How to Market My Smartphones in Singapore



According to data from the government, the smartphone penetration in the country stood at 149.8% as at December 2016. The most plausible reason behind these statistics is the growing need to have a more convenient way of accessing the internet and instant messaging. 34% of the population has switched their internet usage from computers to smartphones.

The demand for smartphones with advanced features is expected to continue, but you need to have a robust marketing strategy to profit from this emerging market. Here is a guide on how to market smartphones in Singapore.

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Curve out Your Niche

9 out of 10 people in Singapore use a smartphone, but this does not mean you should take a general approach to your marketing campaigns. Identify a niche market and focus all your marketing efforts on it. Note that different specifications will appeal to different segment of the customers. Study the market trends and carry out feasibility studies to know your most ideal customers.

Contract Distributors

Existing mobile phone distributors in the country will help you sell your smartphones through their current marketing channels. By doing so, you save money that you would have spent marketing and distributing the products single-handedly.

Digital Marketing

Virtually all Singaporeans have access to fast internet connection. Therefore, marketing the smartphones in the vibrant and ever-growing digital sphere will give you a higher cutting edge in the market.

For example, a paid PPC campaign on Facebook or any other popular social media platform will help you to expand your clientele base affordably. Affiliate marketers and social media influencers can also boost the visibility of your brand online. MediaOne helps businesses that sell smartphones to penetrate this market by offering best of class SEO services. Call us at Call us today at (65) 6789 9852.


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