A Singapore Digital Marketers Guide To Writing Great Title Tags

A Singapore Digital Marketers Guide To Writing Great Title Tags

Most people whip up title tags without giving them any deeper thought. It could be because they have been made to believe they aren’t as crucial as content as far as search engine ranking goes.

What they however don’t know is that rashly written title tags could be the reason their competitors still register higher traffic despite ranking below them.

Google will still rank a webpage on your site despite missing a title tag. But that’s doesn’t imply that it bears no significant value to your overall SEO strategy.

You don’t just want your site to rank high. You’re mostly interested in the SERP clicks it gets if anything. And that’s where title tags come in.

Contrary to what people think, tags have more SEO value than what people give them credit for.

So What Exactly Are Title Tags?

A title tag is basically the HTML element specifying the title of your webpage. On Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), it’s the title of the search engine listing.

Usually, it’s shown in blue, and in the biggest font than any other piece of writing in the list. It’s also written as a hyperlink, linking back to your website or a particular page or post on your site.

On your website, a title tag shows up at the title bar with every tab you open, but only a section of it will be visible as most of it is usually cut from view.

Basically, a title tag works to inform visitors of what they can expect upon loading a webpage. It’s simply the topic, title or subject of what’s being covered in that particular webpage.

Even more crucial than having one, is ensuring your title tag is interesting enough to entice the bulk of your online users to click through it from the SERPs and be directed to your site, page or blog post.

So Why Are Title Tags Important?

  • First Impression

Your title tags are the first thing you visitors see while conducting an online search. It’s essentially your only chance to make a good first impression.

  • Brand Display

One thing people forget is how important title tags help with branding your business. All you have to do is find a way to display the name of your brand alongside the title tag.

  • On-page Ranking

Although Google and other search engines will still rank you even if you’re missing a title tag, it’s important to note that they’ll still look at your title to make a sense of what the page is all about.

They’re therefore thought to be the simplest and most reliable way to get your site indexed by search engines, which makes them one of the most important elements in on-page ranking.

  • Click-through Rate 

Title tags play a crucial role in determining your click-through rate. That’s because it’s the most obvious thing people see in your list – it’s big, very conspicuous and it’s the first thing people turn to for information about the webpage the link directs to.

Confirming this is a recent study conducted by Ahrefs which went on to show that improving a title tag is more likely to increase your web traffic by about 37%.

Important Tips for Writing a Title Tag with a High Click-through Rate

The following tips should help you draft the best title tags for your blog posts and web pages.

  • Unique Titles for Every Page

Every webpage is unique in its own way and the title tags you write should clearly reflect that.

It should also be customised to accurately describe what your page is all about. Besides signalling search engines about the content on that particular web page, the title you choose should also help your reader develop accurate ideas on what to expect upon opening the link.

  • Number of Characters

Almost all search engines you know only display 70 characters of the title tag you come up with. Anything beyond that will be cut off.

The point is to always aim for a title tag of fewer than 60 characters and thereabout. Alternatively, try concentrating all the important descriptive words at the beginning of the title tag.

If your branding is very important to you – it is to make sure your brand name is included within the first 20 characters. So, just in case the rest of the characters are cut off, you’ll still have all the important information covered.

  • Include Your Target Keyword

By including your target keyword in your title tag you’ll be providing the information Google users need to find out if your webpage is relevant to their online quest. Your site has to show up in searches for the right term for it to attract the right kind of visitors. You certainly don’t want the bulk of your visitors to backtrack immediately after clicking through the link.

And since Google uses title tags to determine the specifics of what a webpage is all about, it’s important that you include your main keyword in the title tag to target the right kind of visitors.

  • Be Descriptive 

Web users rely on the information provided by the title page and meta-description to decide on the list result to click. On the off chance that they click on a webpage and find out that’s NOT relevant to what they were looking for, they’re most likely to click the back button almost immediately, hence a higher bounce rate.

Your title page should sum up what’s in its corresponding webpage. That way, online visitors can tell from a casual glance if your webpage is relevant to what they’re searching for.

A lower bounce rate demonstrates a higher value, another reason search engines have to rank you even higher.

In addition, an accurately described title tag also helps to enhance your visitors’ experience. Visitors have an easy time finding what they want and might even be tempted to keep coming back for more.

Top 10 Blog Article Generators in 2022

How to Start a Blog in 2022 : A Beginner's Guide

What is a blog article generator? You may wonder, especially nowadays, when many online Greek terms may confuse you. 

A blog article generator is a tool that is powered by intelligent software products to assist virtually anybody to create an article, from writing the title and the body to the conclusion using a few keywords that the software can use to figure out exactly what it should write about. 

What is Rank and Rent in SEO 2023

Blog article generators will also help you develop the best keywords to use, generate blog titles, and optimize your content for search engines. The software products will also come up with the most suitable article structures that will make your article look amazing and easy to the readers’ eyes.

Blog article generators are indeed a blessing and a tool to take advantage of in 2022 since websites are more than ever on a steady rise. People surfing the internet have a huge hunger for content. Beautifully written articles will educate and entertain internet users who visit your website on a regular basis.

The best part is that most, if not all, of these software tools do not require you to have any knowledge or background in coding and programming. Blog article generators are no-code tools used and applied in various ways by content publishers across the globe.

You can be one of them. It’s straightforward to use. 

Do a quick google search on ‘blog article generators,’ and the sheer number of tools you will find will surprise you. Many online tools can fit your budget and the volume of articles you wish to publish daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. There is a tool that you can use for anything when it comes to writing blog articles.

Why you might wonder. 

It’s because these tools are cheap, and they make your publishing work way more manageable. 

Here are 10 of the best that you can try out today to get the best out of your publishing:

Stories Generator - Artificial Intelligence Software

The best AI content generator in the market is Jarvis in copywriting. The software took a screenshot of the entire internet and used the information to train its Conversion AI bot called ‘Jasper.’

This AI content generator can help you create many advertising copies, social media profiles, blog posts about new products you’re launching, and much more.

Jasper has over 50 copywriting templates to choose from!

To apply, you need to provide some input for a specific template — such as a title, a description, a few keywords, and the tone of voice — and Jasper will write for you!

Jasper also makes it simple to create long-form content. You only need to write one sentence or paragraph, and the program will handle the rest of the marketing copy!

Jasper employs an algorithm that analyses your Text to determine the type of article it is.


    • PAS framework, AIDA framework and Product description
    • Content enhancer
    • Topics for blog posts
    • Outline of a blog post
    • Introduction and conclusion paragraphs for a blog post
    • Benefiting from the feature
    • Expander of Sentences
    • The primary text and headline of a Facebook ad
    • Personal or business bio
    • Google AdWords headline and description Marketing angles and concepts
    • Examine responder


    • The software has a tone of features you can use for many applications/articles.


    • As a beginner, it will take you time to understand the platform.
    • You will need to purchase the boss’s plan to enjoy better services (unlimited features).

10 Best Blog Title Generators for 2021 - Venngage

HubSpot is top marketing, CRM, customer support, and sales software provider.

get low cost monthly seo packages

Their Blog Idea Generator is one tool in their arsenal that you should consider. To get started, enter as many as five keywords, and it will present you with a list of blog topics.

The blog idea Generator is among the most basic online tools. It generates blog post titles according to the keywords you enter.

This resource is for anyone searching for an instant burst of blog post inspiration. You can access hundreds of ideas, so long as you have the necessary nouns.


    • Quick and straightforward blog idea generator.
    • It comes up with titles that you would not have known about otherwise.
    • You’ll have access to a full year’s worth of blog ideas if you subscribe.


    • It’s free.


    • You will have to give up your email address to access the free ideas. However, HubSpot might bombard you with marketing emails. 

Best AI text generator | Copy AI | Free AI tool | AI Copy Generator

website design banner

engaging the top social media agency in singapore

Copy.ai is a creative automation resource that produces promotional copy in a matter of seconds. 

Copy.ai generates advertisement copy, social media material, website content, blog articles, and any other type of content digital copy using powerful AI. It has the greatest number of copywriting styles of any resource. 

You can produce email material, Meta Ad text, Google Ad material, sales engagement pieces, and various other types of content. Because it does not specialize, it is ideal for a robust digital promoter.

It has more content “types” than any other tool, with over 90 different content generations.


    • Beat writer’s block by entering a few necessary nouns and letting the software be written for you. 
    • Support for Google, Meta, sales, email marketing and more.
    • Create ten unique pieces of copy in an instant.
    • There are over 90 different tools to choose from.
    • For seven days, you can use the tool for free.


    • It’s free for seven days after signing up.


    • You will have to pay after the said seven days to use the software.

This tool employs artificial intelligence to create a slew of various marketing copy modifications and designs in minutes. You can then test those advertisements separately, use data to determine what’s performing, and boost your ROIs.

The software then generates a slew of one-of-a-kind advertisements for you to peruse.

You can make any changes or edits you want to the ads before copying them. You can also go back and change the content you’re using in the ads.

If you currently run ad campaigns or want to start, Pencil is an excellent place to start. Ad copy is hard to write. It’s worth at least comparing their composition to yours.


    • Content creator for advertisements
    • You can compare your ads to those generated by Pencil.
    • Simple user interface and drag-and-drop builder


    • It is trusted and used by industry giants like Kellogg’s, Unilever, and L’Oreal
    • It will speed up creating your ads


    • It’s expensive

Isn’t it true that sometimes you need a list of names? It’s challenging to come up with names after going through all the people you know and famous characters.

That’s where name generators like this one, dubbed Name Generator, come in handy. This tool will generate a long list of names for you, whether you want a first name, a male name, a band name, or even a hero name.

What’s Brand Perception? How to Measure It (with Examples)

However, it goes a little deeper than simply populating a list of random names. You can enter some information, such as nationality, religion, and other factors influencing the characters.

This tool is helpful for anyone who requires a long list of names. If you need words for any reason, genre, or occasion, Name Generator will populate them for you.


    • Quick and simple to use
    • You can provide input to influence the names that are generated
    • There are many name categories to choose from


    • It’s limited to just names and won’t be of any use if you aren’t looking for names

Testimonial Generator is a tool that generates testimonials. The Testimonial Generator is yet another straightforward tool. It will generate a brief testimonial for you.

This tool creates brief testimonials. “I would gladly pay x for this product,” for example. “It’s well worth the money.”

psg digital marketing

This tool is for anyone unsure where to begin when writing a testimonial.


    • Creates testimonials based on seed words.
    • If you don’t want to write your testimonials, it saves you time.


    • It is free and easy to use.


    • It can be hit-and-miss.

Copysmith goes above and beyond by writing ads, metadata, product descriptions, landing pages, and so on. Copysmith, like other best article generator software mentioned earlier in this post, works as an automatic copywriter.

It will please you to learn intelligent AI software makes that possible. As a result, Copysmith is widely used by marketing agencies, teams, and eCommerce businesses.


    • It is yet another piece of software that generates unique content.
    • It includes a Chrome extension.
    • While its web application allows for complete blog post generation, Copysmith now offers a WooCommerce plugin to create product descriptions for your eCommerce store.
    • Copysmith also employs a tried-and-true marketing strategy on AIDA.
    • You can also use the software’s native content rewriting module to paraphrase the content you find appealing.


    • You will get 100% unique content to use for your marketing campaigns.


    • You will have to pay to use the platform

Growth bar is a web-based application that allows you to create blogs and articles that search engines will love. And the best part is that the tool includes OpenAI GPT-3 technology. To fully simulate the writing process, they used machine learning models.

But not just any kind of writing; SEO writing is its speciality. It also has many other features you can take advantage of, such as keyword research and site inspection.

To use the program’s blog content generator, enter a general keyword for your Text.


    • One excellent title and URL
    • Word Count Suggestion
    • A brief introduction
    • Headings and subheadings
    • Keywords
    • Images
    • Other specific writing instructions


    • The program’s interface is simple to use.


    • Unfortunately, GrowthBar SEO isn’t a free blog content generator. 

Rytr is a free article writing and content generator that generates rich and human-like Text. We’re talking about total blog posts, captions, product descriptions, emails, and other content. If you don’t have the resources to create any of these yourself, the software can do it for you – quickly and cheaply.

Deep learning and language models are used to automate the writing process. It can provide reasoning and text prediction by accessing online databases.


    • The tool provides 23 use cases you can choose to use to create your material in your writing.
    • Blog ideas
    • Job descriptions
    • Interview questions
    • Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads
    • Landing page descriptions
    • Text Editing use cases that include Append Expand Reword or Shorten Text. 


    • It has a document-style workflow, which keeps everything simple.
    • It’s completely free.


    • You need to pay for the premium package to enjoy more services. The free plan limits your experience.

Keywee is now Anyword – Anyword

The final product of some content generators is awkward and unnatural. Anyword, on the other hand, does not fall into this category. If you need proof, consider that the New York Times, NBA, Red Bull, and many other organizations trust this tool.

This automatic content generator can assist you with any copy you require. It even allows you to select the tone that best suits your requirements.

One of the best features is that it can generate multiple versions of the Text you require based on your selected style. Depending on the content type, it provides playful, confident, hard sell, and other modes.


With Anyword, you can create six different categories of articles.

    • Ad
    • Landing Page
    • Email
    • Blog
    • SMS
    • Editorial Promotion


    • The entire platform is web-based, so creating an account is as simple as it gets.


    • Anyword, unfortunately, does not provide free website content.

Bonus Tips

It is, therefore, clear that tools are abundant online for every person. Whatever you want to achieve as a writer or publisher, there is a tool that you can readily use. It is advisable to try out multiple tools to find one or a couple that pleases you.

You will surely see the immense advantages of not sitting at your desk to write articles. Artificial Intelligence has made it significantly easier for anyone to be a blogger.

However, note that you must first know what you want to write about to feed the AI accurate information.

A Case of what’s in the Page

You have limited space, to sum up, everything on why you think your website is great. Don’t forget to use adjectives in painting a vivid picture of your site’s value. For blog posts, make your title tag look like a catchy headline. A prewritten headline will work just fine provided it’s interesting enough and relevant to what the post is about.

Focus on the value of the webpage. Pepper it with all the nice words and phrases you can come up with. But most importantly, make the title communicate to potential visitors on an emotional level.

It’s Wrap

Title tags are often overlooked or quickly written for the sake of having one, even when it’s apparent there’s so much to gain by being keen on getting it right.

This article sums it all up, but if you still have lingering questions on the subject, don’t hesitate to call MediaOne for a free SEO consultation.

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