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Maximise Website User Experience With The Use Of Social Media in Singapore


Social media started as a device for tracking information that’s relevant to your line of business. It then became an important tool for monitoring web traffic. And now, people are using it to better digital experiences.

How – you ask?

First, social media, as we know, it is a noisy place. A lot is going on. Users are getting bombarded with lots of content from every possible corner, and it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed. And when this happens, they’ll simply tap away and go elsewhere to look for content that’s more relevant or resonates with them better.

But there exist a couple of things that might entice a social media user well enough and make them hang around for longer. Among them is a well thought out message. So great visuals used alongside easy-to-under-stand copy could be another reason users don’t hop out of your social media page with such haste.

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Worth mentioning is a convincing call to action. You read that right – you can easily get your social media users to stay around for longer by coming up with a CTA tag they’ll have a hard time resisting.

Or it could be a mishmash or synergy of all the elements we’ve mentioned – consistent visuals, relevant messages, and useful notifications that speak in the same tone as your users.

Where User Experience (UX) Comes in

Both social media and UX don’t operate in a vacuum. Neither do they rely on a single channel such as an app, website, or page.

Users move through a series of channels, each of which is designed to align with user experience with reference to what they read, what they see, and how they react or interact with it.

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 As a UX designer, you have to integrate all these channels and the manner at which business people use them to communicate with users. People use social media to drive traffic to their website and hardly do they return the same favour, not on the same scale.

It’s, therefore, safe to say we’re the sole beneficiaries of the relationship that exists between web owners and social media. It’s through social media that we’re able to interact with our followers, fans, and connections.

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Read this bearing in mind that these are not faceless avatars, but intelligent individuals with the ability to make decisions based on what’s good for them.

Social media has its grip on a broad range of varied insights that you could take advantage of today and improve how your users interact with your site. So why would anyone want to shy away from integrating it with their website?

By integration, I’m not talking about throwing in a few social sharing buttons, and that’s it. There’s always more. I’m talking about taking advantage of the hundreds of thousands of your prospects voices that roam freely through social media.  I’m talking about how you can take advantage of this power and use it to create a stunning user experience that will be blowing your conversions to the roof.

Break the Barriers Using Social Logins

Passwords are hard to remember. You want to do a simple transaction online, and then it hits you that you can’t remember the login details of that account.  This is a common problem than you think, and statistics are here to support it.

About 69% of online consumers have admitted to forgetting their password when they needed to access an account and buy something.

So the question to ask is, “why would you want to subject your users to such frustrations?” No one enjoys filling registration forms where they have to enter their name, choose a username (try several of them before they find one that’s still available), and afterward choose a password they aren’t even sure if they’ll still remember the following day.

The good thing is that social media has an easy solution for this. Instead of forcing your users to registers afresh, you can let them enter your website through social media. All they have to remember is their social media logins, and that’s pretty much like it.

Social login is the ultimate solution for this that you wouldn’t want to pass up. What you need is a social login provider such as Login Radius, and you’ll have more than 30 different social network channels that your users can use to access your site. So long as they remember the login to any of the social sites, they should be able to access your site without encountering any form of trouble.

Learn About your Users and Personalise your Campaign

Before social media, targeting a user was pretty much a gamble. The only way to gather customer information was through surveys and registration forms, which didn’t provide much info, save for your customers’ location and name.

And most of the time, the data collected was plainly wrong or misleading, as most users were sceptical about disclosing too much of their info online. They were more concerned about their privacy, and would not be hesitant to lie if it meant protecting themselves.

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But social media appears to have changed a lot of things, and people are now finding it easy to reveal private details of their life. All you need is some little bit of digging, and you’ll be presented with an overwhelming amount of information about your users. For instance, you can easily find out about their age, gender, location, hobbies, favourite type of music, marital status, and so forth.

With some social login tools, you’ll even be granted direct access to their social profiles across different social media platforms, in a simplified format you can easily analyse. 

There’s more than you can do with the information that you collect. For instance, you can use the insights you get to craft a witty product recommendation. You can even design gender-specific banners.

You can come up with two separate banners that speak to each gender on the level that users of that specific gender can relate best.

The information you get allows you to target them based on their interests. Are your followers into antique stuff? Use these items to grow their interest or get them to pay attention to your business.

Are you planning on selling phone cases? You can use this information to find users that appear to have bought their phones recently.

Social Proof and Trust to Improve Your Credibility

People don’t trust adverts that much, and that’s because they’re always biased in favour of the advertiser. They only focus on what’s good, with little to no information divulged on the negative aspect of your offerings.

So while advertisements are meant to inform, they’re not a trustworthy source of information. So where do users find the information they can trust and use it to influence their buying decision?

Reviews and recommendations – online users rely on the recommendations they receive from their family and friends. They also depend on other online users for reviews.

Unless you’re new to your line of business, you should have a list of customers that will be willing to share the experiences they’ve had with your products or services with the rest of the world. Were they satisfied with the quality of your products? Are your adverts honest, or are you just trying to sell snake oil?

Online users trust reviews more than anything. It’s what they use to find out what lies in store for them should they decide to go ahead and trust you with their money.

Focus on inspiring confidence in your users by providing them with real reviews from customers you’ve served in the past. You can even integrate these reviews on your site and boost your credibility.

In so doing, you’ll be able to increase the number of conversions that you’re getting with little convincing on your part. It’s also important that you remind your users to leave their feedback behind. They can either do it directly on your site or your social media page.

Use Social Media to expand your reach

People love sharing whatever content they find interesting. That explains why certain posts go viral. A user stumbles across a post that tickles their fancy, and the next thing they’ll be doing is sharing it on their timeline for the whole world to see.



It’s ingrained in us, and the best thing you can do as a marketer is to take advantage of this one natural human trait that’s hard-coded in us.

The easiest way to go about this is to make it easy for them to share your post on social media. You can start by installing social share buttons on your site. Make sure it shows on every single one of the posts you make.

All that a user has to do to share your posts around is click on the icon. Don’t take the lazy approach of only including the icons on your header and footer. If anything, the social sharing icon must appear on every single one of your posts and pages.

Keep in mind that your users are not just sharing the post to themselves. But to their friends and followers, which translates to free visibility on your part.

Another simple trick you could use is to start sharing the purchases made on social media. Of course, you have to ask for permission first from the user before you can go ahead and post them.

Don’t complicate it — just something simple along the lines of “we’re glad to have served so and so today. The transaction went on fine. Should you feel like trying our products or services in the future and are looking for reviews, so and so is one of our clients that you can contact for honest reviews.”

Easy and Quick Checkout

Ever wondered why many of your prospects abandon their carts midway? It turns out this is a common trait among a great majority of online shoppers. Confirming this is a recent study finding released by Baymard Institute, which went on to reveal that, on average, about 68% of online prospects abandon their shopping carts midway in a transaction.

Of course, there isn’t a sweeping reason for this. But some potential customers may fall off the buying process because they’re not comfortable with the idea of entering too much of their personal information.

That’s where social media can prove handy. Where your users are already connected to you on social media, you don’t have to prompt them for some of this information. Instead, get them to sign up through a social media account of their choosing, after which they’ll enter their credit card information, and they’re done.

It’s that simple. Another option is to pre-fill some of this information and let your users enter their credit card information only to complete the checkout process.

Do this, and you’ll tremendously reduce the number of users that are falling off in the middle of the checkout process. The point is to make the whole process less taxing and hassle-free.

Reliable Customer Support

Learn to flow with time. As you’re soon to find out, the number of people that reach out to businesses with their queries via a call help desk or email is on a downward spiral. That’s because things are changing, and customers are finding it more convenient for them to contact you on social media instead.

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I like to think of social media as an all-rounded marketing tool. You can use it for promotional purposes. You can also use it to keep track of your online progress and so forth.

 Social media is also a great relationship tool. Should you feel like one of your customers is upset or frustrated with anything; all you have to do is reach out to them and offer them the necessary assistance. You don’t even have to do it privately unless you’re dealing with personal issues that you might want to keep off the public domain.

With customers’ service tools such as Zendesk, it’s even possible to integrate social media into their customer care service.

Create a social media marketing team that will be responding to your customers’ concerns in the required amount of time. It’s even better if you make it instant. Customers want to be sure that their issues will be addressed with no time delays on your end.

The Final Thought

Most of the time, we tend to get so hung on improving our SEO score so we can gain more visibility in the search engines. So we end up forgetting how all this is pointless if we cannot come up with a solid strategy on how to convert the traffic we’ll be driving into real sales.


This post focuses on how you can take advantage of social media and use it to improve user experience. Do you feel like there’s anything we’re missing or is there anything that you’d like us to address? Or it could be that you’re in dire need of our help. Kindly talk to us either through social media or via the contact details provided at our MediaOne Marketing website.


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