On-Page SEO Services: Before You Hire, Make Sure They Know To Do These Things

The best Singapore SEO companies are familiar with the most important on-page elements.

When it comes to internet marketing, there is hardly anything more important than search engine optimization, or On-page SEO services.  This is a process that is geared towards your generating organic or natural website traffic. For one-page SEO services, before hiring make sure they know about these things. Why is organic traffic so important? Well, research shows that over 60% of website traffic comes from organic search.


On-page SEO is a crucial part of your SEO ranking. And luckily, these are the elements over which you have the most control. If you are interested in hiring an SEO agency to help with your on-page SEO, then there are a few things that they need to be very familiar with. So before hiring someone, make sure that these 10 things are on the top of their to-do list.


1. Meta Titles


Before you hire an expert, you need to make sure that they know the importance of meta titles. According to Moz, meta title tags are considered to be the most important element when it comes to on-page SEO. This clickable element directs your targeted audiences to your site or landing page.  In less than 55 characters, you can tell both the users and search engine how relevant your website is to a specific topic. And this can have a huge effect on your rankings.


2. Meta Descriptions


Before hiring an on-page SEO service, you need to make sure that they know the importance of meta descriptions. Though Google has previously stated that meta descriptions don’t really have an impact on your search rankings, it can still affect your overall SEO efforts. Great meta descriptions can encourage your targeted visitors to click your links which means that it can help to increase your click through rates (CTR). Without optimised meta descriptions, search engines will pull text from the content which is not always the first words that you want your audience to see.


3. Schema Mark-Up Tags


If you want to make sure that your SEO company is knowledgeable, then ask them about schema mark-up tags. The best companies understand that search has evolved from the traditional search algorithm to one that is based on semantic search. There is now a deeper need for matching content that is relevant and high quality to the exact user who searches for it.  What this means is that search engines must match your content with user intent. Since search engines are not able to “read” content in the way that humans beings do, they rely on microdata which is referred to as schema mark-ups. This helps them to better interpret your content.

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Whether you are attempting to mark-up a video content in your site of the phone number entries in your Contact page, there is a corresponding schema that can go along with it. You can find them on Schema.org . When you properly integrate schema into your code, it’s much easier for search engines to find the content and make positive matches.


4. Open Graph Tags


As you can see, semantic search is very important. This is why the best companies will take social signals very seriously. Their goal is to make sure that you website and social media networks speak the same language and are consistent with each other. This ensures that your content and links are shareable, that you have as much engagement as possible and that you give your conversion rates a boost. Most will recommend that you integrate Open Graph tags into your site pages’ code. This way, you can control what content shows up when your page is shared on Facebook

5. Twitter Cards


Just as is the case with Open Graph and Facebook, Twitter has developed a system that allows you to control what content shows up when your page is shared on this platform. This tool is called Twitter Cards. With Twitter cards, you can extend your information-giving capability beyond 140-characters with the help of a “View Summary” button that is just below the tweet. This is another tool that the ideal company will be familiar with.


6. Sitemap


Your Singapore SEO company should also encourage you to use a sitemap. This offers a virtual map of your site and it gives the search engines a list of all of the links on your website. They may be static or dynamic. Many companies will recommend that you generate the map with the use plugins, modules, and extensions. They will also recommend that you submit the map daily or weekly so that it is constantly reindexed.


7. H Tags


Another element that on-page SEO service providers are very familiar with is the H Tag. This is better known as the Heading Tag. Heading tags help search engines to determine what your content is all about. In this way, they can properly match it to the users’ search queries.  If you happen to have large amounts of content or your post articles that are longer than 1500 then it’s best to use them as subdividers between each section.

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Your SEO company should advise that there only be one H1 tag for each web page. The H1 tag may also be the main title tag. They will recommend that your embed your most important keywords strategically into your Header tags as this helps to make it more compelling for targeted audiences and the  search engine crawlers.

8. Speed


The ideal Singapore SEO company should specifically focus on the speed of your website. They understand that not only can the speed of your website have an effect on your search ranking results but also on your conversion rates. If your website is too slow, then it can ruin the entire user experience. Experts will recommend that you compress your images, host your images separately, compress and minimise your code and much more.


9. Image ALT tags


Before you hire an on-page SEO service, make sure that they are familiar with alt tags for your images. Search engines are not able to “view” images in the way that human being do. However, they do rely on Image ALT Tags. These tags can help them to properly index your images and return the most relevant results in the image search queries.


10. Duplicate Content


It’s essential that your Singapore SEO company understand the concept of duplicate content. This is one of the more important elements for on-page SEO. So you need to make sure to check your content regularly. When you fail to check for duplicate content, it could possibly result in penalisation or blacklisting. The best SEO services will recommend that you use tools like Google’s Webmaster Tools as well as other third-party applications to make sure that your website is free of duplicate content.



On-page SEO is one of the first things that come to mind when people mention search engine optimisation. Though there are other parts to SEO, such as off-page and technical, on-page SEO gives you a great deal of control. But if you are interested in hiring professionals to help you with this process, then it’s important that you investigate their knowledge base. If they are familiar with and understand the above concepts, then there is a good chance that they will provide excellent service.


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