How Do I Market Wedding and Special Event Cake Baking Services in Singapore

One of the common human events the world are weddings and special events like birthdays, anniversaries, et al. and most people will have cake in their celebrations. Statistics show that 8 out of ten Singapore citizens in will order cake for their parties, and the baking industry will surpass the $50 million mark by Q4 of 2017. In this light, entrepreneurs are flocking the island-state to get a piece of the business, and it is crucial that your cake-baking services company stays ahead of the competition.

You have to understand millennial preferences, attitudes, and behaviors if you are to succeed in this industry. Here are strategies that will help in marketing your wedding and special events cake-baking services business.

Offer Healthy Alternatives

There is a growing inclination in Singapore where most people are taking on healthier eating choices to combat the rising cases of lifestyle-related diseases. You should include organic and healthy ingredients in your cakes. Carving out a niche in the healthy foods sector will get you the necessary traction to your business. A recent online survey of pastry customers in Singapore found that people are willing to pay more for cakes baked with organic ingredients.

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Trade Shows and Expos

Singapore hosts several culinary trade shows and expos each year such as the Sweet and Bakes Asia and FHA Singapore that attracts both local and internationals pastry chefs. Exhibitors exchange business ideas, innovations, technology, and trends. These shows and expos also attract investors, potential clients, hoteliers, and retailers. Many of them also have conferences where you can pick up innovative ways to market and scale up your business.

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Offer Baking Classes

Start a website and develop content aimed at giving people basic but valuable cake baking and decorating skills. You can write articles, make baking videos, et al. and this will help people to identify with your cake-baking skills and expertise. Make a budget for your digital marketing and get a company that can do your SEO and SEM activities to increase your online visibility.

In conclusion, combining your online SEO with local SEO is a sure way to sojourn your strategies for a wider reach. Social media posts will also go a long way in shining a spotlight on your weddings and special events cake baking services. MediaOne helps entrepreneurs who offer wedding and special events cake baking services to market their brands online through the best SEO and digital marketing practices. Call us for more details at (65) 6789 9852.


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