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How to Market Security Equipment in Singapore


The need for security equipment in personal residences and business premises keep growing by the day given the reporting of over 33,000 crimes in 2015. The Singaporean Police Department has a list of over 700 licensed security companies as at 2016. The police work together with security agencies to ensure the safety of the Singapore residents.

Residents have also seen the need for having security equipment to provide surveillance and deter criminals. Here are tips on how to market your security equipment business in Singapore to stay ahead of the competition.

Find a Niche

The security industry is a large sector, and many agencies stretch themselves thin by providing general security solutions. It is best to find your niche either in private residence security or business premises. A company like SECOM Security has achieved tremendous success and acclaim for providing security solutions in the logistics and warehousing sector since 1992.

Targeting a niche in the security sector will market your security equipment business as competent without confusing your target clients.

Leverage on Technology

There are hundreds of security equipment companies operating in Singapore for a long time. New and upcoming companies obviously do not have the grip on the industry like the more experienced companies. However, their innovative products work well with the millennial and digital generation who use technology on a daily basis.

The SGSecure app is a perfect example how a security equipment company can use technology to market its security products and services.

Seek Testimonials

Websites are the new storefronts of businesses with the increase in internet connectivity. Seek testimonials from clients to use on your site and advertising campaigns to provide credibility for your security equipment business and a reputation for excellent customer experience.

Force 21 Equipment Pte Ltd website has incorporated testimonials from their clients in their website, which has worked to earn them more customers for their security equipment and services.

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Digital marketing tools also need to be used widely especially SEO to rank higher in search engine results. Ensure to incorporate CTAs in a smooth fashion to increase the conversion rate of browsers into paying clients. MediaOne is focused and committed to helping companies that sell security equipment in Singapore to realize their full potential by providing SEO Singapore localised services. Get in touch with us today at (65) 6789 9852 to speak to one of our customer care representatives.


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