How to Market a Service in Singapore

Market a Service in Singapore

Marketing a service isn’t as easy as doing the same for a product. With a product, you can clearly state why it solves a particular problem and give potential customers a chance to test it/use it. For a service, it can be tricky. For one, a service is intangible so there is no way a potential client can determine its value. In this post, we look at a few surefire ways to market a service in Singapore.

Despite the fact that marketing a service can be a daunting task, you can still win lots of clients when you do it effectively. People are always looking for the best services so if your promotion techniques are on point, it is easier to grow your business.

Avoid competing on prices and focus on value

Many businesses make the mistake of competing on prices rather than on value. They imagine that when their prices are lower they will attract more customers. This can have a negative effect on your businesses because many people believe that cheaper services are not worth it. Instead, focus on providing value to your customers.

Smart entrepreneurs use the bundling technique to add value to their services. A good example is including massage services at a barbershop. These are two services bundled into one and sold to potential clients. When customers get value for their money, they will always prefer using your services.

Advertise on radio                

Radio is one of the best communications tools to spread word about your services in your local area. Before using this strategy, you have to identify a target audience first. Let’s say you target listeners of a particular program.

You get the presenters of that program to advertise your services. Have them say where you are located and what makes you different form other service providers. It’s a great way to get people to look for your services.

Have a unique selling proposition (USP)

The services industry is highly competitive. If you run your business the same way a competitor does, you will realize how difficult it is to grow. After setting up your business, come up with something that differentiates your from other service providers.

It has to be something that your rivals do not have. It could be a loyalty program or a free service when a customer buys from you a couple of times. Having a USP could be the only reason some customers stick to your services.

Promote your services to existing customers

Marketing is not all about looking for new clients. There are probably hundreds or thousands of Singaporeans who have used your services in the past few months/years. How do you ensure that they always choose you?

When you build a good relationship with your, your business will do well. After a customer purchases your services, find a way to get in touch with them. You can do this through e-mail or direct mail. For instance, you can send an e-mail to your existing clients informing them of an end month offer or a new service. It’s a cost effective marketing strategy.

Set up a website to promote your service

With the high number of internet users in Singapore, you will be doing your service business favour by setting up a website. Today, Singaporeans don’t need to go outdoors to look for a particular service. They can simply look up a service online at the comfort of their houses. When you have a site, you increase the number of potential customers who can reach out to you.

Details such as prices of your services, opening hours and special offers should be published on your websites. Include your contacts too. Potential customer should find everything they need to know about your services through your website. To improve user experience, ensure the site is simple and responsive.

There are two main strategies you can use to improve your business’ visibility on the internet:

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This can also be referred to as paid search. It involves paying to advertise your business on search engines. All you need to do is bid on certain keywords and hope people looking for your service will click the same or related keywords. When they do, you service will appear on the search engine results page. SEM helps boost traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a process that helps improve your rankings on search engines. Sites with fresh content generally rank higher so start by ensuring all your posts are updated. Secondly, ensure the site functions well on mobile (most Singaporeans access the internet using tablets/smartphones). Boosting your site’s speed is also a great way to increase the number of visitors.

Spread word about or services in social networks

If you are developing your online marketing plan, you must include social networks. A few decades ago most business would connect with potential customers mainly through events. Nowadays, it’s majorly through social networking platforms. This is where many Singaporeans socialize with each other.

The advantage with this strategy is the fact that almost every internet user is on social media. Set up pages/accounts of your business on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You need to be active on these platforms. If potential customers have any questions regarding your services, answer them fully.

Remember to tailor your messages for each platform. Instagram, for instance focuses on visuals. You can publish photos/ videos of your staff or clients having a good time. Facebook enables one to advertise for a small fee – a great technique of you are looking to market to a specific group.

Let reviews do the talking for you

As we mentioned earlier, promoting a service is way different form promoting a product. It can be difficult to attract people who have never used your service. This is where reviews come in. Reviews can make or break you. People can vie reviews of your service on social networks, Google or platforms such as Yelp.

In order to merit great reviews, you have no option but to make sure your service is the best. Focus on satisfying the needs of your clients. Clients should walk out of your premises with a smile on their faces. Approach happy clients and ask them to review your services.

A good review means an increase in customers. Addressing negative reviews is also vital. If for instance you see a negative review on Facebook, get in touch with the client and ask them what you can do to improve.

Get involved in the community

Marketing needs to start in your local area. Once you are known in your neighbourhood, it is easier to expand to other parts of Singapore. You can start by sponsoring an event. When you are the sponsor, you have a platform where you can promote your services.

Supporting a local a charity is also a great way of getting involve in the community. It not only builds your business’ reputation but also increase your client flow. These events also enable you to network with other businesses in your area.

When you have a marketing plan, it becomes easier to market a service in Singapore. You can use all the strategies discussed above to promote your business. MediaOne, a leading marketing agency in Singapore, can help with techniques such as SEM and SEO. Feel free to contact us any time.

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