How To Market Your Recruitment Agency In Singapore

How To Market Your Recruitment Agency In Singapore

Recruitment agency services and consultancy are highly competitive, being the go-to exit plan for most former Human Resource professionals. In the recruitment market, customer loyalty is rare, with most agencies experiencing a sudden surge in client base followed by an inevitable fall. It is also difficult to differentiate one agency from its competitors, thus most agencies should specialize and find their niche base. The Singapore labor market consists of both local and international workers, with unemployed persons outnumbering available jobs. Singapore also has a number of recruitment agencies, thus necessitating a proper marketing strategy for willing entrants. Here we discuss the most suitable marketing techniques for a new recruitment firm in Singapore.

The role that Singapore recruitment services play is essential to the employers that they support. Because their primary role is to place superior talent in unfilled jobs, each agency must keep up with the latest changes in the recruitment industry. Therefore, whenever a recruitment company markets their services to employers in the Singapore area and abroad, the marketing plans that they design must be seamlessly aligned with the latest trends in the market.

With that being said, here are 5 of the top Recruitment Services Marketing trends that have been released for 2017. All of which are used to determine which marketing strategies will be the most beneficial in the upcoming years.

Step 1: Attention

The first step to selling a product is getting the clients’ attention. In the recruitment business, networking is the single most effective method of achieving buzz around your company. Former HR colleagues become the company’s first clients, who then refer their colleagues to the business. Current and former colleagues can trust the agency more, sourcing vacancies and recommending suitable candidates. Creating information-rich guideline document for recruitment also let the prospective clients know that the agency founder is well-versed with recruitment criteria. Offering free consultancy services will also get our foot in the door, as it sets up ground for word-of-mouth promotion.

Step 2: Conversion

Once you have got a client’s attention, it’s time to convert the prospects into business. We shall use blog posts and social media handles to get the word out about the agency’s recruitment knowledge. To ensure these posts get the most publicity, we shall completely research the topics, use qualified editors and hire designers to optimize and curate the content. We shall then engage visitors to ensure they get a complete grasp of the message in the posts. This engagement will improve search engine rankings, ensuring more visitors get to see the post. Engaging site visitors also gives the agency a chance to profile the readers, thus improving the company’s talent portfolio. We shall also publish proof of the agency’s previous successes, awards and certifications, to add credibility to the company’s status.

Step: 3 Retention

To ensure clients keep coming back, we shall ensure the company’s talent base stays updated. We shall create a job forum boards to promote the company. Most job seekers visit these forum boards to seek vacancies. The agency then engages these visitors, matching their queries with relevant job vacancies. To make the board effective, the agency should invest in a simple, effective and interactive site that ensures easy access to the job application. Besides increasing the agency’s talent portfolio, job forums create backlinks to client company websites, improving the recruiter’s expertise. Human Resource conferences also build the brand name, demonstrating proficiency in the local hiring market and procedures.

Step 4: Market Advanced Automated Technical Solutions that Identify the Top Applicants with Ease

In addition to promoting longer and more precision selection processes, recruitment agencies must have the right resources available. In these situations, the marketing techniques used to attract more clients must incorporate centralised databases of applicants. These databases must be designed with a friendly user interface that is easy to follow. For instance, when a Singapore employer contacts an agency to fill an open job quickly, the applicants that meet the exact job requirements can be accessed right away. Therefore, there is no delay in communication or unnecessary manual process selection delays.

Step 5: Market Recruitment Agencies Key Metrics Capabilities

Another great marketing opportunity that recruitment services can take advantage of today is their ability to report on key metrics. Since Singapore employers are held accountable for the cost of great talent, these their part recruitment agencies must be able to supply various key information on demand. This is also one of the primary reasons why marketing strategies must include a bird’s eye view of the reporting features that the agency offers to both new and existing clients. A big part of the information that is supplied should include the following: ROI improvements, cost per hire, and time to fill data.

Step 6: Utilise Digital Marketing Campaigns and Incorporate Social Media Marketing Strategies to Court New Employers in Singapore

Over the years, digital marketing has become a major part of any recruitment services marketing campaigns. Due to this form of communication, Singapore Recruitment services have access to worldwide talent pools that can be accessed via various social media platforms. Therefore, based on the jobs that they need to fill, employers can feel confident in knowing that the search for the talent has been local and worldwide based whenever it is needed. One of the best ways to deploy this kind of strategy is to initiate a SEO Singapore strategy that focuses employer’s immediate needs.


By attracting, converting and retaining clients through the strategies above, the recruitment agency can stay ahead of the numerous competitors in the field of hiring.

October 11, 2017

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