Nowadays, Google Searches Correspond to Your Geo-Location To Determine SERPs 

Google Searches

Google is working smart to improve its search algorithms to offer the most accurate search results to users. In the past, the searches would correspond with the domain, but a recent statement by the company has indicated that moving forward searches will correspond to your location. In the statement, Google mentioned that it was in the process of changing how it shows details of the mobile websites original country, desktop Search and Maps, and Google mobile application for smartphones that run on iOS. 

According to the team, one in every five searches that are conducted on this site is location based. The primary aim of this improvement is to make the results that are displayed whenever you conduct a search will be more accurate and in line with your search intent. This update implies that the country of service will no longer be shown by the ccTLD such as Instead, it is the location or rather the country in which one is searching from by default.  

For example, if you currently live in Singapore, by default, you will receive country services for Singapore. Now, if you relocate or travel to Australia, the results will be changed to the country services of Australia automatically. When you go back home, the results will revert.  

Typing in the ccTLD on Google Chrome or any other browser will no longer help you to get the results of the country service you are looking for instead. Instead, you are advised to go to the settings and select the specific country service that you want to appear on SERPs.  

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