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How to Market Your Transportation and Logistic Services in Singapore


Singapore is the world’s busiest hub in the transshipment industry. The state handles close to a seventh of the world’s container transshipment handling over 31.26 million containers in 2012. The Asia-Pacific transportation and logistics market from various forecasts point to a growth of 5.5% per year and be worth over 26.5 billion USD by 2020.

This calls for the strategic formulation of marketing strategies to be at the top of the over a thousand companies offering transportation and logistics services. Here are strategies for marketing your transportation and logistics services in Singapore.

Artificial Intelligence

By using artificial intelligence alongside big data, cloud computing, et al. Artificial intelligence helps to improve your customer experience. Marketers have applied artificial intelligence in recent times to improve business intelligence, marketing campaigns optimization, programmatic advertising, as well as multichannel communication.

Artificial intelligence helps to tap into the multitude of clients who engage your website. It helps by remembering previous user interactions, making it a useful customer care tool.

On-Demand Services

In the provision of haulage and logistics services, a company that offers value and convenience carries the day. Due to unavoidable circumstances, there is an increased need for on-demand services in the sector. Ensure that your company has solutions for services whenever clients need them.

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Delivery of these services is best via smartphone apps or company websites optimized for mobile devices.

Professional Communications

Over 90% of the population in the world has access to social media platforms, and it has become an easier way to interact and engage with clients in an informal way. However, for official business matters, it is best to use professional channels like emails to communicate with your clients.

Ensure to have a trusted professional email such as [email protected], [email protected], et al. Personal emails will not sit well and could lead to loss of clients on professionalism grounds.

It is a necessity to consolidate traditional and internet marketing services for transportation and logistics companies. Endeavor to achieve and keep the balance of the two in Singapore when marketing your transportation and Logistics Company.

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