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How Do I Market My Senior Care Services in Singapore

Apart from providing foreign companies with a favourable business environment, Singapore is also well known for having one of the most robust and advanced healthcare sectors in the world. The total population in the country is expected to hit 5.9 million by 2020, and 25% of the current population is aged above 65 years.

The increase in population will result in a high demand for senior care services in the country. Setting up a facility to offer these services is a noble idea. Despite the high demand, you will still need to market your services.

Here are tips on how to market your senior care services in Singapore.

Educate Customers and Promote Transparency

In the current digital world, there is absolutely nothing that you can hide about your facility and services. It is imperative to maintain a high degree of transparency in all areas of your business including pricing and online reviews. Doing so will help you to earn respect and trust of customers as well as enhance your credibility online.

Moreover, most of the target customers probably don’t know the various senior care services or options available. Take the time to educate them through seminars, conferences, YouTube videos and live videos to help them make informed decisions.

Leverage Word of Mouth

Word of mouth will help you to expand your clientele base and be recognized as an authority in this facet of health care. Encourage your clients to post reviews of your services and facility on social media and other platforms such as Yelp.

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Last but not least, you need to have a user-friendly website to help you disseminate information about your facility to millions of Singaporeans who use the internet as their primary source of information. MediaOne can help you get the most results from your site by providing search engine optimization services and search engine marketing services. Speak to us today by calling (65) 6789 9852.


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