Difference And Similarities between Mobile Website and Responsive Web design

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Are you thinking about web design and wondering what’s the different between a mobile website and a responsive website? Over the last one decade, mobile web usage has increased to a point where developers cannot ignore it. A significant fraction of web visitors surfs the internet using mobile devices. In fact, it is more than half. 52.2% of all web traffic is from mobile phones.

Businesses cannot afford to assume it. And when you take a closer look at how digital marketing unfolds, you will see that every business owner today knows the importance of grabbing the attention of their potential buyer.

It is a digital world, and many potential customers hang out online. A business needs the right tool to attract and hook customers. And a suitable website design in Singapore or any part of the world remains the most appropriate technological tool to grab customer`s attention.

Customers want to access a site either on a Smartphone, desktop or tablet. It would be an advantage if your market could access your site using any device. However, since the majority of web browsers are mobile users, a mobile-friendly website becomes a major factor for every business to consider. This raises the question of a mobile site and a responsive site.

Most often, there is confusion when it comes to the mobile website and responsive web design. People mistakenly think one for the other. However, they are entirely different. Inability to differentiate the two makes it difficult for people and businesses to choose the appropriate site for their specific business goal. Let us check out some insights.

Difference Between Mobile Website and Responsive Website Design

Mobile Website

A mobile website is a separate website from the main site, optimised to work excellently with a mobile device. Actually, you require a different URL to differentiate a mobile site from a desktop website. So that when a visitor views your site using a mobile device, the serve of your site directs him to the mobile site.

A practical example of a mobile site is Facebook. You will notice that when you visit Facebook using your mobile phone, the web site automatically directs you to the mobile facebook. The mobile Facebook differs from its desktop site. Some features in the desktop site are not available on the mobile web site of Facebook.

 This is because; some features do not fit in a smaller screen, thus, will not appear on the mobile website. However, some mobile websites are well developed to have the entire features on the main site.

More importantly, mobile website layout starts with a design that visitors can neatly view on tablet and Smartphone without any modifications. The layout aims at providing excellent mobile user experience and increasing mobile downloading speed. In addition, mobile site improves the site`s ranking on the Search Engine.

Even though a mobile website looks good on mobile devices, they have glitches and might be difficult to navigate when viewed on devices with higher resolution.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is tailoring a website to adapt to the size of the screen size of the site visitor. When you view such site on a desktop, phone, or tablets, you will not readily identify the difference in the general appearance of the site.

This type of web design eliminates the need for creating another site to suit the mobile user as it auto-responds to the screen resolution of the device viewing the site.

When creating responsive web design, desktop resolution is the maximum resolution targeted; then it scales down to the smallest screen. From the beginning, a responsive website is designed to display correctly on a multitude of devices with different screen resolution.

web design in Singapore

When visitors view a responsive site, the server sends the same content to every device. However, the server includes information that tells mobile devices how to display a page on their screen

Therefore, responsive web design works equally for all desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The design automatically adjusts its layout to suit visitors using any device.

However, how is mobile website similar to responsive web design?

Similarities Between a Mobile Website and Responsive Webs Design

  • Both the mobile site and responsive web design optimise the site for smaller devices.
  • All the two provides easy navigation to site`s features on mobile devices
  • Responsive web design, as well as a mobile site, enables fast download speed.
  • They both improve the usability and readability for the mobile user.
  • Both boost Search Engine ranking of a web site.

Pros of Responsive Web Design

  • With more than half of the web browsers using mobile devices, responsive web design ensures a site is easily accessible to all potential customers regardless of their devices
  • It eliminates the need for designing two websites. If you are targeting to attract both desktop and mobile users to your site you are sure they will all receive similar content
  • The Search Engine gladly ranks a responsive website
  • You only craft and feed content on one site
  • No need two URL, a single domain will work
  • Apt for a heavy-stacked information website
  • Appropriate for a large form

Cons of Responsive Web Design

  • Mobile user experience is not 100 % optimised
  • It might be expensive to start initially

Advantages of Mobile Website

  • A mobile site quickly ranks on the Search Engine
  • Mobile user experience is 100% optimised
  • Mobile website offers the best experience for a mobile user
  • Majority of internet browsers are mobile users; thus mobile site might have good appeal

Disadvantages of Mobile Website

  • The desktop user experience is not 100% optimised
  • A mobile website is not suitable for heavy-stacked content websites

In Conclusion

As mobile phones rise in popularity, it is critical for any business to optimise its web design to suit mobile device users. A quick way would be to use responsive web design or a mobile site. However, depending on your business type and goals, you would consider all the pros and con before going for either a mobile site or responsive web design.

And if you are looking for web design in Singapore that appeals to your customers, you would hire a professional web design agency for working results. Our team is on standby ready to help your business go to the next level of success. Call us at +65 6789 9852 for a free and no-obligation session about your website design project.



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