New Google Ads Features Helps Digital Marketers Diagnose Campaign Performance

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New Google ads features enable you to get the most out of your campaigns. These features are of great significance in Singapore where there is increased competition in digital marketing over the past few years. The average CPC cost in Google Ads is about $2 on search network. Ads preview and diagnosis tool enable you to view the ads appearing for your keyword. You can be able to preview how the google search result page looks to the users for a particular search term. The tool will also diagnose your ads in case they are not showing to give the causative reason. Using Google Ads preview and diagnostic tool is better than performing an actual search on as it won’t affect your site metrics. This article will look at new Google ads features that help digital marketers diagnose campaign performance.


  1. Ads Preview and Diagnostic Tool for A Particular Audience.


Previously, preview and the diagnostic tool could preview ads by search term and filter by device, language and location. You could not filter by the target users. The new Google Ads preview and the diagnostic tool has an option for you to select the desired audience list on the audience widget. If you are using the targeting in your campaign, it will show you which ads are showing for your specified target customers. If you are using an observation setting, you will see how your site ads will appear lower or above on the google search page. This is according to your target for your specified audience.

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  1. Ads Preview and Diagnostic Tool for Your Ads to Show.


In case your ads are not showing in the preview tool, the diagnostic tool indicates why they are not showing. This new tool enables you to fix the issues within the toll itself directly. It will fix all the problems from adjustments to campaign budgets. This is different from the previous tool in which you had to go through your account to make necessary changes for ads to show in case of a diagnosed issue. If the problem is budget related, you have to click on ‘edit budget ‘, and the budget will change directly from the tool.

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  1. Click-To-Message Ads for Easy Management of Your Messages


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New google ads will feature two improvements to provide more straightforward ways of managing your messages. The first feature is email forwarding. It sends text messages to your email, and you don’t need to provide a phone number to apply the message extension. By responding to the email, it will reply to the customer automatically. The other feature included is an automatic reply which sends a preset message back to your customers immediately they text you. More so, message conversations will be included to help analyse the success of your click to message ads to establish your conversion threshold.


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  1. ‘New Vs Returning’ shoppers Segmentation


It is now possible for online marketers to analyse the number of website visits that come from new or repeated clients. Thanks to the new Google ads feature segment. The new feature is essential in giving idea on how to design your messaging. You can design it to promote product offers to new customers or help in adjusting your digital marketing strategy in helping you to reach your valuable clients. You can maximise your reach to the returning clients in a bid to maximise your sales by increasing your bid and keyword expansion.


  1. New Workflow for The Creation of Goal-Based Campaigns


Before the emergence of new google ads, online marketers would create online business campaigns without specifying their business goal regarding leads conversion and driving sales. The new workflow enables the marketers to set their business goals first. The tool will then give relevant suggestions according to your goals on how you will establish the rest of business digital online campaigns. The suggested campaign types are the most effective in achieving your goal. New workflow tool also gives suggestions on campaign settings including Ads formats, campaign sub-types, bidding focus and website extensions.


  1. Parallel Tracking for Excellent User Experience and Fast Load Times


Research conducted revealed that approximately fifty-three per cent of users will leave a mobile site that takes more than three seconds to load. This shows how much speed is vital for your website. Parallel tracking tool enables the tracking to take place in the background while directly taking the users to your website landing pages. The tool makes your site five seconds faster than the sites with no parallel tracking. You will get the maximum out of AMP landing pages by a near to instant load times. It is keynote to know that parallel tracking will be made mandatory for all third-party Google ads tools for all shopping campaigns and search network. Parallel tracking will provide a great user experience on your landing pages.

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  1. Shoppable Image Ads


Majority of online shoppers confessed that they first search for product images before actually purchasing. The technology is now growing towards looking at lifestyle images in order to get visually inspired to go for its purchase. Shoppable images will enable you to highlight your shopping ads on published curated content from the publisher. By this, the shoppers have the chance to purchase products from your website seamlessly.


  1. New Predefined Landing Page Reports


New landing pages report, and expanded landing pages report are two new predefined reports that will be coming to the report editor. These reports were previously available on the landing page. Now, you can easily chat and manipulate them in the report editor and also add them to the custom dashboard. The landing pages report has additional columns including mobile-friendly click rate, mobile speed score and valid AMP click rate. Additionally, the extended landing pages report contains the URL users reach making a contextual substitution and custom parameters addition. These new predefined landing page reports will enable you to quickly engage with your landing page performance data through multidimensional charts and tables.


In conclusion, new google ads features have come with innovations to help digital marketers diagnose their campaigns by offering the best web experience for their clients. Most of the Singaporeans consumers have a high preference for faster, better and safer digital website experiences. Utilise these features today to rank better on Singapore business websites and promote your company brand.


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