This can be an excellent source of feedback for Singapore marketers.

Reddit is made up of a young, tech-savvy audience. Its users are primarily males. So it’s important that you take the audience into consideration. It’s also important that you avoid blatant marketing as Redditors tend to dislike it. However, if done well, your ad could lead to lots of traffic.

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads appear on tablets,  smartphones, and other mobile devices. Most social media platforms, apps, and sites offer special mobile ad options. Enhanced Campaigns is a great way to kick off your mobile campaign on Google AdWords.


In-Game Ads

In-Game ads are shown in video or computer games. For instance, sports games tend to feature a lot of in-game advertising. The products are usually brand name items such as cars, guns, or clothing.


AdMob Ads

AdMob Ads show up in mobile apps. Google allows app creators to earn revenue from free games by selling ad space, and allowing marketers to get ad spots in popular mobile apps and games. AdMob ads show up as mobile-optimised text ads, banner ads that are image-based, and sometimes even interstitials ads.

Email Ads

Email ads are those that are sent to users through email. They usually notify subscribers of discounts, special promotions, and new features. Most feature large images and very little text as users usually won’t take very long to read it.  The message is simple, concise, and compelling. And the headline is one that is meant to immediately get the subscriber’s attention. However, businesses must observe certain guidelines as laid out by the CAN-SPAM Act in 2003. If they spam users, they could risk paying a $16,000 penalty per violation.


Gmail Ads
Gmail ads are contextual ads generated by a process that is automated. The user’s email is scanned in order to discover the topics that interest them and are the most relevant. This means that id the person is writing and receiving a lot of emails about their car battery, the user may see ads about car batteries within their Gmail client.  Though privacy advocates are concerned about this technique, it’s worth noting that this information is only seen by bots.

Video Ads

As technology advances and internet speed increases, videos are becoming more and more popular. Successful video ads tend to avoid blatant advertising and instead rely on an educational approach, such as a how-to video. This type of discreet video ad has a better chance of appealing to the user. Humorous videos also perform well.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads appear on Youtube. Since Google officially took ownership of YouTube, advertising on this platform has become extremely easy. In fact, ads are as easy to customise as they would be on AdWords. These types of ads offer a significant amount of targeting options as well as several formats to choose from. They can show up as banner ads, overlay ads, in-stream ads, and much more.

Pinterest Ads

Singapore marketers can promote their product by creating a Pinterest ad. This can be done by adding a dollar sign before the amount to your description. This lets Pinterest know that this particular item is for sale. You can also link the pinned item to your official product page so that you can attract traffic to it.

Some marketers choose to host contests on Pinterest. This may not end in direct sales, but it’s a good way to get people’s attention, encourage engagement, and give your traffic a boost. Just remember that creating a Pinterest ad takes a considerable amount of time to ensure that it is visually pleasing. Also, this form of advertising is best for B2C tangible products.

Instagram Ads

Instagram allows you to promote your posts, target an exact audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviours. You can also create images that can be shared alongside content that is user-crafted.

Other Advertising Forms

In this article, we have focused our attention on online SEM marketing. However, it’s work mentioning a few offline methods as well. Take a look:


TV Ads
TV ads can be quite costly, but they are still pretty effective. This is a form of outbound marketing, which is also referred to as interruption marketing. Tv advertising interrupts the viewers in order to get their attention. To make these ads feel less intrusive, advertisers to ensure that their ads appeal to the viewer’s emotions. This also helps to make the ad memorable.

Newspaper Ads
While many consider the newspaper to be a thing of the past, it can still be a valuable part of advertising. This is especially the case if you are interested in targeting audiences who are rarely offline. News ads help to build awareness, however, it can be next to impossible to track the performance of newspaper ads. Online ads offer more insight.

Radio Ads

Radio ads are much like TV and newspaper ads in that they are considered to be outbound marketing. It leads to an interruption for the audience. Radio ads can also be next to impossible to measure and track.

Urban Advertising

Urban advertising exists in areas that are densely populated. Urban advertising normally uses shock or awe to get the attention of the viewers. This is one of the most unconventional forms of advertising.



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