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How to Market IT Services in Singapore

IT Services in Singapore

The emergence of the internet more than two decades ago revolutionised the way human beings conduct their activities. Many traditional jobs are disappearing because computers can perform the same tasks easily and efficiently. There is a high demand for IT services, but this doesn’t mean that running an IT company is a walk in the park. In this post, we will share tips on how to market IT services in Singapore.

Work with resellers and channel distributors

Channel distributors act as a link between vendors and resellers. You may find it difficult to get your services to the end user so using distributors and resellers is a wise move. In most cases, distributors handle payment and procurement.

They also have the responsibility of informing resellers of the availability of new products from your IT service. If you want to increase your customer base, it is advisable to have a distribution channel that ensures your goods get into the market.

Use Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators

Using VARs is another great way to market your IT services. VARs basically add more features/services to products bought from vendors before selling them to end-users. In most cases, SIs and VARs buy products from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors.

Value added resellers usually bundle third party software and hardware to create a package for reselling. A good example of value added reselling is when services such as web development and customer support are added to your IT services. On the other hand, system integrators sell various systems/ equipment and get them to work together.

Develop the right strategy to customise services for all your clients as it will help you build good rapport with clients, subsequently increasing the odds of them using your services again in the future.

Trade shows/fairs to promote your IT services

There are so many ways you can benefit from trade shows. First of all, you get a platform to showcase your services to those who do not know about your company.

Secondly, attending trade shows provide you with a great opportunity to meet potential clients as well as business partners, and also allows you to observe what your competitors are up to and keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Build a website for your IT services

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Think of your business website as a digital name card and something that adds credibility to your company. There are a rising number of businesses that look for IT services online and your priority should be to have your corporate website appear on the first few pages of the search results.

Your website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Take note to include relevant information on the site, including the services that you offer and most importantly, your company’s contact details. A website that looks professional, aesthetically-pleasing and sleek will work wonders in giving potential clients a positive first impression of your brand.

Make your presence known on social media

Social media is free-to-use and can help you build an extensive network for your business. You can buy ad space on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, to market your business and the IT services that you offer, or link your business directly with clients on LinkedIn and Twitter.

If one of the IT services that your company offers is social media marketing and branding, then there is no other reason why you should shy away from it. Building a strong presence on social media for your business not only helps you widen your reach to your target audiences but also highlights your proficiency in social media management.

YouTube videos

Does your company offer video production and video marketing services as part of your IT package? If you do, then there is no better way to market those services than by creating your own videos to share on YouTube. The content that you post, however, should be relevant to your business and also be of value to viewers. Some examples of the types of videos that you can produce include screen share (let viewers see what you are doing on your computer screen), how-to and tutorial videos and vlogs.

Conduct market research

A thorough understanding the business environment is crucial in the development and implementation of your marketing strategy. This is where market research comes in. Conducting effective and relevant market research will allow you to be in-the-know of clients’ requirements and let you tweak your services in order to provide added value.

Market research also allows you to observe how you are doing in terms of the services that you offer; what are the processes that are effective and which are the ones that do not work? The data and information collated through the use of market research will allow you to be more efficient and work more effectively.

Individual or Visible Experts

A great way to stand out among a sea of IT companies is to draw focus on a Visible Expert – industry rock stars known by name and whose accomplishments and talents are widely recognised. Visible Experts add credibility and help build a stellar reputation for the company that they belong to. When clients view these experts as being authoritative in the industry, they are more willing to bring their business to you.

Place your more notable employee(s) in the public eye and help them build a presence. This will in turn get them invited to headline trade shows, speak at conferences and other events to successfully attain much-needed and much-valued publicity for your company.

Focus on SEO

So you have built that beautiful website for your business and the next step is to attract potential clients to visit. With more people turning to search engines to look for reliable services and vendors, your site’s standing on search engine results is vital to whether you are visible to your clients.

It is important to take note that search engine optimisation is constantly changing and the rules that ensured your site is primed for SEO success yesterday may not be the best practice today. As an IT company, it is essential that you keep updated on the latest practices in order to provide tip-top SEO services for both your corporate website and to satisfy your clients’ needs.

Content is king

Providing clients with valuable and informative content through the use of content marketing is necessary in establishing credibility and reliability for your business. The steps taken in content marketing include first capturing their attention by sharing educational information via your company blog, website or on social media, and then successfully converting them into paying clients. With exceptional content, you will be able to not only influence interested clients within the industry but also extend your reach to a new target audience.

If you use the above marketing strategies, you can be sure of a steady client flow. The marketing environment changes every day so you have to follow the trends, especially when you are in the IT sector. What you need to focus on right now is internet marketing. If your hands are full, you can always seek the services of MediaOne to help you with digital marketing techniques such as SEM and SEO.


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