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How to Market Social Services in Singapore


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Multiple studies conducted by National Council of Social Services in Singapore shows that the social services sector is progressive and dynamic. This industry caters for the needs of diverse groups of people in the society and continuously seeks competent professionals who are self-motivated and determined to make a difference in the society.

Ideally, social workers should have an inherent conviction to serve the community and adopt a client-centered approach to their work. Let us look at tips on how to market social services in Singapore.

Leverage Local Newspapers and Magazines

Local newspapers have an unbeatable ability to reach out to the local community by highlighting issues that are of importance to them in a language and tone that they can relate to easily. Over the years, they have helped professionals in this industry to market their services in towns such as Bukit Panjang and Ang Mo Kio. Apart from marketing, newspapers and magazines are used to sensitise the public on various issues such as climate change, global warming, environmental pollution, waste management and the list continues.

You can also use particular magazines to highlight the achievements that the organization has achieved over the last one year or so thereby creating formidable relationships with the target audiences. The Taman Jurong Social Service Office is a good example of an organisation that has utilized this method to connect with the target audience. It is now able to reach 95% of needy residents who cannot access assistance within 2km of where they live or work.

Organize Special Events

Special events are highly effective in marketing social services as proved by the Family Service Centre (FSC) Thye Hua Kwan (THK) in Jurong. Examples of events that you can organize include exhibitions, demonstrations, competitions, talent shows and the list continues. It is of paramount importance to extensively publicise the event to have a significant impact on the target audience. You can use flyers, posters, local radio and other media platforms to advertise the events.

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