Marketing Campaign Online Strategies For The Singapore Marketer

Marketing Campaign Online Strategies For The Singapore Marketer

If you are a digital marketer in Singapore, having smart online strategies is vital to the success of your business.

The internet has radically transformed the global digital marketing industry. In Singapore, 4.83 million people (84% of the entire population) access the World Wide Web, meaning that a strategic online presence is an effective means of boosting your business.

The problem, however, is that digital marketing often appears overwhelming and complicated. This notion deters many entrepreneurs from implementing digital marketing strategies.

If you are short of online strategies to kick off your digital marketing campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin!

Invest in A Professional Website Design

The majority of businesses in Singapore tend to overlook web design as a marketing strategy. The outlook of your website impacts the amount of time visitors spends on your page. It is also the front of your business that tells prospective clients a lot of your products and services.

One of the critical elements of good web design is ensuring that all links on your website work properly. You don’t want a situation where a user is redirected to an irrelevant webpage or website after clicking a button on your site.  Broken links are among the leading reasons why visitors lose trust in a website.

Your website should have a design that gives users a seamless browsing experience. The best way of achieving this is by removing clutter and organizing all content according to relevance. The navigation tabs should be easy to use. You should also keep check of the frequency of ads on your site, as too many can annoy users.

Responsive Website

online strategies

Having a responsive website ensures that you don’t miss out on the users who access your website using mobile devices. The massive developments in the smartphone manufacturing industry, coupled with the convenience of mobile devices, meaning that most people in Singapore access the internet on mobile.  A mobile-friendly site also improves your ranking on search engine result pages.

Work on your SEO

As mentioned earlier, your website is key to a successful digital marketing campaign. However, a website is no good if it isn’t visible on Google, the primary source of organic web traffic.

The most effective way of ranking high on Google is implementing SEO strategies. Such tactics include publishing high-quality content, integrating keywords and ensuring your website has fast loading speeds. Besides generating more organic traffic, ranking high on search engines also increases the authority of your website in a particular niche.

Make the most of Social Media

Social media platforms are hugely popular in Singapore. Every day, Singaporeans spend two hours and six minutes on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can tap in into this market by taking creating a presence in these social websites.

After creating social media accounts, use it to post the latest information about your business. Ensure that the posts are crafted in a way that appeals to your target audience, and makes use of advanced features such as geo-locational tagging to ensure that iota reaches your intended market. Moreover, an active social media account is an excellent medium for interacting with clients.

Create Insatiable and Engaging Content

Content marketing is a proven digital marketing strategy that can significantly improve the popularity of your online business. It takes a variety of forms, depending on your chosen preferred approach and set objectives. For example, you can use whitepapers, e-books and other long-form content to convert leads into subscribers or regular clients. Alternatively, you can launch a blog for your website to attract more traffic.

Regardless of your choice, the most crucial aspect of content marketing is ensuring that the content is accurate, informative and engaging. This way, it will go viral on various social platforms, saving you the time and resources it would have cost to distribute the content yourself.

Email Marketing

If you are looking for an affordable and effective marketing strategy, we recommend trying email marketing. In fact, this method has proven to be way effective than most social media channels, yet it costs almost nothing to execute. A person is more likely to read an email than a social media post.

To start with, you will need to collect a list of emails (use an opt-in form with a compelling call-to-action message). The next step involves creating a personalized marketing message influenced by the purchasing habits of customers in your email list. Keep in mind that too many messages are likely to annoy the users. Ideally, you should send two to three emails every week.

Organize Contests with Giveaways.

Everybody loves a freebie. A great way of growing your sales is by regularly organizing contests in which you offer giveaways. Ensure that you ask the participants to promote your business in exchange for the free prizes and eligibility into the completion.

Leverage Google Analytics

You can’t overlook the importance of Google analytics in gauging the impact of internet marketing strategies implemented by a business. The data provided by analytic tools indicates the performance of an online marketing drive, showing the direction in which your campaign is heading. Such information also allows you to see what isn’t working so that you can get your efforts on the right track.

Send Free Samples to Influencers

Free samples are a great way to boot your sales. Furthermore, people are more likely to buy a product or a service when a prominent personality recommends it. A recent study discovered that a whopping 71% of social media users make purchases based on referrals from influencers.

When choosing an influencer, make sure that they are popular in your niche. For instance, if you sell kitchen appliances, go for a personality that is relevant to that sector, such as a famous cook.

Launch an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program can motivate bloggers, YouTubers and other content creators to post links to your site. In exchange for linking to your website on their platforms, the affiliates will get commissions every time a client purchases an item using that link. Affiliate links are also likelier to appeal to people who actively avoid online ads by installing ad-blockers.

Create a YouTube channel

Video marketing is gaining traction worldwide, Singapore included. A remarkable 75% of all internet traffic is video. YouTube is, by far the most popular video website and is only second to Google in terms of search engine popularity. 

Creating a YouTube channel increases the exposure of your brand. It also opens up a new source of income, especially if your videos get many views.

Participate in Forums

There are many online forums in which you can participate in discussions with other people interested in your niche. You can market your business through active involvement in such groups. The best way of doing this is by providing solutions to queries posted in these groups. With this approach, you build a reputation and people will consider you an authority figure in your industry. They are likelier to engage with your business as a result.

Guest Posting

Posting exclusively to your website’s blog isn’t enough. You should occasionally pen blog posts on other influential blogs in your niche. This is a quick way of getting backlinks to your website, and it also exposes your brand to a new and bigger audience.

If possible, you should also post to mainstream websites such as Medium, Forbes and the Huffington Post.

Closing Remarks

As difficult as it seems, coming up with effective online strategies for your digital marketing campaign shouldn’t intimidate you. The tips mentioned above are some of the many proven methods of implementing internet marketing strategies.

The main advantage of adopting all these strategies is that they work together. Although they can be implemented separately, implementing them altogether guarantees a higher success level for your online marketing campaign.

Get in touch with us for custom digital marketing services in Singapore. 

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