Take control of your marketing and improve the efficacy and efficiency of your media campaigns with MediaOne’s Programmatic Services.

Our Programmatic Service means you can understand and reach audiences though the best programmatic solutions. At our core sits data and insights in all our optimizing, buying and planning efforts so you can get a deeper understanding of your audience and how to influence them.

About MediaOne Programmatic Services

When you gather up all your data, search through it to discover hidden insights, then turn those insights into tangible actions, you can start making marketing strategy and business strategy go hand in hand.

For example, you can use customer analytics to improve acquisition and lifetime value, business analytics to forecast sales and reduce breakage, or media analytics – such as optimizing programmatic ROI or connecting TV ads to online sales.

That’s the power of MediaOne Programmatic Services.

How can MediaOne Programmatic Services help you?

Our programmatic solutions have the people and technology to deliver better outcomes for clients. For example:

  • Revenue – our technology partner have developed a ‘cost-per-passenger’ model for Europe’s largest holiday company, Tui, in the process doubling revenue at 30% better efficiency
  • Growth – our technology partner is Sprint’s go-to prospecting partner, driving qualified leads that have allowed them to grow their digital business 60% year-over-year.
  • Profitability – our technology partner helped Avis Budget Group reduce breakage in their sales process through data connection and machine-learned intelligence

What problems do MediaOne Programmatic Services solve?

In the digital era, brands have mountains of marketing data. It’s hard to extract insight from this data, but it’s even harder to turn this into the actions that deliver results – for example to drive incremental growth through smarter media buying decisions.

This are a few key reasons for this:

  • Disconnected data. Data usage is one-dimensional and disconnected. By bridging the gaps between, say, TV, digital and location data, you can find powerful answers to million-dollar questions.
  • Mismatched talent. The traditional skills of people in agencies don’t match those of data scientists and AI experts. This means the people who understand the problem can’t speak to those who can find a solution. Campaigns fall flat because the plan, the message and the algorithm are working at cross-purposes.
  • Rigid tech. Data management (DMPs) & media buying platforms (DSPs) have been built rigidly to deliver media metrics, not business outcomes. Google’s DSP doesn’t optimize toward ROI, let alone new customers – or high-value new customers. This makes them poor solutions for growth-oriented brands targeting incremental results.

MediaOne Programmatic Services solves these problems by connecting multi-dimensional data, fusing human and artificial intelligence to discover insights, and then turning these into scalable actions through custom integrations into rigid platforms, or placing this information at your fingertips.

How can you work with us to access MediaOne Programmatic Services?

There are three main ways:

  • Programmatic campaigns
    • For brands seeking a managed programmatic service, we have trading teams certified on four major buying platforms (AT&T, Google, The Trade Desk and Amazon) where we run video, display, mobile, TV and out-of-home campaigns.
    • The easiest way to get started is a Performance Guarantee: we will deliver a minimum number of pre-agreed outcomes on a test campaign, in order to make sure they meet or beat your existing solution(s).
  • Programmatic consultancy
    • For brands looking for support with in-housing, we can share our expertise through planning, training and troubleshooting support, which can be tailored to your needs.
    • The easiest way to get started is a Consultancy Scoping Session, provided free of charge, where we can explore what you need to achieve.
  • Analytics solutions
    • For brands looking for support with customer analytics, media measurement, reporting automation or solutions to specific business challenges, our analytics solutions can help.
    • If you have a specific brief, one of our Solutions Engineers can draft a proposal to address this. Otherwise, brands typically get started with a Data Audit. Data Audits are designed to uncover your data potential, and propose ways in which you can realize this through enhancements to your analytics capabilities. Data audits cost $5,000, which is credited from any future analytics work.

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The SEO Journey

1. Plan

Our consultants will chat with you to find out your requirements

Get expert consultation on the plan that delivers the biggest bang for your buck

We help you to identify opportunities, competitive gaps, and use AI-based predictive analysis to hit your message home where it will get the most impact. We have a huge array of media platforms at our disposal that will connect you with your target customer wherever and whenever they are ready to take action on your offerings.


Launch your campaign with pezzaz

Get standout designs, design messaging and action channels

We will help you to ideate and create images, videos, text and other messaging collaterals that helps hit your message home. Our specialists will monitor your campaign daily to adjust your budget spend, channel emphasis, A/B split testing of visuals and collaterals in order to achieve maximum ROI.

3. FLY

Watch your conversions soar!

With our state-of-the art tracking and reporting systems, transparency is what you see, what you get!

MediaOne regularly exceeds 10% ROAS for clients large and small. We are experienced with large retail, FMCG , banking, securities, property, IT & telco, etc campaigns that reach nationally and internationally. We have the experience to get you RESULTS!

The MediaOne Difference

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