6 Important Mobile App Features for Your Business

mobile app for business

If you already own a mobile app for business, then you are in the right path to success. Having a mobile business app is a great way to increases sales and traffic to the main website. In a recent survey, it was found out that 62% of mobile users purchased items using mobile business apps. However, just building a standard mobile app for business is not sufficient.

Your mobile business app should have some specific features. These features are indispensable towards revamping your marketing efforts. If your mobile business app lacks these features, then your sales will not grow.

Here are the six important mobile app features for your business.

1. Personalization

As highlighted by Social Media Today, successful mobile business apps are user friendly. For your mobile business app to be user friendly, it has to be personalized.

As illustrated by a recent survey, the major challenge facing business owners is how to communicate with potential customers or clients in a meaningful way. However, you can deal with this challenge by personalizing your mobile commerce app.

For instance, when users download your app, they will have to complete their profile. You can quicken this process by providing them with an alternative option. This alternative option is to make them sign up with their social media accounts.

When users sign up to your mobile business app with their social media accounts, you will be able to gain valuable information about them such as age, location and, gender.

With the help of this information, you can customize the content of your mobile business app to match with their interests. For example, if you own a clothing store and your mobile business app user is a lady; then you should display only women’s clothing.

2. Few Push Notifications

Using push notifications can be a great way to market your products and, services. However, you should utilize push notifications sparingly.

Make sure that you don’t flood the inboxes of your app users with too many promotional text messages. This can be a huge turn off and could motivate them to uninstall the app. 

mobile app for business

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Therefore, you should make use of push notifications only when necessary. Also, your push notifications should be customized with the preferences and interests of each user.

3. Retail Integration

If you own a retail store, then you should integrate it with your mobile app for business. Your mobile commerce app and, your retail store should complement each other so hire the best website designers in Singapore to work on the site. 

In a business study conducted last year, it was found out that 58% of customers still browse mobile business apps even when in retail stores. So, it is up to you to take advantage of this situation to revamp your sales.

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For instance, you can offer free WiFi at your retail store. This will enable your customers to browse your mobile commerce app without interfering with their own data plans.

Also, you request your app users to create favorite lists of the shopping items they desire when they are at your retail store. These lists should show them where exactly the items are located in your retail store.  This will enable them to shop conveniently and quickly.

4. A Variety of Payment Options

Your mobile business app should offer its users a variety of payment options. This will automatically improve user experience, as well as generate more sales.

As a general rule, your mobile commercial app should accept almost all types of debit cards and credit cards. Even though some credit cards have higher processing fees; you should still incorporate them as an alternative payment option. This will ensure you don’t lose out on any potential customers who would want to use such credit cards.

Besides debit and credit cards, you should utilize other payment options such as PayPal, Skrill and, Apple Pay. Some customers are usually hesitant to enter their debit and credit card information into a mobile business app due to security reasons. Such customers are usually happy to pay with either PayPal, Skrill or, Apple Pay.

Moreover, you may not know the financial circumstances of your potential customers. Maybe your potential customers have a maxed credit card, but they have funds in their PayPal wallets.

5. No Errors and Bugs

If your mobile commerce app has crushes, glitches and, error reports; you will lose your customers.  You should thus take extra caution when developing your mobile business app.

In a recent study, it was found out that 48% of potential customers won’t utilize a faulty mobile commerce app. In fact, 34% of these potential customers will turn to a professionally designed and functional mobile commerce app. This can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, your mobile business app should be totally error free and perfect.

6. Detailed and Concise Product Descriptions

As asserted by Quick Sprout, your mobile business app should have concise but, detailed product reviews. This is because mobile devices are usually small in size. Typically, mobile devices have no space for accommodating long product descriptions.

Your product descriptions should be in a bulletin list format. They should also be written in a simple language that is easy to understand.

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Your product descriptions should also describe your items for sale fully. That is, don’t leave out important details which can influence the app user to purchase your products.

You should also accompany your product descriptions with high quality photos. Avoid using blurred and, unappealing photos in your mobile commercial app. Moreover, your images should reflect each angle of your product.

Final Thoughts On How to Improve Your Mobile App for Business

You cannot develop your mobile app for business and not monitor its performance or improve its features. As illustrated by All Business, you will have to improve it from time to time. 

You can improve your mobile commercial app by implementing these features to revamp your sales. Go an extra mile and use our website design services in Singapore to ensure that you impress customers who use your mobile app as well as site to shop. 








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