Why you need to adjust your SEO Strategy for the New Voice Search

Contrary to popular belief, voice search has to be in existence for more than a decade now. Since its launch in 2012, many updates to it have been made to make it more efficient in offering the best user experience.

Experts in the provision of SEO services can attest to the fact that significant technology advancements will be introduced in the next couple of years. Therefore, it is high time that you changed your SEO strategy accordingly.

Here are facts on the expected changes to Google Voice Search.

Personalized Results

The new technologies are becoming more personalized and individualized as evident from the latest Google algorithm updates. The new era voice search programs are designed to accurately analyze individual user needs with the help of trained personal digital assistants. In the coming months, you can expect to see more adjustments to offer personal search histories, search preferences, geo-location-based results, and other immediate factors.

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Introduction of More Interface and Display Options

The lack of a user-friendly interface is one of the main challenges facing voice search. A large number of people conduct voice searches on mobile devices that have small screen sizes. New display and interface options will be introduced to resolve this. Different providers will come up with options to suit the diverse audience’s needs.

Improved Filtering and Semantic Recognition

Search engine companies are working hard to come up with advanced voice search algorithms that will be able to accurately detect what the users are saying then interpret and display the ideal results. That is, new algorithms will be able to identify and understand slang terms correctly, local vernacular, and new terms used to search for information.

You can start preparing for this eminent voice search update by;

  • Optimizing your content for long tail keywords
  • Using more conversational language
  • Understand the target customers intent and emotions

Hire a professional SEO company in Singapore to ensure that your site is ranked high on top search engines and continues to generate traffic and revenue.

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