How Much Do Digital Marketing Jobs Pay In Singapore?

digital marketing jobs in singapore and salary base

When a person is looking for a career, digital marketing is a smart choice. There is plenty of career opportunities in the technology field. Product marketing is a great opportunity for those looking to enter the field of technology. Companies large and small are looking for people to market their products on social media, websites, and other forms of online media.

There are plenty of entry-level jobs in digital marketing. Singapore has a high demand for digital marketers and there is plenty of room for advancement. There is such a demand that some companies are even willing to complete on the job training to get people to work for them. They can learn some basic skills on the job and the company that they work for will continue to train them. Anyone with basic computer knowledge and a drive to be successful can find work in the digital marketing field.

most common digital marketing job titles in singapore

Digital Marketing- Product Marketing

Product marketing helps a company make the sales that they want, and a digital marketer can find work in this area. Product marketing will work to identify a market for the people that are most likely to purchase a product or a service. They will look at the new products and the features that it is able to offer customers. The digital marketer will focus on making the new benefits of the products known to customers and the effects it will have. At the same time, they will work to keep their product relevant to existing customers and build up their loyalty to the brand. In addition to having digital marketing skills, a person must understand the need and the behaviour of their customers. They need to point out the best points of the product and they need to know every detail about the product that they are selling. They need to make sure that the marketing operations go as planned and there is consistency between marketing campaigns. In order to work in this area of digital marketing, a person must be creative and they need strong communication skills.

Product Marketing Manager

The manager is in charge of the marketing campaign and they need to have marketing and computer skills as well as important leadership skills. They need to be detailed oriented and they need to be able to meet deadlines. This is in addition to their creative skills.

Director of Product Marketing

This person is in charge of the digital marketing projects and they have the added responsibility to work with stakeholders and those in the top position of the company. They need to have very strong leadership skills and be able to work and lead others under a deal of pressure. They need to have interpersonal skills in addition to strong marketing and computer skills.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating information about a product that is interesting, informative, and relevant to consumers. They have a target audience that they are marketing to and they want to encourage that audience to build a personal relationship with the brand. They aim to get the customers to visit the company’s website to learn more about a product. From the information they learn on the site, the customer should be ready to make a purchase. Content marketers often use blog posts to showcase the features of a product and keep their users engaged. They may also design newsletters, emails, landing pages for websites, and the product descriptions that are appealing to customers. They can also develop other forms of media that will get the attention of the target audience.

Content Marketing Specialist

The content markets need to have creative and design skills as well as an eye for details and for editing. They need to know SEO and the best way to get the attention of the customers. They need to have the marketing skills that are able to make a product appear at the top of the search results when a specific word or keyword is searched in a search engine.

Content Marketing Manager

The manager is in charge of the project and needs to have SEO skills. They need to be able to examine the traffic pattern of customers to a website and where the traffic is coming from. They also need to know how much time a person is spending on a specific webpage. They need to be able to use and interoperate conversion data. This information will tell them how many visitors to the webpage and making a purchase and they are becoming customers. They need to be able to work with a team or writers and computer marketers to design a campaign that is attractive to a target audience. They also need to help their marketers come up with interesting and engaging topics for newsletters and blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Every day, there are millions of people all over the world that use social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the social media sites all over the world that people are using. Even the people of Singapore are involved in heavy users of social media. The social media marketer will look at the social media sites that are used by their customers and develop a brand for the product and the company that they are working for. They will make different campaigns to make the brand appealing to the customers. They will work on making appealing social media posts as well as blog posts. They will help reach a certain audience and they will help a community with customers. This will allow them to reach a large scale of people with a small post.

Social Media Specialist

The social media specialist will be the person that has to develop the social media campaign and they need to make it appealing to customers. They need to showcase the best features of the products that they are selling and give the company a personality on the social media site. In order to work on this, a person has to be able to understand the major social media platforms and stay up to date on all the changes in social media as it related to marketing. They need techniques to be able to reach out to customers and to build a personal relationship between the customer and the brand on a social media site.

Social Media Manager

In addition to having knowledge of the social media sites and how they work the manager has to know Adobe and graphic design programs, so they can help build designs for the social media pages. They need to know how to influence others and what is appealing to customers. They should know how contest operates and use them properly to build up excitement about a product and the company that is offering them. They will oversee the entire social media campaign and track the success rates that each campaign has with the customers.

Social Media Influencer

This person will need to adapt to the changes in social media and the changing needs of consumers. They need to use their marketing skills to find traffic and drive it to social media sites. They need to work with different departments and bring the ideas of the sales team to life on the social media sites. They need to understand how to market to people and how to build up a strong following on a social media site for a company.

Digital Marketing Design Jobs

The design aspect of the digital marketer is to create a visual that is appealing to customers and show the positive features and the appealing aspects of the products. They will make graphics and use design to make a webpage, social media page, and forms of visual digital aids to the company. They will need to know how to create these graphics and have a creative mind so that their visual are appealing to different customers.

Visual Designer

The designer needs to have experience with computer-based design programmes and they need to know and understand web development. They need to be able to tell a story about a brand that it attention-getting. They need to make the visual and the other details of a product appealing and they need to be creative. They also need to be able to make email graphics, website banners, infographics and other forms of visuals that will be able to get the attention of the customers.

Creative Designer

This designer has to be able to think on the spot and they need to have great communications skills are well as presentation skills. They will work with a team to develop a marketing campaign for the product and make it appealing to the general public.

SEO Specialist in Digital Marketing

SEO is the most effective way to bring a customer to a website. SEO will help bring traffic to the website of the company and will help build up brand awareness. This will use work with the search engines and will help content marketing to help people find the sites that are appealing to them. A digital marketer needs to be able to understand SEO and know how to get organic traffic. They need to make their product sites relevant and appealing to the customers that are performing the search.

These are just some of the jobs that are open to those that want to work in the field of digital marketing.

Salary Ranges for a Digital Marketer in Singapore

The salary of a digital marketer in Singapore is a pretty decent salary. A person will be able to have a job where they can make a liveable wage and they will be able to support their family. While the exact pay of each job will vary based on education and experience, there are some general figures for the salary that a person can use to determine if this field is a good match for them. The average annual salary for a digital marketer ranges between $36,000 for entry level designers in SMEs and on the higher end $185,000 for those working as regional heads for MNCs. Average salaries for someone with 3-5 years of experience is approximately $45,000 while those with 8-10 years can command easily $98,000 per annum. While these figures are rough, this is a pretty nice salary range and a person can get this job with some on the job training.

The outlook for Digital Marketers in Singapore

In Singapore, over $306 million dollars each year is spent on digital marketing and digital advertising. This is one of the largest fields in Singapore and is currently expanding. The industry grows by 4 percent each year and there is an ever-increasing demand for those that know and understand digital marketers. Over 80 percent of the businesses in the country need some form of digital advertising. They are looking to increase their presence in the social media market and they need qualified people to market their products or services.

Where to Find Digital Marketing Jobs in Singapore

There are several places where a person that is looking for a digital marketing job can complete their job search in Singapore. A job seeker can turn to the internet and begin their job search. They can go to a job hosting site such as Jobstreet, GlassdoorIndeed, JobsCentral, Monster, and LinkedIn. These sites will have companies that have job posting for digital marketers. All a person has to do is search digital marketer and there will be a number of jobs that appear. A person can then apply to the jobs that they like based on company and job description. A person can even head to a job placement agency such as MichaelPage or Robert Walters. These agencies have companies that have open positions for digital marketers. They will help pair up a person based on their skills and experience with the company that will be the best match.

Digital marketing is a field that is growing in Singapore. There is a high demand for digital marketers. Digital marketers make a nice amount of money and they are paid well in Singapore. Just about every company large or small in Singapore is looking to make their presence known online. When a person enters the field of digital marketing there are endless career opportunities and plenty of room for career growth.

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