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Moz Update is Here – Things to Recheck in Your Site

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Statistics show that the number of digital buyers will reach over 2 billion by the year 2021. Today’s consumer can connect to dozens of mega shops across the world. This is through the cell phone and other mobile devices. On the other side, hundreds of online retailers are competing to increase their sales figure. Now, given the rise in competition, it is becoming necessary for e-commerce business owners to rethink their strategies.

Think of Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and other online retail stores. They have grown from a simple store to reach the global status and today they are making the headlines.

So, what is the growth hack secret? The answer is simple! It is important that you redesign your website. The website needs to match today’s trends to keep attracting customers. Think of your e-commerce website as an invaluable sales tool.

You need to recheck some basic items on your website. In this article, we look at some of the important features you need to consider when redesigning your existing e-commerce website. Without further ado, let us dive right into the important growth hack features for your business website.

Website SEO Score

Search Engine Optimization is gaining greater importance in today’s digital world.  For your online store to keep attracting buyers, it is important you consider SEO. This does not mean that the other traffic growth hacks are irrelevant. Consider that over 90% of online activity begins at the search bar! Avoiding SEO places your website at the worst corner. There are different SEO methods to try.

Some of the SEO tactics to try out include the following:

Find a reputable expert to perform the above for your website and you will see considerable growth in traffic.

Customer Service for Better User Experience

Having optimized your website, you now have increased traffic, you are not done yet. So, what next after prospects are already on your website? Think of the website as the front desk in your office. It is the first interaction point your customers will experience from your business. it is absolutely important that your business serves them with the top class customer service. If the reception is poor, you will definitely experience a high bounce rate. For high conversions, good customer service is the key! So, what are some of the ways you can deliver good user support through your website? Let us have a look at some of the customer service options for your website.

Live chat feature

Through live chat support, your customers can ask questions. You are at a great advantage when you offer real-time answers! Successful eCommerce websites have added the live chat support feature to their website. The live chat not only builds customer confidence, but it also plays a critical role in improving the conversion rates.

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Knowledgebase / FAQ

Another customer support feature that is also useful is the FAQ section on a website. Your customers can quickly refer to the frequently asked questions to find answers that will help them. Therefore, make sure you are creating a database of the commonly asked questions. In addition, you can come up with the “how to…” type of posts on your website. These posts will play an important role in educating customers.

Add the Reviews Section

Online purchases start through a simple online search. What happens when the customers find a positive review? They will add the item to the wish list or quickly buy the item. When it comes to online business, the biggest challenge is making the customers to trust you. It is important for e-commerce business managers to do whatever it takes to gain trust. A positive online review is worth more than running a marketing campaign on social media. When they visit your website, showing testimonials from past clients will definitely count when they are making the final purchase decision. When customers purchase an item from your online store, encourage them to leave a review. This will help to build trust from your prospects.  Consider that buyers trust online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendation. Therefore, it is time you start adding the reviews section to your website.

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Simplify the Checkout Process

Replace the traditional checkout process with a much simpler option. The consumers are just after purchasing and hence an efficient shopping cart design is desirable. Having a too complex checkout procedure will lead to abandoned shopping carts. Here are some of the suggestions to simplify your e-commerce checkout process.

  • Make sure the “Add to Cart” button is visible
  • Offer “Buy Now” option for those searching for a single item
  • Add a Link to the Shopping cart in case they need to review
  • Add more payment options
  • Give the customers an option for “Continue shopping” even on the Payment section
  • Save Customer details to make it easier next time they are shopping again

A simplified checkout procedure will help to grow the sales volumes.

Track Critical Metrics for Continuous Improvement

Most successful online stores continue to win a larger share because they make decisions based on metrics. Are you struggling to know why you are still experiencing a high bounce rate and abandoned shopping carts? Probably it is time you up your metric tracking. You need to make decisions based on tangible metrics. This will also apply to your marketing campaigns. Do not just shoot promotional content without measuring to determine where there is greater potential. Similarly, to keep improving your website, it is important you start tracking metrics. There are various important metrics to track on your e-commerce website. The conversion rate is one of the most important metrics to start tracking.

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Those important updates will help you to increase sales on your website. Do not undermine the importance of each one of them. Remember that good customer support will lead to more referrals.


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