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How To Market Your Recruitment Agency In Singapore

market your recruitment agency in Singapore

The recruitment agency and consultancy industry is highly competitive. It is the go-to exit plan for most former Human Resource professionals. In the recruitment market, customer loyalty is rare. Most agencies experience a sudden surge in client base followed by an inevitable fall. Since it is also difficult to differentiate one agency from its competitors, identifying a niche is vital. In this post we will discuss some ways to market your recruitment agency in Singapore.

The Singapore labour market consists of both local and international workers. Unemployed persons usually outnumber the available jobs. This means that at any one time, there are thousands of people looking for job opportunities.

The country also has a significant number of recruitment agencies. For these agencies, developing a proper marketing strategy is necessary.

The primary role of Singaporean recruitment agencies is to place superior talent in unfilled jobs. To achieve this, each agency must keep up with the latest changes in the recruitment industry. These agencies usually market their services to candidates and clients in Singapore and abroad. Their marketing plans must be designed in such a way that they reach out to the target audience easily.

With that being said, here are 5 of the top Recruitment Services Marketing trends for 2018. All of these are used to determine which marketing strategies will be the most effective in the coming years.

Step 1: Attention

The first step to selling a product is getting the clients’ attention. There are so many ways to get attract people to your recruitment agency.  In the recruitment business, networking is the single most effective method of creating a buzz around your company. One way to network is through attending events and exhibitions. Since you want to grab the attention of the target audience, appear in places where they are likely to find you.

You don’t have to attend other organizations’ events all the time. It is advisable to hold your own events from time to time. They are a good way of building good relationships with clients. It might take long to see results but you won’t regret it once you’ve been to a couple of exhibitions.

Reconnecting with former HR employees is also important. They can easily become your clients and refer other colleagues to your agency. Current and former colleagues can trust the agency more and will be instrumental in picking the right candidates.

There is a high probability that you have candidates in the recruitment database who are not yet placed. Keep in touch with them by sending them current job openings. This can be done on a weekly/monthly basis, depending on the availability of vacancies. Your agency can also send these candidates valuable information such as ways to improve their interview skills.

Creating information-rich recruitment guideline also lets prospective clients know that your agency is well-versed with recruitment criteria. Offering free consultancy services will also get our foot in the door, as it sets up ground for word-of-mouth promotion. Remember to share your job placement success in order to grab the attention of doubters.

Step 2: Conversion

Once you have got a client’s attention, it’s time to convert the prospects into business. Use blog posts and social media handles to get the word out about the agency’s recruitment knowledge.

To ensure these posts get the most publicity, topics need to be well-researched. Use qualified editors and hire designers to optimize and curate the content. We shall then engage visitors to ensure they get a complete grasp of the message in the posts.

As you engage potential clients/candidates the post will gain more visibility as some of the readers share the post. This improves the search engine rankings of the post, ensuring more visitors get to see it.

Engaging site visitors also gives the agency a chance to profile the readers, thus improving the company’s talent portfolio. We shall also publish proof of the agency’s previous successes, awards and certifications. This adds credibility to the company’s status.

Step: 3 Retention

To ensure clients keep coming back, we shall ensure the company’s talent base stays updated. We shall create a job forum board to promote the company. Most job seekers visit these forum boards to seek vacancies. The agency then engages these visitors, matching their queries with relevant job vacancies.

To make the board effective, the agency should invest in a simple, effective and interactive site that ensures easy access to job postings. Besides increasing the agency’s talent portfolio, job forums create backlinks to client company websites, improving the recruiter’s expertise. Human Resource conferences also build the brand name-it demonstrates proficiency in the local hiring market and procedures.

Step 4: Market Advanced Automated Technical Solutions that Identify Top Applicants with Ease

In addition to promoting longer and more precision selection processes, recruitment agencies must have the right resources available. In these situations, the marketing techniques used to attract more clients must incorporate centralised databases of applicants.

These databases must be designed with a friendly user interface that is easy to follow. For instance, when a Singapore employer contacts an agency to fill an open job quickly, the applicants that qualify can be accessed right away. Therefore, there is no delay in communication or unnecessary manual process selection delays.

Step 5: Market Recruitment Agencies Key Metrics Capabilities

Another great marketing opportunity that recruitment services can take advantage of today is their ability to report on key metrics. Candidates are usually held accountable for the cost of great talent. For this reason, recruitment agencies must be able to supply various key information on demand.

This is also one of the primary reasons why marketing strategies must include an overview of the reporting features that the agency offers to both new and existing clients. A big part of the information that is supplied should include the following: ROI improvements, cost per hire, and time to fill data.

Step 6: Utilise Digital Marketing Campaigns and Social Media

Over the years, digital marketing has become a major part of any recruitment services marketing campaigns. This means Singapore Recruitment services have access to worldwide talent pools that can be accessed online. Candidates don’t have to worry about finding their dream job anymore.  A simple web search usually provides a lot of opportunities.

The internet is a great place to market for job placement agencies because of the high number of users. In Singapore alone, there are close to 4 million internet users. Add millions of other users from abroad and you will find that marketing on the internet comes with a ton if benefits. There are various ways you can reach out to the target audience on the internet.

  • An agency website

Nowadays almost all businesses, large and small, own websites. A few years ago, businesses would reach out to the target audience through traditional communication means such as radio and print. Trends today show that more people are spending their time on the internet. 

Internet users conduct a simple web search when they want to find something on the internet. It could be a candidate looking for job vacancies. A search for a job may produce a list of recruitment agencies. You need to build a website if you want to be found this way.

If you already have a website, you may need to update the content in order to get more visitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the strategies you can employ to achieve this. You can do this by including relevant keywords in your posts. This way, internet users will be directed to your site when they perform a search.

Another way is ensuring that you post fresh content regularly. Search engines such as Google tend to prefer sites which post green content. As you focus on content, do not forget about the design of your website. Create a simple web design that enables visitors to effortlessly find what they are looking for. Ensure that the site also loads faster because if it doesn’t you’ll lose on so many potential clients.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is another strategy you could utilise to improve the visibility of your site on search engine. Do not forget to include a recruitment blog where you can talk about recruitment related topics.  

  • Social Media

From the look of things, the number of social networking platforms are only going to increase. Social media was primarily used for socializing before business people realized how important it would be for their businesses. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a successful recruitment agency that doesn’t have an online presence.

Remember that these social media platforms aren’t all the same. The ways of tailoring content in one platform is completely different form how you do it in another. Let’s have a look at a few platforms.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the most widely use d social media platform. Since it has the largest number of people on the internet, you wouldn’t want to miss using it. After creating the company profile, focus on the target audience.

Regularly post relevant material such as job vacancies or a guides on how to write a winning resume. When you post valuable content, you will easily get a following. Don’t forget to use Facebook ads if for instance you want to target a specific demographic.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn brings together a community of professionals. In this platform, you have better chances of finding the right client/candidates. There are so many companies on LinkedIn and the messaging feature enables you to contact them directly. Aside from that, you can join groups and interact with prospective clients.

  • Reddit

This is another great social networking platform that has a large number of users. Reddit allows users with similar interests to interact with each other on ‘subreddits.’ What makes it ideal for your recruitment agency is that you will spend very little on ads if you are on a tight budget. All you need to do is target relevant subreddits and you will have access to thousands of users daily.

  • Twitter

Twitter is also another platform that you can use to market your recruitment agency in Singapore. When tweeting, ensure you use the relevant hashtags so that prospective clients can find you. If you own more than one account, you can invest in a Twitter software.

  • Email marketing

Once you build following on social media, you would want to strengthen your relationship with prospective clients. One of the best ways to do this is by getting them to sign up to your newsletter. Considering that you are competing with hundreds of other agencies, you have to stand out.

One way to collect emails is by including a call to action in a post that you shared on social media. Once you target has signed up, make it a habit to regularly provide updates either weekly or monthly. Without these updates, many clients and candidates will unsubscribe and move on to the next agency.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is among the best ways to communicate with the target audience. It the communication method that can easily reach a large number of people at a time. Social media platforms have features which enable you to post photos, infographics or even videos. One example of this is a question-answer session on Facebook live. It’s all about being creative as you share valuable content.


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By attracting, converting and retaining clients through the strategies above, your recruitment agency can stay ahead of its competitors. A great marketing campaign is one that strengthens your brand. You need to build a brand that portrays your agency as reputable. Always offer value to prospective clients.

Considering that we are in the digital era, you may want to focus your marketing campaigns to the online audience. To achieve this, you need to be well versed with digital marketing strategies. This includes SEO and SEM. These two are great marketing techniques but if they are done poorly your will not benefit. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry if you’re are short of SEO and SEM skills. There are marketing agencies out there such as MediaOne which can help.


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