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MediaOne Digital Marketing For Real Estate Workshop

digital marketing to help market properties and real estate in singapore

MediaOne gave very insightful coaching to 100 real estate agents and practitioners on how they can get their listings on top of search engines. Tom, the CEO of MediaOne noted that many agents and developers are frustrated because they feel that its very difficult to rank on top of the property internet behemoths in Singapore namely iProperty, PropertyGuru and which spends an incredible amount of resources on content, website upkeep and Digital Marketing For Real Estate.

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He provided useful tips on how to secure property name domains quickly, create websites at lightning speed using templates and using great content and building natural links from directories, forums, social media and partners. This, Tom added, has been proven to propel listings into the top 5 of organic rankings provided one follows the formula religiously.

To find out how this type of Digital Marketing for  Real Estate industry can be done you can contact MediaOne at 6789 9852 or email [email protected] for a FREE* and NO-OBLIGATIONS consultation. As Tom likes to say: we get drunk on coffee and will spill out the formula so maybe not *free absolutely but the cost of a Starbucks latte. But seriously… MediaOne kicks ass when it comes to SEO and digital marketing bar none in Singapore.


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