9 Secrets to Getting More Engagement Using SEO Clickbait Titles

on page SEO in Singapore

The headline on a blog post works as a hook to pique the readers’ interest and should be part of your on page SEO in Singapore. For this reason, you need to optimise your headings since they will dictate if your audience reads your content or not.

on page SEO in Singapore

Some experts believe that you should use SEO friendly headlines, while others say that they should be melodramatic to catch the reader’s attention. However, as an SEO professional in Singapore, you do not have to pick a side by optimising your headlines to serve both purposes as part of your SEO strategy in Singapore.

Clickbait Headlines vs. SEO Headlines for On Page SEO in Singapore

SEO headlines are optimised for search engines, and they include keywords people use in their search queries. Google and other search engines will pick the SEO headline that is most relevant to the searcher’s questions. For this reason, many content creators are intent on adding SEO headlines into their SEO campaign in Singapore.

However, stuffing your headlines with keywords gives them a robotic feel. While your headline may rank high on the search results page, they will not be engaging enough to attract readers.

Clickbait headlines, on the other hand, aim to attract readers by including an interesting statistic or shocking revelation. However, clickbait headlines have a bad reputation for being sensational and manipulative and while they are compelling, they can be misleading.

However, since the clickbait headlines create mystery with an element of shock value, readers are quick to click on the links. For example, websites such as Upworthy and BuzzFeed use clickbait headlines as part of their SEO plan in Singapore, and they pull millions of readers to their sites.

Clickbait headlines make the content shareworthy since they trigger an emotional response or reaction from the reader. However, you need to be careful not to go over your head, since this might create a bad reputation for your brand.

With that said, if you want a proper combination of engagement and quality, you should use a combination of clickbait, and SEO headlines as part of your on page SEO in Singapore.

How to Create Good SEO Clickbait Headlines

The purpose of creating SEO clickbait headlines is all about getting into the reader’s mind. All it takes is to research and know what the reader wants and then present your content in a way that interests them.

Here are a few strategies you can use to come up with catchy SEO clickbait headlines for your SEO campaign in Singapore

Use Keywords

Keywords are a crucial part of writing catchy SEO clickbait headlines, but you should undertake keyword research to know the best fit for your niche. With a keyword in place, you need to run a Google search for the term and pay attention to the results.

For better ranking, it is advisable to add the keyword at the beginning of the headline. However, it is difficult to know a searcher’s exact keywords. For example, if a searcher is looking for the keyword “Singapore digital marketer” it is not possible to use the exact keyword in your title since it is not grammatically correct.

In such a scenario, you can use a phrase such as digital marketer in Singapore since the context is the same. Google will also identify the keyword and rank you accordingly on the results page according to the keywords in your SEO plan in Singapore.

Create Hype

Clickbait headlines use words that will instantly hook a reader’s attention. These are words like ‘shocking,’ ‘amusing,’ or ‘unbelievable.’ This creates a sensation that the content will stun the readers.

However, it is a big promise, and you should deliver on the promises of your SEO strategy in Singapore. If you fail to meet the expectation, you will only looser your audience.

Use Power Words

Power words add a punch to your headlines by breathing life into dull headlines. Examples of power words include

  • New or Secret – Use them when you want to add exclusivity to your content, for example, “10 New Ways To Celebrate Your Lover In 2019.”
  • Never or Always – Use them when you are certain of the facts, and you want to create a dramatic effect. For example, “Quit Smoking: Cigarettes Have Never Done Any Good for You.”

Leverage on Popular Trends

Adding a pop culture reference to your SEO clickbait headlines makes them more relatable. Trending topics will help you rank higher, and adding song or movie references is the easiest and best way to rank higher and increase organic traffic.

All you need is a bit of creativity to link your blog topic to popular catchphrases. Most importantly, it should not feel forced. Besides this, using trending phrases gives your content a youthful and fun edge.

Incorporate Data

SEO professionals in Singapore agree that you should show your audience what a concept is about rather than telling them what it is. For example, headlines such as “How I Earn Money from My Blog” or “How to make money from blogging” are not interesting or attention grabbing.

However, if you present the same headlines, but with numbers included, the blog instantly gets an aura of mystery. The numbers will add a sense of value, and the readers can know what to expect from your article.

Use a Listicle

Listicles have been shown to work since they get the people’s attention and they work well for yourSEO campaign in Singapore. The best thing about them is that you can use the list format to present any type of content. Besides this, it is very easy to come up with listicle headlines.

Listicles are also very easy to consume, especially with the greatly reduced attention span plaguing internet users in the modern era. A listicle will make it easy to scan.

Add a Personal Touch

The use of second-person, ‘you,’ and ‘your’ is a great way of building a personal rapport with your audience. For starters, it makes them feel like you are having an intimate conversation with them.

However, you can take it a notch higher and use the first-person in the SEO clickbait headlines. This will give the reader a stake in the life of the SEO professional in Singapore, which makes them feel connected to you.

Start a Debate

The ultimate way to drive engagement is by stirring up controversy with a strong opinion on your headline. Controversial content has a high potential of going viral since the discussions can crossover to social media platforms.

A sure way to start a debate is to make your headlines silly, outrageous, or make it into a riddle. It will translate into clicks for sure. However, this strategy can backfire if not used with caution as part of your SEO strategy in Singapore.

Use Headline Analysers

A simple search on Google will return a huge pile of headline analysers that analyse and tell you how effective your headlines are. For example, you can use a tool such as CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser to see if you have anything missing from your headlines.

Such a tool will return a score based on your use of common, uncommon, and emotive power words. It will also analyse factors such as keywords and headline length.


There is no need to pick a side when writing your headlines. You can always combine SEO and clickbait headlines and kill two birds with one stone. With the tips above, you will be master hybrid headlines in no time and thus enhance your on page SEO in Singapore.

Contact us today for professional digital marketing services in Singapore. Our team will help you create captivating headlines that will boost your search rankings as well as drive engagement.

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