9 Website Maintenance Tasks You Need to Do At Least Once Every Month in Singapore

9 Website Maintenance Tasks You Need to Do At Least Once Every Month

As we mentioned in our previous article, your Singapore business website is an entity that will continue to represent your business online. You invested a sizable amount of money and time in a brand new site that is mobile responsive. Proper website maintenance will ensure that you continue to profit from the lucrative digital business industry in Singapore.

Here are nine website maintenance tasks that you need to do at least once every month in Singapore to ensure that your brand stays afloat.

Review Analytics

Analytics help track the performance of a website, pinpoint problems that need to be resolved as well as business opportunities. It is by reviewing analytics reports that you will know traffic trends and gauge the performance of your online marketing strategies. For example, a drop in organic traffic is a sign of SEO (search engine optimisation) issues that need to be resolved before they get out of hand.

Pages that receive a huge chunk of traffic and record high engagement will give you an idea of the type of product, services, and content the target audience is most interested in. Use the Google analytics report to make informed decisions. In fact, every decision that you make regarding your Singapore business website should be based on the analytics report.

Review Bing Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console

As a Singapore business owner who is committed to generating leads online through your website and other strategies such as social media marketing, you need to master how to use Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools.

The two tools will help you identify problems on your website before they hit and ruin your digital marketing efforts. If there is an issue on your website that is preventing Bing and Google bots from indexing the pages, they will pinpoint it. You will also be notified of any malicious actions on the site such as hacking attempts.

Automated Backup

Most of the website hosting companies in Singapore does not provide automated backups. This means if the site is hacked and wiped out, you will have to go start all over again. Even though you can manually backup your site, consider automating the process to save time. Here is a review of the top WordPress backup plugins in the market.

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UpdraftPlus plugin can help you do this website maintenance task. There is a free version that you can use to test its functionality before upgrading to the paid version that has more features.

Update All WordPress Plugins

We come across out dated WordPress plugins and core all the time. One of the mistakes business owners make is thinking that updating their website is a one-time thing. It is not – you should make sure that all WordPress plugins are updated to protect your site from new threats.

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A few years ago, the hackers used a WordPress plugin, Revolution Slider that was not updated to gain access to a website without raising an alarm. By login to WordPress admin dashboard, you will be able to see all the plugins that need to be updated. It only takes 2-3 minutes to complete the process and will secure your Singapore WordPress site fully.

Look for Broken Links

Broken links frustrate potential customers and encourage them to visit your competitor’s website and shop. Unknown to most people is that such links have a significant negative impact on site organic ranking. This is based on the fact that is a search engine bot is unable to find pages; they automatically devalue the entire website.

Smart digital marketers in Singapore are always on the lookout for broken links from trusted/authorities sites and reach out to the site owners to encourage them to link to their pages instead. This means that you risk losing high value backlinks if your site has broken links.

Scream Frog is one of the best WordPress plugin you can use for this website maintenance task. It will scan your entire Singapore business site for broken links. The free version can look for broken links in up to 500 pages. Go for the paid version if you have a larger site.

Check Page Speed

Page speed is another ranking factor used by Google and other search engines to rank websites. Maybe, your page speed was optimal after the last redesign, but along the way, you added new features that slowed it down. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check the current page load speed and make the necessary improvements to boost it if it is slow.

Test Checkout Process

Most of the Singapore e-commerce websites have advanced checkout processes that are secured by one or more security components. There are also integral plugins that make it possible for customers to checkout seamlessly. Run tests to be sure that every component is working optimally.

One of the surest ways of doing website maintenance is by setting the cart in test mode and use test credit card information to do a dummy transaction. Make sure that the money is transferred to the designated account. If left unattended, hackers can use it to divert payments to their account.

Test Functionality of All Forms

If you noticed a drop in client inquiries, chances are that the contact form is not updated. Check if the forms are updated and fully functional to be sure that clients are able to contact you. Update and check if the message is forwarded to your email or any other designated inbox.

Access your Website on Multiple Devices

As script libraries, plugins, and website browsers are updated, they sometimes change the manner in which a website is displayed. Take time to review how your website is displayed on multiple devices, desktop, phone, tablet, or laptop.

Finally, test the search function to be sure that potential customers are able to find information on your website quickly. Make sure that your contact information is accurate; otherwise, clients will not be able to contact you.

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